C-actor Gong Jun Issues Stern Denial on Recent Personal Life Rumors and Send Complaint to Police

Rumors can start so quickly so it’s good that the impacted star can respond just as quickly. C-actor Gong Jun was in the cross hairs of the C-netizen rumor mill this week claiming that he was secretly a father, that he used to work as a male escort, and that he mocked another male star Xiao Zhan. It stemmed from a Weibo account under the handle “gongjun91” that reportedly shared the personal background traits as Gong Jun and the registered phone number belonged to Gong Jun’s studio. In 2012 there was a post asking about doing Down Syndrome testing in utero, and a like for a male escort studio. There was also reply to a post about Xiao Zhan deriding him. Gong Jun’s agency issued a lengthy statement immediately denying the user was him but also threated legal action against people disseminating Gong Jun’s personal information. Gong Jun fans think the account was a fake made using his real information. Either way, this matter doesn’t seem to be smearing him in any meaningful way especially with such a decisive response from his side and also taking legal action.


C-actor Gong Jun Issues Stern Denial on Recent Personal Life Rumors and Send Complaint to Police — 10 Comments

    • They didn’t deny it. It sounds pretty ridiculous to me, they claimed the user was not him, but the phone number obviously belongs to his studio, and we all know some sort of authentication will be sent to your phone in order to link it to an account. He sure has a powerful backer behind him, this issue and the previous issue about flouting covid-19 restrictions on dine-in got covered up so fast, weibo and douban deleting every single post about them except for the “clarifications” put up by his fans.

    • I think the press release and whatnot are for his fans. To the casual viewer, whether he has a kid, whether he worked as an escort, whether he badmouthed another celeb, aren’t really that important. Plus, these actions are not against the law (unlike tax evasion). So as long as his fans are willing to believe what he says then it’s fine. The issue will likely blow over soon.

  1. I find this rumor very hard to believe. Even if he was going to bad mouth Xiao Zhan, he would not have been dumb enough to use an account that has his name as the user name… I don’t get why people have so much hatred and time on their hands to try to ruin other people’s lives like this. Anyway, wish him the best of luck dealing with these crazies.

    • Right, I have read about the rumors but it’s hard to believe. It just doesn’t make sense for him to use an account with his real name to do these shady things when it is common practice for artists to create secondary/sockpuppet account. Like, why would he risk his precious career doing something that stupid.

  2. Him & XZ are v similar in terms of facial features, acting & the road to fame. Now you mention it, can totally see them as rivals.

    • Lmao, they won’t be similar if GJ didn’t try his best to copy XZ’s interview answers, poses and expressions. His fandom is made up of the same group of people who hated on and smeared XZ back in 2020, so c-netz find it absurd and laughable that the same group of people are now talking about how it’s wrong to hate on celebrities.

  3. People are finding ways to bring GJ down. These accusations are so mediocre that what if he has a kid? It is not a crime. As long as he is still bankable, his offers will keep coming.

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