Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Return from US Honeymoon Trip and Get Mobbed at Incheon Airport

At least they expected to be swarmed by the media and fans but still, I wish these two could have done the entire honeymoon incognito. For the last two weeks, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin have been in the US on their honeymoon, stopping in Los Angeles, New York, and reportedly Hawaii. They were spotted in LA and NYC by fans and blurry pictures posted online including ones of them dining privately, and that annoys me since they were not being public figures and just trying to enjoy their honeymoon. But today the couple returned to Korea and the usual throng of media at Incheon Airport captured their arrival and many fans or just random people picking up other passengers got to experience the BinJin excitement. It was sweet of them to stop and pose for pictures, they looked so comfy and casual like normal people getting off a 14 hour flight.


Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Return from US Honeymoon Trip and Get Mobbed at Incheon Airport — 113 Comments

  1. He was walking way ahead of her and turned to her only when he saw the media. He didn’t even look back at her when SYJ looked up at him when the reporters asked them to hug. Idk, other married couples before them always walked closetogether and they mostly held hands.

    Also, when they flew out, they arrived separately in the airport.

      • Am inteles ca asa e obiceiul in Korea. Nu se expun in publc.
        Ii admir pentru comportamentul lor.

      • New couple is happy and finally ready to settle down .. each couple had each way of expressing their affection. Let’s be happy for them and give them the blessing too..Those haters think of negative stuff . Have issues of themselves or mental problem.. all they think is negative because they are miserable themselves .. Be happy and pray for the success on their marriage.. 🥰🙏🏻🙏🏻

      • New couple is happy and finally ready to settle down .. each couple had each way of expressing their affection. Let’s be happy for them and give them the blessing too..Those haters think of negative stuff . Have issues of themselves or mental problem.. all they think is negative because they are miserable themselves .. Be happy and pray for the success on their marriage.. 🥰🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • Ergo, they’re headed towards splitsville and the wedding and honeymoon are just a sham? When have you known these two to be super handsy/heavy on PDA when in public? 😑

      • U r an evil witch who wishes people bad. Karma is a mitch bitch.y dont u wish people well instead. A hole

    • So do you want them to be wrapped around each other like pretzels just to prove to doubters like you that they are in loooooove? Lol. When a couple is lovey dovey, haters say it’s media play. When they’re reserved and stiff, there’s trouble in the marriage. Lol, I can’t with these people.

      • Yes, agree with you..Some people is envy… Please say kinds words to others..Envy is mental health problems..Each married couples have different how they show their loving..Please don’t with others..

    • I don’t care if I get hate from fans but realistically there are still lots of Asian(specifically Korean and Chinese couples (I know a few)that marry for convenience not out of love. They marry because they find a partner that they can be proud to introduce to their parents and is compatible with them in terms of family background & social status and most importantly is approved by the family and especially when they are at the age where a family and children is expected from them.
      Recent drama example: A Business Proposal.

      • Girl you watch too many dramas. These two are smitten. Did you see their wedding pics? And pics from the ceremony? Or any any interview they did together during cloy promo? They clearly are not together just for convenience lol

      • If Hyun Bin were looking for approval from his family by marrying someone who will fulfill expectations of future children, a bright eyed and impressionable 20-something would have been a better choice than a 40 year old who has mentioned more than once that she isn’t sure she wants to have children.

      • And realistically they are married because they fell in love. They are regular people who seek what every other person does. Just be happy for them. Why think this is some type of business proposal? Would anyone like this idea ? I doubt it. Some people are completely assuming and that’s not right.

      • Do you know them? Are you his/her best friend or family members?.. Absolutely NOT..Some of you are fans and some of you are not his/her fans..
        Don’t say anything that you don’t know..When you see people happy, you should happy too.. Remember say positive vibes only..If you jealous, I’m afraid you will get mental health problems..Be happy & Say positive vibes

      • I am on the same boat. I think Hyun Bin married Ye Jin out of convenience and not out of love. If SYJ doesn’t give him a child, then they likely may split because Hyun Bin is a simple guy and probably does want a family in the end.

        I never trusted SYJ. She is an amazing actress, but her public persona seems like an act. She knows she’s the incredible.

      • @Na Care to explain that how their marriage is a marriage of convenience if Hyun Bin has always wanted a child when yejin have told multiple times that she isn’t sure if she wants to be a mom.
        Wouldn’t it be better for him to chase a young woman like So ji sub? It’s not that he is lacking something.

      • If you’re taking about the pressure of blind dates, then yeah ABP showed that. But the two couples in ABP were mismatched in social status and only one proposal in the end? And they are marrying for love instead of the people their parental figures set them up with?

        It’s weird to me that there is an expectation for couples to stick to each other like glue and do PDA. Most couples I know seem like just really close opposite-sex friends who know each other’s habits well. They don’t hold hands in airports.

        Yeah if it’s all about producing kids and family obligation, HB would have married a 20-something year old. Fertility takes a nosedive once you get into your 30s. He has an older brother who can carry the family line. He can live the life of the carefree maknae.

      • Didi partly you are correct… Hahaha but in this case that marriage for convenience aint the case. They had a long way of having known each other. These two are just know how to handle PDA. They are completely in love with eacg other.

      • These these two just want to be left alone
        But their huge success brought huge consequences to their personal life . I hope they have enough money to build the privacy they need . I love them both so much as they helped me make it thru the long winter. Months of cold , ice and snow .. when I could find the series on Netflix.
        Now they deserve all the happiness and respect in the world , build a family peacefully .
        I’d seriously help them if I could . .. I’m a landscaper for 4 years and I’d put reees around their property like nobodies business , lol in an artful & sustainable way .
        God bless that beautiful couple and always protect them and their loved ones .🔥🔥❤️❤️🔥🔥

      • @Didi, Yup, loadsss of couples do that. Marry out of convenience/pressure/”at the age to do so” but these weird fans (lots of this couple’s stans on this blog who themselves are forever single or married but in boring, unhappy rlshps but think they are better than you lol) will insist their faves are different n marry for love. Lol. As if they live with these ppl. This couple always looked at most like good friends to me who perhaps share an understanding on sth that the public isn’t privy to and have always used their “relationship” to attract media and public attention.

        There are so many high profile A-list K-celebs who marry n honeymoon but you never see them posing for pics at the airport and choose honeymoon places like LA and announce it to the public. A city that isn’t exactly known for ppl looking to holiday privately and full of Korean-Americans/Asian-Americans, where ppl can pap and photograph them easily. This couple goes and does all that tho..might as well do an entire photoshoot decked out in their sponsored brands lol. SYJ was alr wearing Valentino on the first flight, like they knew the media was already gonna be there and perhaps notified them themselves (wont put it past these 2).

        But I guess it’s better to keep selling their rlshp to the public as their crazy fans will lap it up as both are fast becoming has-beens in their careers. Whilst their peers are busy taking on challenging roles, winning awards locally and overseas, doing CFs left and right, experiencing career resurgence, these two are more known for their Rlshp and for some sappy romcom that was done in 2019. Lol whatever it takes to bring in the coin and publicity I guess. Whatever their rlshp is, I hope the have a couple of kids and fade into the background.

      • ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️

        Another example of sour comment from a bitter no body who clearly hates the couple yet couldn’t help but following the couple closely and writing essay about her hate. One word, pitiful soul

      • @Ezra There are so many proof to the contrary to every single thing you have said and I would enumerate such but it’s a waste of time since you clearly have an agenda.

        Next time, if you really want to make an “analysis”, please be intelligent enough to base it on proper sources. 😊

      • Plus these two are very close to problematic actors who are in an open relationship, infact one of them was even in the best man at the wedding, while the other they have been going on double dates! These two men are literally predators who have been caught chasing very young women🤢

      • @Didi LOL you chose the fakest and most tropey drama to support your delusional theory on a REAL LIFE couple? Please stop watching dramas because you obviously can’t keep drama world vs real world straight. I am sure HB and SYJ can easily find a partner with a high social status and family background to marry. Please don’t stop taking your meds.

    • What do you want to say hahaha, they have their own plans how to deal witb fans in the airport so if this is the case maybe they just talked about some precautionary measures because they are so hot this time but thinking negatively about them aint that right. This couple has just gotten married and had their honeymoon so the best thing we can do to them is to wish them well all throughout their marriage life.

    • Is it just me, or does Hyun Bin look unusually disheveled here? In the past, he has always looked so neat and stylish when travelling at airports, even when wearing simple casual outfits. Here, his shirt is half hanging out, just not his usual self. IDK.

      • I don’t want to be rude but what’s your point? Maybe he’s comfortable enough to not dress up since he isn’t there to impress anyone? Or maybe he looks like a person who just came from a long flight so his shirt got disheveled along the way? Or maybe he had sex in the plane lol?

        IDK just throwing out ideas lol, unless you have something else in mind?

      • LOL.

        You forgot to change your emaill addresss. Same icon with different name. Tan and Fan above.

        And advice for you. Next time when you try to write hate comments, use morw brain cells. LOL

    • Cool it everyone. Time will tell. Just be happy for them. Be kind inwards and actions. It’s human. I love them as they are and wish them a world of happiness in their marriage.

  2. Oh puhlease. The trolls from we-all-know-which-fandom are camping here again. Please do yourselves a favor and go away if it hurts you that much to see binjin happy.

    • They’re actual psychopaths. Someone in the comments above cited a KDRAMA as proof that marrying for convenience was a common things for celebs in SK. A TV SHOW. Song-Song may have made people forever suspicious of reel-to-real couples now but literally nothing about both their relationships is the same apart from the fact that they acted in a drama together. These idiots need therapy for real.

  3. Fans of another actress are so invested in them that you would mistake them as fans of the couple. They have been going on in twitter ever since the marriage.

    Whether they do pda or give each other cold shoulders , it’s none of our business. Imo, i see nothing wrong with their body language. Also, i think this might be the last time we will see the couple in public for a long time. They deserve privacy after whatever happened during this trip.
    To be frank i was so annoyed with people stalking them , and posting their pics online. Like they aren’t some characters from a drama. It’s real people who wants to spend their honeymoon peacefully in a foreign land.

  4. What preposterous stories are the envious fans of another actress weaving now? Lol. They get so hurt and bothered seeing binjin so happy and content

  5. When I got back from my honeymoon many years ago, we were not holding hands or walking particularly close. Lol more likely getting luggage and figuring out how to get home. While they have someone helping with luggage, there is still no need to have to be holding hands or be walking super close that defines whether they are in love etc. it’s not like they are 20.

    • This! And not everyone is comfortable with PDA. In their case, people will be busy snapping pictures even more if they decided to hold hands. Imagine the chaos! HB even explained to the reporter that SYJ was uncomfortable to pose because of the clothes she wore.

  6. Poor Binjin.Every move scrutinized.Stop with obsessing and let them be.I do think they are not the type of people who will only marry for love.They can stay single for life but they found each other.Let’s just wish them all the best!

  7. Fans of mediocre actress is always envious of yejin.. they expect too much from their sunken ship and when the reality slap their faces they say this and that about binjin relationship .. come on just accept the fact that hyun bin will never ever go back to your bias for some many reasons.. truth hurts but yeah u guys should accept it..

    • Lol the “mediocre actress” in question let me quote her statement on the whole reunion rumour “These media outlets often make up things in their own imagination” ouch..she is an icon of hallyu and nothing and no one will take away her achievements!

      • Now you can repeat what she said (the one you quote above) to your fellow fans who are crazy over HB. All those bitter comments came from them just don’t make this mediocre actress looks good at all.

      • But why are you guys so certain that the negative comments above were posted by the fans of the so-called ’mediocre actress’? Sure, it’s true that there’s bad blood between those fandoms. But there are solo HB stans who hate SYJ and solo SYJ stans who hate HB. Plus, the shippers who ship them with their former co-stars. Or they could just be toxic people who hate to see other people happy.

      • @just a thought

        Nah. Don’t give that bs about solo stan. It’s rhe fans of the mediocre actress as seen deom the above reply with quote and all their bitter of their bitter comments are always the same thing on and on and on. All those conspiracy theories sounds copy paste from twitter and IG from her fans. What some links? Only those who want to kid themselves who will think otherwise (that it’s not them).

      • Lol crazy over who? No one is thirsting over that man! She already tapped that ass, her so called fans are setting her up and nah she isn’t looking bad at all, she is pretty, rich and thriving! So keep her name out of your filthy mouths, she’s been living rent free in your minds since the absurd rumor? Insecure much?

      • AiAi/Tan/Fan

        LOL. Cloning posts detected. Spamming with many different id names without changing your email address. Use more brain cell next time but it’s expected from someone from the mediocre actress’ fandom. You can’t even give a proper arguement without resorting to 🤢 emoji LOL

  8. Fans of mediocre actress is always envious of yejin.. they expect too much from their sunken ship and when the reality slap the/eir faces they say this and that about binjin relationship .. come on just accept the fact that hyun bin will never ever go back to your bias for some many reasons.. truth hurts but yeah u guys should accept it..

    • I am just happy with them. I wish them the best of thwir married life. Hoping they are included in the circle of couple that get long tolerance with each other, that if someone needs to step back for the family they will glady do it, that their now priority is their family more than their career since they have been in the industry for so long (but not saying to be lost or to disappear forever). Because these situations above are the situations that underwent by the couple who stayed longer with each other. Love is fleeting but the respect and empathy towards the person you chose to be with should retain for a very long time. Congratulations once again #BinJin

  9. It was nice for them to stop and pose. Though I really didn’t like the fact that their pics were taken during their honeymoon. I guess that’s the price of being famous.

    But people should stop wondering why they weren’t being super sweet with each other. The fact that they are together is already enough.

  10. Hello guys
    They are in love, decent and not a public showy
    they are not the couple that show PDA IN public .
    Leave them alone
    And let them be happy.

    • Exactly !! For God sake . They need breathing space !!
      Besides I would have picked another place for a honey moon . I think they got served . May be they can wear a wig or a dark mustache next time to avoid the media’s !!?😅

    • Exactly !! For God sake . They need breathing space !!
      Besides I would have picked another place for a honey moon . I think they got served . May be they can wear a wig or a dark mustache next time to avoid the media’s !!?😅

  11. Laughing at the try hard comments that trying to sell their conspiracy theories about Binjin aren’t in love. It’s so laughable as it’s clear where these people came from. We see none of them preaching their conspiracy theories in the posts where they can’t twist things up to fits their narrative purposes (such as those candid pictures of binjin by onlookers when they were in US).

    These people have been cherry picking stuff up and following Binjin’s every move like that 1st poster above LOL.. yet, ignoring other video from yesteray where HB was so protective of SYJ inside the airport with all those crowds of travellers? How to explain that then?

    But then, they are free to think whatever to make themselves happier e.g the their bias is the big love of HB’s LOL. But I honestly pity these people as deluded oneself is not healthy at all. Being sour and writing conspiracy stuffs about the couple as well won’t change one bit about the reality that Binjin are married, are in love and happy. No matter how hard they try to lie to themselves and try hard to believe it, one can’t escape reality all together unless become totally mental/crazy 😂

  12. I noticed K-celebs seem to prefer US than Europe. I rarely read news about them vacationing in Europe. Hawaii is among top favourites. They only visited Europe when obligated to like fashion shows for the brands they represent.

    Well, I always prefer Europe in so many ways but then again, I am not K-celeb. Lols. Anyway, the couple look so blissfully happy.

    • @Alexa , true they choose LA , perhaps because of Hollywood, the city of stars . They were seen at a basketball match . I suppose that’s the place to be for top stars . Europe is more a “cultural trip” with all the amazing monuments, places, castles,museums, expositions ,vineyards… or for shopping (Paris) .

    • Some K-artists do love Europe/Asia. They just do it discreetly without the burden of fame & popularity. I remember Kang Sora went to Switzerland with her mom just before HB shot CLOY there. So that trip set off a ton of rumours. HJW loves to golf in Vietnam and the Philippines. Nam Ji Hyun travelled to Japan with her family and Europe with her girlfriends. Park Boram went to South America, Finland and Germany and also US. BTS went to New Zealand without the whole world knowing until after the trip. Their NZ Army fans worked together to give them privacy. The biggest pop band in the world in tiny NZ yet the Korean-Kiwis didn’t pap them or even knew. It can be done.

      • So true. It can be done. The airlines are very strict to never divulge flight information of any of their passengers. If it were leaked , it must come from their camp. And since they are VIPS, they can be escorted in and out of the airport without being noticed.

  13. @Ezra, Envy always…Please go to doctor check your mental health..You know what, jealous & envy is one of the mental health problems..Please spread positive vibes & do not envy with others..They are human too like you..Too jealously..always envy

  14. this is my first time seeing netizen scrutinising every single detail about a NEWLY married couple. Go get a life please 😭😭😭

  15. She is so beautiful,and because of her i have become,a fan of KOREAN MOVIES and series when i see her i see what ASIAN beauty is all about,BIN do not mess up keep her close to you

    • True, realy good actress, im brasilian and during the covid i knew cloy, after negociation,something in the rain etc.. only with son ye good good actress no doubt

  16. never heard or see a picture of hyun bin having a date or doing PDA with her past girlfriends. even with shk they don’t have pictures or sightings together after the announcement. the only holding hands picture they have is during the presscon of the drama WW after that no pictures or sightings. are they really together that time or it’s just a media play for the drama.

  17. they aren’t being lovey dovey in front of medias doesn’t mean that they aren’t lovey dovey when there’s no media. haven’t u guys see the photos taken by fans during their date before marriage and during their honeymoon? I’m not their fan, but it’s so obviously they’re in love. i think they don’t want to show off their love and don’t want it to be media played. they’re many celebrities like this. nothing abnormal

  18. These two are so weird, her giving reason that she is embarrassed to click a photo because of her attire is such a dumb and shallow reason, there are literally papz taking them anyway so what’s with the attitude? The papz just want a pic of the newlywed’s, they have done so with other high profile couple’s too who were gracious and kind enough to pose for a few pictures!

    • Shut up, AiAi/Tan/Fan. You have been EXPOSED of writing under many different IDs. Now, off you go. Go stay in your unnie land and be happy instead of being damn bitter and become sore loser that you are

  19. Imagine the delusion of some people on this site to think they have so much insight into a couple’s relationship based on some short video clip or random pictures. Why don’t you guys do something more productive with your lives than spread unfounded fake rumors about people marrying for convenience, which doesn’t even make logical sense? It’s not like HB or SYJ lack suitors. I’m sure there are much more convenient people to marry. They picked LA obviously because it holds a special place in their heart. They’ve been photographed there before they were dating. It’s their honeymoon, they can and should go wherever they want. Why do they need choose a less popular place when they have nothing to hide and have done nothing wrong? It’s other people that should give them their space. This is the type of rhetoric that’s dangerous when we place blame on the victims rather than the people who were actually in the wrong.

    • The choise LA i thing, was because golf mark, son ye had friends there , hb loves baskteball, and they arrived at the stadium toghether. Please think positive this love story is so beautifull

  20. @Ezra is a known hater of this couple in this blog and has been selling conspiracy theories god knows for how long. I think it was the same person who said Hyun bin is actually dating seo ji hye😂🤣.

    I am just amazed at people popping off their veins at a couple coming back from their trip and microanalysing everything. Even as a fan i didn’t keep track of what they did. Well maybe no other reel-real couple has that big of a hit tv show in recent years , that’s why it’s only then who were mobbed by the fans in a foreign land.

    They even arrived separately to avoid drawing attention but their bad luck, media was waiting for Jennie’s departure.

  21. They are equally responsible for creating this media circus themselves. If they hadn’t deny three times and media-played their LA grocery trip, none of this frenzy would have happened. They created this media circus monster so they have to live with it. No sympathy for them whatsoever. LA is known to be the paparazzi capital of the world. NYC is just as bad. Hawaii is teeming with international tourists. If one truly wants privacy let say like Wills and Kate, they can go to Mustique, Maldives, Bahamas or the French Alps. Take a private jet. Harry and Meghan used Elton John’s jet to swan off to Europe. Climate change be damned. As someone who used to work in PR, their honeymoon looked to be very choreographed with some red herrings thrown in to look like they are trying to avoid attention. But this whole parade up and down through the airports Seoul, NYC, LAX just screamed look at me, don’t look at me. LOL.

      • Please do share that netizen theory where you’ve come across
        Twitter?insta?naver?qoo?nate?koalasplayground?weibo?red app?

    • Bingo! From their wedding announcement down to their honeymoon screams media play milking the success of Cloy, enjoying the attention. Trying to look like they don’t like the attention but obviously they do. I am sure, their teams alerted the media on when they will depart/arrive for their honeymoon.

      • “MILKING SUCCESS OF CLOY” why did they deny numerous dating news when cloy success & spread was on peak level all over the globe?technically that was the best time to milk the success of THEIR OWN HARDWORKED DRAMA rather than 2 years later,the words used are too strong like “obviously they do” & “I’m sure” one can’t be so obviously sure about something unless you are working in their said companies or as servant in their home
        Atleast they media play & milking (as you said)their own dramas success rather than riding on someone’s popularity

    • so since they r famous now they cant go to La NYC bcs of the papparazzi? Syj used to go to La every yr pre covid, so now if she miss La after 2-3 yrs of not going she cant go.. its crazy how people can think so negatively about other people u barely even know.. they can go wherever they want u dont need to sympathize or anything..

  22. My first comment went missing. I second the above comment. BTS went to New Zealand for a private holiday and also to film an episode for Bon Voyage show. Their NZ Army fans worked so hard to give them privacy, nobody harassed them or had their private moments papped. They were no mobs chasing BTS at Auckland Airport or Queenstown. Believe me there’s a sizeable Korean Kiwi community in NZ. In fact the entire operation is called The Pineapple Lump Protection Policy. Trae MacCauley founder and head admin of NZ BTS ARMY social media pages said the decision to protect their privacy was a no-brainer. So the PR team of Binjin can learn from her. If they want publicity they will court publicity, if they crave privacy they will get privacy.

  23. always have a suspicion that binjin is pr savvy, shrewd and cunning. this is part of keeping their brand burning. there were always rumours she batted for the other team while he’s still keeping close friendships with jdg, lbh and jjm who have reputation for skirt chasers while married or not. birds of a feather flocked together.

    • Isn’t she the one who is close to LBH? Their “friend circle” is problematic af, like they say “your friend’s are a reflection of your own personality”!

  24. You do have a point there. I always wonder why Lee Min Jung didn’t dump LBH and Koo So Young also stood by JDG after their scandals broke. Married for love first and after the scandal for the sake of their children. Among this circle of close friends what also includes SJK, three had scandals while one divorced. So I’m hoping HB will keep his image clean and stay faithful to Ye Jin.

    • those miserable people here are the fans of mediocre actress.they want what yejin have and they want HB for their bias. HB dumped your bias for some reasons, if he really loves her instead of entering military he will fix their relationship first but no. he went to military despite of the success of sega. i hope she find her true love soon whether it’s chinese, taiwanese or korean i hope she find it or reveal it soon so you pathetic fans of her will leave binjin alone.

  25. So many miserable people in the world. Lol. Their lives must be as miserable as their bias. Binjin clearly looked happy and blissfully in love. And the haters just can’t stand it. Lol.

  26. This Barking of PR/media play is so common when it comes to binjin lol
    People said they getting caught grocery shopping in LA 2019 is media play
    They said Cloy bts & interviews are media play
    They said baeksang 2020 is media play
    They said Jan 1 confirmation is media play
    Today they even say their marriage is media play
    I’m sure these same people will say them getting pregnant & having babies is also a media play
    You see there’s a proverb which says a person suffering from jaundice thinks entire world is yellow in colour. Not gonna blame your mindset you’ll are tuned to years of mediaplay & PR strategies of using relationships for publicity by your bias. Get well soon please don’t forget to daily take your meds Anti’s

  27. I suspect they went to the U.S. because Son Yejin has close friends there and she probably wanted to visit after the last couple years of covid lockdowns. Honestly the States wasn’t the wisest choice for a private honeymoon, but what do we know, it’s their personal lives and they can choose to spend their time however they want.

    • @anon, yes agree with you..she has best friend there..It’s up to them where should they spend their honeymoon.. People always ENVY…Please RESPECT and don’t jealous with others life..

  28. Talks about how LA isn’t a good spot for honeymoon is still going on? Every next actor in korea is in LA now,all of them in LA for media play may be
    It was only twice they were caught in LA & 4 times New York city out of which 2 are in restaurant,one is at play and other at NBA
    Like lol out of 17 days honeymoon getting caught in restaurants & NBA match which are crowded with people is considered media play not to forget they are known globally in almost every country
    Butthurt fans(oops sorry I used plural mentioning fans when it’s one fan with different names)of certain actress and their conspiracy theories never end
    Whatever makes you sleep in the night 🤣

    • LMFAO. Attending plays and restaurants in NYC is such a private & secluded honeymoon activity for a couple known globally in almost very country (ur words not mine). Can’t imagine JLo and Ben, Ryan and Blake, George and Amal, Justin and Jessica spending theirs ensconced in one.

      • PREACH gurl. I can think of a million places more romantic and private than NBA match. LOL. Whatever!

      • They should do a groupmoon like Jen Aniston and Justin Theroux. Bring a bunch of close friends (some with their kids) with them for their “honeymoon” in Bora Bora.

  29. Attending NBA matches are de rigueur in Hollywood pr playbook. Same modus operandi as attending Super Bowl event in LA. Ask Koala, she lives in Solcal and a Michael Jordan fan. She should know LA media culture. Me thinks HB SYJ are seeking Hollywood roles therefore making their presence known there even to the extent of using their honeymoon. Such fame suckers. Every Hollywood A-lister uses sport events as maintaining a media presence. There’s Mila with Ashton. David and Victoria Beckham with their photogenic kids in tow. Kanye West, Prince Harry and Princess Beatrice cousin bonding time in Super Bowl. Sure spending your honeymoon watching NBA match “crowded with people” is soooo befitting of their notoriously private people image eh?

  30. Jealousy is a mental cancer..To those who are always envy with others life, get well soon.. PLEASE DON’T ENVY WHAT OTHERS HAVE…Who are post negative comments should go to doctor and check your mental health..

  31. Sorry I didn’t know in honeymoon people should only go to areas where there’s no life except them
    Yeah we’ll restrict them next time from watching plays,their favorite sports because yeah they are in private honeymoon
    And shouldn’t eat in famous restaurants in their honeymoon because there are also other people in those restaurants. Please do write do’s and dont’s on which place to go,what to wear,how to behave,where to eat,what to eat,how to breath we’ll pass on your prepared list to their agencies so they can please you on their vacation

  32. What mental illness is this when fans of a mediocre actress think they can dictate what a couple can or can’t do on a honeymoon? They can’t visit friends in LA and NY? Basketball fan HB can’t watch an NBA playoff game with his fave player playing? Foodie couple can’t eat at Michelin starred restaurants?

    You all like to point out the people in their circle but binjin themselves have no scandals. Not like your bias who has numerous scandals. Not her circle but she herself. Who’s problematic now?

    • on point! He can’t watch an nba game, can’t eat at a good restaurant with his wife because it’s a private honeymoon and it is a media play should they do that?
      but you can’t look away,no? Just ignore them so their media play can’t work..but you are just as obsessed watching their every move..

      • Ola sou brasileira, conheci dorama na pandemia, CLOY primeiro assisti so os com son ye, acredito que eles ja estavam casados no civil pois foram vistos na mesma casa . O casamento com festa foi qdo a pandemia melhorou, pessoas que falam que é por midia estao erradas ambos disseram que queriam se casar com 40 e hb.falou inclusive de parar ele se dedicaria aos outros negocios e ela a familia. Ela tem 40 anos e qdo falou sobre filhos deveria estar com medo eu tive com 42 saudavel . Acho que ela a muito o paquerava. Que sejam felizes

  33. Even to the extent of using honeymoon and fame suckers
    Are you talking about your bias here??
    Your bias is known for that tbh
    Ohh ohh now everyone who wants to enter Hollywood go watch NBA matches,Hollywood directors & producers will stand in que to offer their prestigious projects
    The amount of hate certain fans of an actor spreading here clearly is an indication how much jealous they are. I really pray to God to make you’ll come out from your mental illness soon

    • Sou brasileira, nunca havia visto dorama e nem conhecia, assisti a partir de CLOY durante a pandemia tds com son ye, excelente atriz por isso falam tao mal dela , com envolvimento com ouyros atores ela inclusive falou sobre isso numa entrevista. Ela e muito boa.

  34. And we love proving that the fans of the mediocre actress are certifiably insane. Lol. Well given who you stan, we are not suprised. Just go on your deranged way then, we all know who looks bad, insecure and threatened in the process. 😏

  35. It’s actually funny how they are triggered when a certain actress word is mentioned and comes to bark about binjin
    And that using name of notoriously private people clearly shows they aren’t normal netizens who comment but Anti’s
    I heard her korean fans warned them not to involve those international fans of her’s in any of the fan projects related to their bias because they are overly interested in someother couple who’s not related to them than their own bias,and I see they still shamelessly here.proof was shown in these comments only Aiai/fan/tan are the same person and is her fan 🤣

  36. I really want to comment on why are they walking ahead of each other and not holding hands then I remember the song-song couple use to act lovey dovey, holding hands, looking at each other in the eyes and smiling at each other, only to announce a divorce some months later

  37. Sou brasileira, nunca havia visto dorama e nem conhecia, assisti a partir de CLOY durante a pandemia tds com son ye, excelente atriz por isso falam tao mal dela , com envolvimento com ouyros atores ela inclusive falou sobre isso numa entrevista. Ela e muito boa.

  38. Call it what you may! It’s obvious they both had an attraction towards each other. Their timing was perfect that’s why they made to the attire. Their affection/intimate don’t need to be defined by your typical standard.

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