Ahn Hyo Seob Showcases Tiffany in New Jewelry Pictorial Continuing His Surge of Popularity After A Business Proposal

The everywhere-ness of Ahn Hyo Seob continues and he’s not yet reach mass saturation point so I’m good still sharing on his latest spate of exposure. He’s the face of top jewelry brand Tiffany’s in South Korea and right in time for Mother’s Day so don’t forget to treat mom with a side of Ahn Hyo Seob eye candy. As a model he has the looks and height but for me lacks the edge but that’s okay, he’s kinda the same way in acting but for some reason when he WORKS in a role like in A Business Proposal or his first breakout in Thirty But Seventeen he’s just so easy and enjoyable to watch. But when he doesn’t perform in a role it’s twenty shades of bad and as a viewer I suffer second hand embarrassment haha. But he’s currently on the up and up so keep up the improvement my boy!


Ahn Hyo Seob Showcases Tiffany in New Jewelry Pictorial Continuing His Surge of Popularity After A Business Proposal — 16 Comments

  1. Oh gawd, not him again.

    Wait, Koala said he worked in A Business Proposal??? He worked in A Business Proposal????? He worked in Business Proposal??????? Am I remembering wrong or didn’t you criticize his horrendous performance in the posts on here? What changed? His back muscles in the sex scene that’s earned him a lot of thirsty groupies who now swear he’s an acting god??? Oh great, I already hear them queueing under my comment to defend their oppa. 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. I don’t think he was exceptionally bad in his sageuk if anyone was exceptionally bad in that it was kyj, she’s extremely one note and way too loud in almost all her roles. Her hype is based on her child roles but as an adult actress she’s a failure. Her acting is subpar and she’s carried by popular male leads. He on the other hand was perfectly adequate in the limited range he’s always had and actually managed to show some growth in the early episodes. In ABP though he glowed and the chemistry with ksj absolutely sparkled. The drama was excellent from writing to directing and acting everything was good. The last arc with grandpa was a bit unnecessary and instead we could have gotten two chaotic weddings but apart from that I adored the couples and breezy plot. There’s a good reason why ABP is so popular and it’s extremely rare for romcoms on Netflix to succeed to this extent.

  3. He excelled in Business Proposal because he had an excellent female lead same for Thirty But Seventeen and Dr Romantic. His previous drama the female lead looks and acts like a literal child all the time no wonder he couldn’t connect with her.

  4. Haters should just give it a rest. He worked for me in ABP too. I actually concur with koala on all the points made. When he works, hes charming as heck when he is bland, its borderline bad allergies. But i give credit where its due, the chemistry with KSJ is great to the point I wish they can be the new binjin. Glad both of them are experiencing great success in the CF field. Shes not far behind. Roem, Goobne, Ogetti and now the new face of Chilsung Sparkling. Quite a feat as its owned by LOTTE which means the girl has crossed over to top korean brands which is well known to pay alot.

    • Omg, as someone suffering seasonal allergies today, your description has me deaddd. Haha.

      I must agree that he can be endearing but his acting is stiff. I really do like him having watched some of his works (Father is Strange, Queen of Ring, and A Business Proposal), but he is definitely not in the same caliber as Hsu Kuang Han and I do wonder how he will flair in such a complicated role in the adaption of Someday or One Day.

      • The Roles of Lizi Wei is not exactly complex in someday or one day. it’s the female lead show. AHS as Kang Tae Mu is showing more range IMO. AHS is far from bland in ABP despite romcom is a genre where a star not give their best acting.

    • He worked 50/50 for me in ABP. He was so bad in some parts I didn’t know whether to laugh or cringe, but he was so endearing in other parts and then I got his appeal.

      I feel like if actors are 50/50, it might mean they need to find the right director, character fit, or just develop their skills a bit more.

  5. Personally, I find him super bland. No offence, but it’s true. I know now he has crazy fangirls wjo defend him as bodyguard😂 But mostly BP is Kim Se Jung and Seol in Ah’s work. They hard carried the show, admit or not. He should work on his facial expressions and tone. It’s super awkward. If not, he will be again pvershadowed by second leads.

  6. I disagree with you Koala. I think AHS never delivered the CEO character in ABP, but I always find his modeling work great. I like the angles and vibes he’s giving in these pictures. In ABP, it was the girls, including Seol In Ah’s cousin, that really made the show a fun watch for me personally. Oh and grandpa in the first half or so of the show. He became one of the tropes he made fun of in his own drama watching, and it made him kind of unenjoyable to watch.

  7. ABP we all know will not give him an award except perhaps Best Couple Award with KSJ but hey, the series isn’t for the hard acting, but a rom-com which to me achieved its goal, which is to entertain, to fall in love, and to hope that even the most untouchable, all powerful tycoon, is still subject to the affairs of the heart.

  8. He is good looking no arguments about that. But this hairstyle is not my choice. As for his acting, I really liked him in Thirty but Seventeen. And liked the beginning of Lovers of the Red Sky. In ABP the main couple was cute to watch.

    With his new project, he and his new leading lady doesn’t interest me to watch so I am curious if this will fail big time or be a surprise hit.

    Let’s just see how far his pretty face can take him.

  9. Can someone explain to me this dude’s appeal? Looking at the rising actors of the current gen, I at least can get their appeal to a certain extent, which comes from different things. Cha Eun Woo is a bad actor, but that guy has top-tier visuals that only a few actors can match, so I get why he has lots of fangirls. Plus, as someone pointed out, he does have screen presence at least. And then we have Lee Do Hyun who is super talented and will most likely become a big star in the future if he takes the right projects. There’s Nam Joo Hyuk who’s like a more handsome and more talented version of Ahn Hyo Seop. And Song Kang isn’t the best actor but he kind of has unique visuals and can be charming and radiant on screen, at least. But this guy? I can think of many actors who is better than him in every aspect, be it visuals or charisma or acting talent. I just don’t get it…
    No offense to his hoard of thirsty fangirls lol

  10. He gawjuss MashAllah MashAllah MashAllah MashAllah MashAllah MashAllah MashAllah an amazing actor personality amazing cute baby eyes love his English accent wifh Canadian twist his family should be very proud of him as I said this is just the start InshaAllah just wait that’s all I say he will Rock the world with his acting singing dancing and his charisma charms🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  11. He’s cute but that’s it for me. His acting is on sub par in all the shows he’s been in. Sorry, but I had to say what no one else wanted. There’s no emotion behind his acting and a lot of the scenes were left dry. I agree that the other actors in this show carried him which made it worth watching or I would have quit after the first few episodes like I did with Abyss. I hope he finds his talent with the next show.

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