Ahn Hyo Seob Leaves Agency Starhaus Entertainment and Forms Own Agency The Present Company

There is so much agency move going on right now in K-ent and another hot star is making a change. Ahn Hyo Seob is leaving his original agency Starhaus Entertainment and forming his own solo agency called The Present Company. This would mark his third agency as he first started as a trainee for JYP Entertainment and was supposed to debut with Got7 but ended up picking acting over singing as his career. I don’t know if it’s a smart move to go solo right after his biggest breakout especially since this success didn’t come with overwhelming validation of his acting ability or improvement and riding more on how he got a charming character and played him just right enough to be enjoyable to watch. Good or bad, wishing him the best of luck to mapping out his career himself directly.


Ahn Hyo Seob Leaves Agency Starhaus Entertainment and Forms Own Agency The Present Company — 27 Comments

  1. Many celebrities did form own solo agency but only a few lasted. Many signed with another agency later on.

    I think it’s not a good decision since he’s not as big as KSH, LMH, SJK when they went solo.

    I just hope that he left his agency amicably or he might end up like Kang Ji Hwan who left his agency and signed with a new one and ended up being sued for breach of contract. His activities suspended and was forced to drop out of a drama he already started filming.

    And I’m pretty sure Kim Jung Hyun’s scandal was related to his leaving his agency for his gf’s agency.

  2. I wish him the best. He should be careful though and not leave the agency after getting this much popularity. I mean at least pay back the agency who already make you big at least 1 or 2 more project.

  3. He’s not the greatest actor. And he’s not terrible either. Only he himself, his team, his old agency and insiders know why he left to form his own company. Maybe his old agency overworked him and he’s unhappy. Maybe he is just that confident in himself. Who knows. Best not to judge. Time will reveal all.

  4. I believe his agent is a co-owner, so I think he’ll be fine. I think he’s an amazing actor and will only get better with each drama. The hateful comments about him or his acting are unnecessary. As the saying goes, If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Acting is not easy and I appreciate anyone who has the talent. God Bless.

    • Oh get off your flipping high horse. If YOU think he’s an amazing actor (which he absolutely isn’t, not even close), that doesn’t mean everyone is obligated to share the same opinion. It’s a public blog, everyone is free to comment. Who made you the Koalasplayground police? Criticism is not hate. He chose a profession where he’ll appear on viewers’ screens and those viewers will have opinions about his acting. If he couldn’t handle the criticism, he shouldn’t have become an actor. Mindless fans like you are the reason these crap actors never grow or improve.

      • Totally agree with you. Ignore that dumb*ss dawn and that other defender, they’re blinded by their thirst. “amazing actor” my ass lmfao EVERYONE knows he’s terrible, only his horny fangirls thinks he’s Won Bin 😂😂😂

    • I agree hes a amazing actor and personality is amazing too and i quite sure he would never the agency on bad terms no matter what and he probbaly got support from the agency so he will do just fine stop picking on him u not in kindergarten school if u dont like his acting then dont watch any of his dramas simple!!! thank you Dawn for kind words about Ahn hyo seop

  5. Saw the article on soompi and he left his original agency Starhaus with his longtime manager and i found out that manager was LMH global marketing & pr manager during his prime in Starhaus. I dont think they will have a hard time getting those connections. I must say AHS is in good hands and he will be fine.

    • Yeah I was a little worried that he may have been persuaded by a manager who may not have his best interests at heart but it looks like he’s in good hands.

  6. Agree. The hateful comments are unnecessary. I think he’s a good actor, handsome and he can improve himself. I believe acting is very hard. Specially if you’re a shy, introverted personality as he says he is. I think it’s great that he believes in himself to make that move. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?

  7. Eu acho que ele tem talento suficiente para seguir sua carreira com sucesso. Ele está muito na mídia por causa do seu último trabalho, mas estão esquecendo que o portifólio dele é bem recheado de bons trabalhos, só em Céu Vermelho ele superou todas as minhas expectativas, esteve maravilhoso.

  8. Reading these comments can be brutal. I don’t if majority are Koreans because I am not, but damn this is a critical society. If I were him and reading these comments, my spirit would be discouraged. I wish you the best Sir. I remember Jon and I left a company we worked for and we’re told we wouldn’t last a year. We lasted 5 years and even hired other people in the business we were in. Don’t give up during hard times. This business journey is a lesson in itself. If your heart led you here, there is something to be learned and gained. God speed and may you prosper.

  9. If yall got nothing nice to say, then don’t open ur mouth or type it out… if yall think he isn’t the one the best current generation male Korean actor, then why not u try out acting yourself.. I can definitely tell you that it won’t be that easy even you have had experiences in the acting world… AHS worked hard to get to where he is at today, so why don’t you just sew your lips together if the devil is going speak through your body.. okk👌🏼? Okk🤌🏼

  10. I know some people can take comments too far and fall into the realm of hateful, but general comments critiquing his acting is fair. Stop with all this nonsense of, if you’re so good then you go act. People pick professions, and they’re supposed to strive to be good in those. He chose to be an actor, and if he sucks, he’s going to get called out for it. I’m a doctor, and if I give you a bad diagnosis or treatment, you’re going to complain or even sue me. Am I going to tell that patient “well if you think it’s so easy, go be a doctor and treat yourself?!” or “if you don’t have anything nice to say about me, don’t say anything at all.” No! This entire argument is STUPID. You can ask people to be more respectful, but they’re entitled to their opinions. Saying he’s an “amazing” actor is quite a hyperbole. He’s anything but that. However, he’s young and has time to improve. He’s acceptable for certain roles and certain types of scenes, and has a lot to work on others. For someone who is so average in his acting, but getting lead roles left and right, you’d expect him to garner some strong opinions. Honestly, even if he is the most amazing actor, he’s going to get some hate.

  11. Let these negative comments katapult you. It’s true, you can’t always believe the hype about yourself. Not everyone gonna be for. Just stay grounded and know who you are and you’ll do just find. Now get out there and slay that dragon.

  12. kind disagree about him being a bad actor. With his skills, he actually can go far even without popularity. maybe become a movie actor.

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