First Preview for K-movie Alien with Ryu Jun Yeol, Kim Tae Ri, Kim Woo Bin, So Ji Sub, and Yeom Jung Ah Brings the Batshit Crazy Joseon Era Crossed with Modern Day Aliens

A new movie is headed to the theaters that has been in production for over two years and will come as a two part big name and big bucket action flick. Alien (part 1 and part 2) will be released this year and stars Ryu Jun Yeol and Kim Tae Ri as Joseon era Taoists battling Kim Woo Bin and So Ji Sub as aliens in modern day Seoul as a portal opens between the two time periods. It sounds crazy and the first preview looks just as wild, like bat shit what the heck is going on but imma totally going to watch type of stuff. The director and screenwriter is Choi Dong Hoon who did The Thieves, Assassination, and Tazza so lots of hit movies under his belt. Check it out!

Teaser for Alien:


First Preview for K-movie Alien with Ryu Jun Yeol, Kim Tae Ri, Kim Woo Bin, So Ji Sub, and Yeom Jung Ah Brings the Batshit Crazy Joseon Era Crossed with Modern Day Aliens — 22 Comments

  1. This looks bonkers. It is perfect for summer blockbuster flick.

    The movie looks Chinese though? The poster, costumes, and fight scenes are giving me heavy wuxia and futuristic Journey to the West vibes.

  2. The poster looked very Chinese I agree. Even the costume and the make-up too. However I need thrilling fun and bonkers movies like this for healing so its coming right on time.

  3. Maybe I’m not familiar with Taoists but the clothing feels and vibe feels like it should be from an earlier era in Korean history.

    I’m glad that they’re doing wacky action flick mixed with fantasy

  4. I thought this looked Chinese too. Especially the two people with the flute and wearing jade hairpins. What Korean dynasty had this type of costume?

    Anyways, this movie could have zero plot and I would still happily watch. Kim Woobin looks so sleek and yay for Kim Taeri flexing her action chops!

    • The historic part takes place during the Goryeo dynasty, before the country became Confucianist Joseon.

  5. Either this flop or do well. It has big stars but it depends if locals will embrace it. Kim Tae Ri and RJW’s styling looks very chinese and it’s supposed to be set in Joseon era…

  6. Joseon era Taoists? I thought the Korean peninsula at that time is more into Buddhism? The clothes look so much like Chinese hanfus too, no wonder the Chinese keep saying Korea is stealing chinese culture.

    • Exactly. Now where is the same outrage like in the My Private Life post? Double standard, indeed. K really just copy in everything be it in their dramas, music or movies. Tsk tsk.

      • The Korean always get an easy pass because people are as blind and ignorant as them. Korean netizen are some of the most pathetic and hypocrite people out there.

    • The historic part takes place during Goryeo, and there was a Taoist practitioners in Korea which was influenced by the movement in China.

      • So? Koreans during Goryeo times wear Chinese hanfus? Any archaeological evidence to support that? And Ms Koala herself said it’s Joseon era Taoists.

      • @4ever The official synopsis does say the historic part is set in late Goryeo era — it’s Ms. Koala who is mistaken. But yes there are criticisms from netizens who pointed out that the outfits look like they’re more xianxia style.

      • Taoism hails from ancient Chinese beliefs and folklore. Is there any proof of it flourishing during Goryeo times?

        Chinese Xianxia outfits are also based on actual ancient Chinese clothing, just that they mix elements from different Chinese dynasties. Having Xianxia style outfits in a movie that’s set in late Goryeo (regardless fantasy or not) is simply historical inaccuracy. When ignorant audience watch the movie, they will automatically assume those clothing style to be Goryeo style. So this is like a subtle and passive method of stealing Chinese culture. Also, when the Chinese does Xianxia drama, they do not claim the story to be under any time period of Chinese dynasties.

      • According to wikipedia: “Taoism enjoyed its greatest popularity during the Goryeo Dynasty, especially in the court and the ruling class. Taoist court rituals were introduced into Korea from Song dynasty China, especially under King Yejong (r. 1105–1122).” But not late Goryeo. But it’s possible the movie is about the few Taoists left over by end. I think we’ll have to see what the normal people dress like in the movie to figure out this clothing choice for the leads. Maybe since Taoists were mostly Chinese and it originated in China, they want to present this as the Taoist clothing style. Sort of like how Catholic clergymen all have the same look. And I’m not sure how well-versed koreans are about chinese historical. I remember in Haechi, they had a modern, curve-hugging qipao as “chinese costume” in 1700s Joseon. SMH.

        I’m glad this isn’t another Joseon era flick. Now when can we get a lighthearted one about Silla or Baek-je?

      • The wikipedia page states that there is not enough citations to reliable sources so I will take this info with a grain of salt. I’m irked that this movie got all the ancient clothing styles wrong, I didn’t see any Taoist robes from the trailer here. The clothes shown in the movie poster are from a mix of Chinese dynasties.

  7. I think this movie will be a fun one. Almost my favs are here so just watching the teaser makes me excited.

  8. A pity that So Ji Sub barely appeared in the trailer, i guess he’s not A list anymore that they don’t even need his image?

  9. Looks like they’ve taken their costumes straight from the wuxia / xianxia department. EVEN THAT HAIRSTYLE too HAHAH where’s the Western koreaboo outrage for this??

    Wish could see more of So JiSub though

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