In Light of Kim Sae Ron’s Suspected Drunk Driving, K-netizens Bring Up How Big Stars Have Not Suffered Consequences For Same Transgression Including Lee Jung Jae and Kwon Sang Woo

Apparently the list of K-stars (actors, PD, variety, idols) who have been busted for drunk driving is LOOOOOONG. Like there are soooooo many even I was surprised to see some which I didn’t remember reading about. Some aren’t big names but in light of K-actress Kim Sae Ron‘s suspected drunk driving bust yesterday, K-netizens with their very long and good memories have brought up how most of those drunk driving celebs have resumed or comeback from that misconduct. The two biggest names are A-listers Lee Jung Jae and Kwon Sang Woo, male leads in movies and dramas and formerly caught drunk driving. Lee Jung Jae was caught and had his manager take the fall, and a second time later a caller phoned in his car driving erratically but without being stopped by the police in time no charges were filed. Kwon Sang Woo also crashed his car drunk driving but took off before the cops arrived, his manager took the fall, and when Kwon Sang Woo was tracked down by the police it was two days later and could no longer be tested for his alcohol level by then. Both stories were long time ago but for those newer to K-ent it may seem like Kim Sae Ron is over and she may very well be, but many other celebs have come back as people simple forget and if a drama or movie is good then it just buries those prior bad acts further down the list.


In Light of Kim Sae Ron’s Suspected Drunk Driving, K-netizens Bring Up How Big Stars Have Not Suffered Consequences For Same Transgression Including Lee Jung Jae and Kwon Sang Woo — 27 Comments

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  2. KSR may not be over does not change the fact that she is essentially a criminal who tried to run away from the crime she committed. Her character is seriously problematic and she will very likely get a higher punishment than either of the above mentioned actors because DUI laws have only gotten more strict over time and she is also being charged with destruction of public property. There is no need to try and justify what may or may not happen to her career. Her child actor status does not justify giving her a second chance. Running away from any criminal activity reflects very poorly on her character. Besides KSW is not someone I would call as successful just because he manages to get cast and owns a lot of property. He’s still shady and problematic and is canceled by many people even within the industry. He’s definitely not at the Stairway to Heaven peak so yes his career isn’t exactly thriving despite being male and having Hallyu star privilege.

  3. There are now a lot of rookie actreses who are better than her in terms of acting and much prettier too so she will not be missed if she decides to retire now. This girl is problematic. Is she an alcoholic? Drunk at 8am. wooooooow.

    • in korea.. clubs/bars are open until 7am.
      you can literally party the night away. so she was most likely drinking and partying all night and going home. lots of accidents happen around this time for this reason, no room for good judgement when you’ve been wasted for half the night with no sleep

  4. So many judgy people on internet. She’s a netizen like everybody, if she makes a mistake she has to pay the consequences but it shouldn’t stop her to work after. I understand she will have to wait for a period but nobody was hurt in this accident. She’s young too.

    I really hope she will be able to come back because she’s a very good actress. Her special drama as a maid in the Palace was great and better than Red Sleeve for the same subject.

  5. People are ruthless she can do her time, reflect and come back to work. At the age of 21a lot of us have done reckless things, and it shouldn’t be something that destroys our entire life. Honestly I think Korea is done with cancel culture, many stars who have done stuff that would have them canceled are already back to work.

  6. Oh please.. Not the gender card again… Did it occur to you she also destroyed a public transformer.And all these actors you called can sue you bcos there is no evidence of what you just mentioned

    • For real. I swear if I read another “patriarchy” and “misogyny” b*llshit comment again, I’d freaking scream 🤦‍♀️

    • For real. I swear if I read another “patriarchy” and “misogyny” b*llsh*it comment again, I’d freaking scream 🤦‍♀️
      So tired of the whataboutism. She did something wrong, period.
      For once, hold 👏 women 👏 accountable 👏 please 👏

    • Emmm, Managers took the fall, guess must be in the news otherwise how she knew (can’t be only ockoala knew about it, funny right), surely police will investigate them, so were they charged, why no, this is serious allegations on police n the 2 guys. Nowadays,i always to fact check otherwise will be misled foolishly by fake information.

      • Fact is there was no managers that took the fall. LJJ was issued fines, KSW surrendered himself 2 days later so no proof of DUI. Not siding them, just stating what it is.

        Now that KSR has personally admitted to dui n apologised, she maybe able to come back to the acting industry sometime later.

  7. Article kept saying manager took the fall. Any proof? So in short these stars were not charged as they could not be certain they did it since there were the managers pleading guilty? In short no crime. They were not caught red handed.

  8. I’m not someone who thinks her entire career is over. I think the other guys were more fortunate in that it sounds like the blood alcohol content couldn’t be checked and it was a different time. Now, there are a multitude of witnesses and cameras and the gal knocked out a power grid. She will definitely be reflecting and atoning for minimum a year. How her career goes after probably depends on how well she is thought of in the business but it will never be the same hype….unless she’s in a huge hit. Then all is forgiven.

  9. Gangnam area is notorious for celeb duis. Anyone remember Nichkhun dui in Gangnam back in 2012? He hit a motorcyclist and injured him. It’s almost like in their culture to get mad drunk and drive. Honestly agencies should have stricter rules for their artists. No driving if drinking. If they mess up, instantly termination by the agency. If they can implement a no-dating rule surely they can implement a no driving rule until proven reliable.

  10. Regarding LJJ and KSW, that was such a very long time ago. I think netizens at that time weren’t very vocal about the accident or it happened were very few witnessed the accident. Compared to the present where everyone could easily report an incident.

    As for KSR, I really don’t get it, I thought celebrities were always accompanied by their managers or assistants?

    And how come there is nothing issued from her agency or her personally.

    Now I am curious who was with her in the car?

    • Prev comments went missing. Trying again. celebs generally accompanied by managers even on off days. An actor I follow went back to visit his family in hometown. Manager went along. He wasn’t shooting any drama back then. KSR chose not to have driver bug mistake. Obvious she didn’t want driver to know her companion.

    • And let’s face it, with the era of CCTV at every corner, legal consequences is easier to prove now than before. Also, this is big as we rarely see korean child stars get into legal trouble, and KSR is one well-known transitioning korean child actor. She really created her own mess, as its only this year that we’ve seen her getting on track to hopefully get a strong footing with adult roles, but now this…..

  11. Yes, even when they’re on their private off days they can request their manager or assistant to drive them. I found out by accident coz I’m a fan of an actor. In his IG, he posted photos of his visit of his family in his hometown. His manager was with him taking selfies with him. He was not shooting any drama back then but got assigned a new manager to look after him. KSR could have a driver or friend, taxi driver, PA to drive her but she chose not to. It was obvious she didn’t want people to know who she was with in the car or what business she did that morning. Just plain irresponsible and stupid.

  12. Koala said managers took blame to cover up duis. Really curious if agencies are used to cover up dating activities too. Story just in about YEH deleting YT vid talking about ex-bf who wrote long texts to her but decreased over time. Netizens instantly link him to KJK but her agency denied the specific rumour and cited technical errors of vid. Meantime, Eve premiere delayed and press conference cancelled citing cov 19 delays.

    • GM curse keeps happening. Feel sorry for other cast and crew. Wonder if it has to do with KSR controversy or SYJ stirring up trouble again.

      • No just you ES -you’re stirring up trouble because you can’t leave SYJ alone. TvN issued the statement about the change of date just like other dramas have had their dates changed as well but as usual got to hone in on the SYJ drama.

    • I don’t buy into the tight filming schedule covid excuse. As a pre-production, they can plan premiere and press con long ahead of time. Not like it’s a live shoot. Delaying a week is not making much difference. They have been filming since Nov 21 last year. That’s 6 months of footage already done. I reckon it’s bad publicity from KSR and her agency bad management of problematic artistes.

      • I’m guessing it’s so that the KSR thing doesn’t take over the promos. Give it an extra week to calm down. Or maybe they had put together the drama and realized some scenes don’t make sense unless they insert some additional scenes so had to film more scenes and glue whatever footage they can put together to smooth things out… which is not a good thing for their budget.

  13. I feel like crimes and scandals are just more in-your-face now. LJJ’s incident was pre-smartphone era. Bae Seong-woo, who got a DUI in 2020, would have been a better comparison? He was still filming a drama, which also starred Kwon Sang-woo, when he was dropped because of his DUI. Jung Woo-sung, who hadn’t done a drama in a decade, had to step in to save the drama and to save face since BSW was from his company. Irony is that BSW played a police officer in Live. Anyways, he’s about to release a whole bunch of movies. We’ll see how the reception is.

    And KSR had her incident on a weekday morning around what would be morning commuting time and took out the electricity from nearby cafes. It’s different enough from the other celeb DUIs to be memorable. She’s lucky she didn’t kill anyone or electrocute herself when she crashed into a transformer.

    Gold Medalist staff’s hair must be turning white. Can’t help but think of Oh Han-byul from Shooting Stars mentally cussing her out for causing trouble and snarking on handwritten letters.

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