C-drama Adaptation of Tong Hua Fantasy Romance Novel Lost You Forever Underway with Yang Zi and Three Fresh-faced Male Leads

At this point I do want the C-drama adaptation of Lost You Forever (Chang Xiang Si) to go forward because then it would be done and I don’t ever have to wonder what it would have been like. Despite not feeling the main four cast whatsoever and having this sinking feeling that the drama is going to be nothing like the novel. Lost You Forever by Tong Hua may be my favorite fantasy romance period C-novel of all time thanks to the length which allowed the story to unfold over three books with so much depth and breadth. The drama adaptation has been in the works since the novel’s release in 2013 but now nearly 10 years later it’s coming to the small screen sometime in 2023. It’s been filming since earlier this year with female lead Yang Zi as Xiao Yao/Xiao Liu, Zhang Wang Yi as Zhuan Xu, Deng Wei as Tu Shan Jing, and Tan Jian Ci as Xiang Liu. I know nothing about these three young gen actor but Yang Zi is no stranger to playing plucky, strong willed goddess most famously in Ashes of Love. I’m just going to sit back and accept this drama version whatever it ends up being.


C-drama Adaptation of Tong Hua Fantasy Romance Novel Lost You Forever Underway with Yang Zi and Three Fresh-faced Male Leads — 12 Comments

  1. Tan jianci and zhang wanyi appeared in the season 7 of the variety show ace vs ace. Separately on different episodes. Its on youtube. They did impromptu skits during show and both were solid.

  2. Zhang and Tan are serviceable actors at the very least. The only real issue I have with the casting is that they are a bit on the short side (Tan is probably about the same height as Yang Zi) and Deng is very unappealing as an actor. The biggest problem I have with this whole thing though is that I do not like Tong Hua’s novels at all.

  3. Whoa! Okay, let me breath. This is Tong Hua’s novel, Yang Zi is the main FL and one of the ML named Zhang Wang Yi is in The Bond Cdrama wc is one of my favs. So yeah I am excited for this drama.

    • Haha, don’t have high hope for the male cast but willing to prepare tissue box. Can’t wait for the fan wars

  4. Deng wei earns lots of attention for his second male lead in Miss the Dragon. Time for him to shine. Whether he succeeds or not, time will tell. But lots of actors started this way. Moreover he has done a number of supporting roles.
    Looking forward ….

  5. I don’t mind Yang Zhi but she seems to play the same character over and over. I guess Chinese audience just likes those plucky character types. Though I feel like she’s at the point where she should challenge herself more.

    • @ALyssia, with all due respect. YangZi doesn’t just play “plucky characters”. She’s a child actress who has taken on many different roles.”Battle of Changsa”, “Ode to Joy”, “Psychologist”, & “Drug Hunt” are just some examples of non-plucky characters that she has played.

  6. Tencent S+ dramas are not living up to expectations. The fight scenes are cartoonish. Please don’t be like Sword snow stride.

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