Lost You Forever Part 2 Premieres to Record Setting Tencent Heat Index and Announces Episode Length Increase to 23 from 21

I feel like Lost You Forever Part 2 arrived almost breathlessly but then took deep breaths to calm down. The first 6 episodes released so far have been motoring through plot points but also quite emotionally downer for everyone involved, other than spoiled her brains out but sweet little chirpy Ah Nian. Cang Xuan gets the throne and a shit ton of wives including head simmering jealousy queen Xing Yue, Feng Long is mostly offscreen until deciding he needs to actually have a wedding to Xiao Yao, Jing just mopes (bonus points if you love pining dudes), Xiang Liu looks like he might have a hernia for how much he’s holding back ALL his feelings for Xiao Yao and laying on the cold that neither of them believe is true, and Xiao Yao is just walking down a path she doesn’t want but doesn’t have the courage to change herself. If she can’t have Jing, doesn’t want Feng Long, then she needs to drag Xiang Liu to run away with her but she can only beseech him with a poison crystal ball and wait to get wedding napped. Sigh, I love this story so much and am soooooo glad to hear the second part episode length got increased from 21 to 23, even two more episodes is better than a truncated and rushed final part.

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Tencent Releases New Character Stills for Lost You Forever Part 2 that Expand on the Original Stills From Part 1 Ahead of July 8th Premiere

My relationship with Lost You Forever will always remain the first and most memorable love, what with how much I lived and breathed the novel during the years of translation. Three whole books people! Which sadly is only going to … Continue reading

New Stills of the Six Leads of Lost You Forever Part 2 Feels Like No Time Has Passed Getting Back into the Mood of the Drama

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Male Leads of Lost You Forever Part 2 Zhang Wan Yi, Deng Wei, Tan Jian Ci, and Wang Hong Yi Attend Tencent Drama Party with Cardboard Cutout of Yang Zi

So this is hilariously apropos since all four dudes want female lead Yang Zi in the drama Lost You Forever in some form or fashion and crap keeps happening so she can’t get her happy ending (yet) in Part 1 … Continue reading

Tencent Announces July 8, 2024 Premiere of Lost You Forever Part 2 with Yang Zi, Zhang Wan Yi, Deng Wei, and Tan Jian Ci

Am I ready to say goodbye to Lost You Forever and all the rich and multi-faceted characters that reside in the Vast Wilderness? Yes, I actually am, what with it being over ten years since I started the herculean task … Continue reading

Tan Jian Ci and Chen Zhe Yuan’s Long Ago Filmed BL-novel Adapted C-drama Winner is King Reportedly to Air Drop May 2024

So this is a very specific rumor rather than the usual “airing soon” type scheduling chatter so I thought it worth sharing. C-ent insiders are saying the production of C-drama Winner Is King (Feng Huo Liu Jing 烽火流金) based on … Continue reading

C-ent Casting Rumor Has Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan in Wuxia C-drama The Year of the Book with Second Male Leads Liu Yu Ning and Tan Jian Ci

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Yang Zi and Zhu Yi Long Wins 2023 Weibo Night Queen and King as the C-stars Put on the First Red Carpet Party of the New Year

The first big C-ent party of 2024 was this weekend with the 2023 Weibo Night celebration that brought out nearly all the popular stars in the industry. Yang Zi and Zhu Yi Long took home the top awards Weibo Queen … Continue reading

Bazaar China Rounds Up 4 of the Top Actors Gong Jun, Xu Kai, Tan Jian Xi, and Luo Yun Xi from the Summer 2023 Drama Season for an Otherworldly Pictorial

One appeal of xianxia dramas is the ethereal and fantasy dreamy visuals complete with gods, goddesses, and sprawling skies, vistas, and dreamscapes. Bazaar China is doing a modern crossed with xianxia-esque visuals with four of the top C-drama leads in … Continue reading

New C-ent Rumor Says the Entire BL-adaptation Drama Industry is Fully Banned and No Filmed BL C-drama Will Ever Air

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