Classic Scenes From Lost You Forever Become New Valentine’s Day Posters for C-drama Starring Yang Zi, Zhang Wan Yi, Deng Wei, and Tan Jian Ci

A bunch of finished filming in early 2022 C-dramas rounded the corner into 2023 and still haven’t aired yet so I’m not too hopeful to see the C-drama adaptation of Lost You Forever airing anytime soon since it finished filming late last year. So getting periodic treats is good enough and for Valentine’s Day this week the production released four sets of new posters with Yang Zi and each of her male leads. It’s really a three horse race of Cang Xuan (Zhuan Xu), Jing, and Xiang Liu but the drama likes to through in Feng Long too lol. As someone who read this novel countless times I immediately recognized the part of the book each of these scenes appear in and it just makes me smile to really know a long await live action drama really is coming.

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C-drama Lost You Forever Releases New Stills to Celebrate 1 Million Reservations on Tencent Streaming

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First Preview for C-drama Adaptation of Lost You Forever Brings to Life Memorable Scenes From the Novel with Yang Zi and All Three Male Leads Zhang Wan Yi, Deng Wei, and Tan Jian Ci

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C-drama Lost You Forever with Yang Zi and Zhang Wan Yi Wrap Filming and Releases First Official Set of Main Cast Stills

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C-drama Adaptation of Tong Hua Fantasy Romance Novel Lost You Forever Underway with Yang Zi and Three Fresh-faced Male Leads

At this point I do want the C-drama adaptation of Lost You Forever (Chang Xiang Si) to go forward because then it would be done and I don’t ever have to wonder what it would have been like. Despite not … Continue reading