Deng Wei’s Fans Stir Up Animosity by Criticizing Yang Zi in Lost You Forever and Going to Her Fan Sites to Leave Messages

Man, having fans as a C-star is kinda like having a pitbull as a pet, it’s loyal but you never know when it’s going to go crazy and attack others. Lost You Forever part 1 aired this summer and has become one of the biggest C-dramas of 2023 and fans are waiting for part 2 to drop hopefully in early 2024. It also survived the airing with not too much criticism or in-fighting between the fandoms of the leads and it was pretty packed with Yang Zi as the big female lead and three strong male leads in Zhang Wang Yi, Deng Wei, and Tan Jian Ci. However this week randomly Deng Wei’s fans started criticizing Yang Zi claiming she coasted by her fame and didn’t act well in the drama or properly acknowledge and appreciate Deng Wei for his role and contribution to the success of LYF. The fans even went to Yang Zi’s fandom to leave criticism messages and now the two fandoms are fighting. Sigh.

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Tencent Surprises By Releasing Last 9 Episodes of Lost You Forever Part 1 on Monday to Start Off Final Week of Airing

Hold your horses peeps because it’s time to binge your brains out, as the final 9-episodes to mark the conclusion of Lost You Forever Part 1 just dropped by Tencent. This was a surprise announced on Monday morning before the … Continue reading

Week Three of Lost You Forever Airing Brings the Main Plot to Crescendo with Romance, Tension, Plotting, and a Three Dude Race to Save Their Girl

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The Gorgeous Cast of Lost You Forever Lead Off Drama Promos in July with Charming Visit to Hit Variety Show Hello Saturday

So Lost You Forever male lead Tan Jian Ci is a regular cast member of variety show Hello Saturday so it’s only fitting that last month in mid July the drama cast went on to promote their show alongside. Also … Continue reading

Week 2 of Lost You Forever Airing Sees Arrival of Complaints and In-fighting Between Fans of Two Male Leads Played by Deng Wei and Tan Jian Ci

So this is to be expected somewhat but is rather pointless and annoying to see happen. C-drama Lost You Forever has become summer 2023’s hottest drama and there is much love to go around, great characters and acting from all … Continue reading

Tencent Celebrates Lost You Forever Crossing 33,000 on the Hot Buzz Ranking Becoming a How High Can It Go Hit C-drama

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