Jang Dong Yoon, Seol In Ah, and Choo Young Woo Confirmed for 1980’s Era Period KBS Drama Oasis

The drama casting gods have spoken and there is a big modern era period drama in the works that has the main cast now. KBS is planning Oasis for the latter half of 2022, set in the 1980’s into the 1990’s, and already I’m getting major East of Eden and Giant vibes in a good way. The drama will star Jang Dong Yoon, in his return to the prime time small screen after the scuttled Joseon Exorcist, and his female lead will be the recently broken out Seol In Ah in her first top billing role. The second male lead has also been cast with rising young actor Choo Young Woo, with the PD of Queen Cheorin (The Queen’s Man). It’s a revenge drama set in the two decades of great change in developing South Korea.


Jang Dong Yoon, Seol In Ah, and Choo Young Woo Confirmed for 1980’s Era Period KBS Drama Oasis — 16 Comments

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  2. I like the actors! The 3 of them acted in School serie (2017 and 2021). Choo Young-Woo was really good, he was the only reason (with the second female lead), I watched School 2021, the main leads being so bad.

    Jang Dong-Yoon has another project My Man is Cupid with Nana.

    • Looking at some of the upcoming dramas I kept noticing his name and it turns out he has 6 new projects on the way!!

    • I see it. And I’ve always thought she also looks like another Yuna, the one from kpop group Itzy lol

  3. Yes please! I’m a sucker for old-school revenge dramas! Love JDY and SIA! I’ll always root for talented actresses like her who worked their way up from small supporting roles 💜

  4. Love all the 3 actors, and i like the period . Talking about 80’s RIP Ray great actor and Andy ( Depeche Mode) another part of my youth goes by … A band who was considered as a boys band at their debut and prove it wrong … They became a legendary rock band . Enjoy the silence “words are very unnecessary , they can only do harm…”

  5. JDY is going places. His upcoming movie Project Wolf Hunting is currently being promoted at Cannes Film Festival in France. Looking forward to movie and his new dramas!

    • Seol In-ah already led Sunny Again Tomorrow and Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful, but those are long-form soap operas.

      • @Dakchingo thx. I hope it will be on Netflix like BP. June is a good month for k-dramas on Netflix. Money Heist, Alchemy of Souls, Weird Lawyer Woo and Cafe Minamdang.

      • Talking about k-dramas premieres on Netflix. Little Women is rumoured to be airing on 27 Aug in coveted Sat-Sun slot. If confirmed, I’m thanking the k-drama gods for a really good run till end of 2022.

  6. The PD has changed from Queen Chorin PD to PD Han Hee who worked for Dr. Jin (MBC). And as I read, no one is confirmed yet. Three of them are still in talks.

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