SBS Fri-Sat Drama Again My Life Hits New High of 12% in Penultimate Episode Heading into Finale

The Lee Jun Ki Show SBS drama Again My Life is coming to an end this weekend and what a solid win for the network and the cast. This Friday’s episode 15 got 12% ratings and it’s the highest rated prime time drama for the network this year, just above A Business Proposal which got the highest to 11.6%. I loved marathoning the first 10 episodes straight but once I started live watching it lost a bit of the momentum for me. There remains the right amount of tension as to whether male lead Hee Woo can bring down the big bad with his knowledge of what happened in his first life, but with the changes he makes in this second life events change so even he doesn’t have all the cards. There is cross and double crossing but so far all the good guys have stayed on the same side, and even a last minute switch last week seems like a feint. For the first half of 2022, SBS has had three winning dramas and the Year End Daesang will be between Kim Nam Gil in Through the Darkness and Lee Jun Ki for Again My Life thus far, but who knows what challenger(s) will emerge in the second half dramas. Also, totally off topic but this weekend Top Gun: Maverick comes out which is trending INSANELY high with 97% critics and 99% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes and while it brings back all the feels for the 80’s it also merges with this drama and makes me want Lee Jun Ki to play a K-drama version of Maverick, cuz he has the same charisma and also never ages haha.


SBS Fri-Sat Drama Again My Life Hits New High of 12% in Penultimate Episode Heading into Finale — 18 Comments

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  2. Since it is off topic @Ms. Koala, are you watching the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard trial? Gosh, am nervous for the verdict here. Been following the trial closely on lawtube and hoping badly Johnny will win all 3 claims.

    Amber Heard is just like villain in makjang K-drama that just so hard to get rid off.

    • True! Lies after lies after lies lmao I lost count how many times Amber Turd lied! Seriously, Depp supposedly punched her “many times that she lost count” and yet literally no swelling in her face at all, only some flat-ass questionable “bruises” that miraculously disappeared when she appeared in public the next day? Keep in mind that Depp is always wearing multiple rings too, lmao if that’s true, her face would’ve been absolutely destroyed! Not to mention that TMZ thing and the charity thing! Yikes! And she literally called every witness (except her noble self, of course) liars who committed perjury on the stand lol the nerve! I’m glad Camille called her out for her non-acting lol, crying without tears! 😂 Very telling that no one testified for her except her free-loading sister and paid “expert” witnesses lol, meanwhile Depp had people flying from other countries just to testify for him 😂
      And true, Heard is like textbook villain with those smug facial expressions she keep on doing lmao. Her evil laugh in one of those recorded audios still send chills down my spine!

      Depp is obviously no angel, but the worst he did was send those text messages, no evidence of him actually hurting women.

      At this point, I can’t imagine any people siding with Heard now, but I wouldn’t put it past some Koala commenters who seem to have a tendency to be hardcore man-hating feminists who always side with women even if the woman in question clearly did wrong lol (for example, the defenders of seo ye ji, kim seon ho’s ex girlfriend, kim sae ron, etc, who would criticize male celebs for daring to have a messy personal life, you know, like normal people). I also suspect that some commenters here are members of that cursed pro-Heard subreddit echo chamber lol. As far as these feminists are concerned, men can never be victims, sigh.
      Whatever, it’s time to hold women like Heard accountable, these t*oxic feminists just have to deal with it lmao

      • I was following it online. So riveting than many dramas on telly atm. I was glued to it when Kate Moss in 4 MINUTES totally destroyed Heard’s suggestion of the rumour that Moss was pushed down the stairs by Depp. I’m not even a fan of Depp btw and I don’t condone his drink and drugs. Reminds me of Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee saga with him going to jail for kicking her.

        As a female myself I was always give Heard benefit of the doubt. However after seeing her giving testimony I can’t but help feel her fakeness.

      • Depp has no evidence of hurting women and that’s why the UK court found those 12 out of 14 domestic violence claim related to him to be true right??

  3. I rewatched last night Top Gun , for the ost because when i was a teen i bought the Lp and for Tom Cruise . I was laughing by myself , because the movie is just about splendid males wearing uniforms , adrenaline, …Time is unfair as Tom Cruise stills handsome when Kelly McGillis aged badly due to health issues( same for Kathleen Turner) . Val Kilmer had to battle a cancer, Meg ryan crashed her carreer thanks to plastic surgery and because after 40 years it’s hard to get roles . Only a few actresses had the best roles of their life when they aged Simone Signoret, Romy Schneider (died at 42 years ) i highly recommend the movies of this incredible actress , she is just amazing .

  4. Kim Nam Gil’s performance was great . Even if i like Lee Jun Ki , his role is kind of “déjà vu” in kdramaland .

  5. Oh, I loved Top Gun when I was younger, I have the soundtrack. So tomorrow, I’m going to watch the second opus in theatre.

    Kim Nam-Gil performance was one of the best and surpassed LJK easily.

    • I’ll go to watch too , and i have one more reason : Miles Teller . I still have the records of Dirty dancing, Footlose, Working girl, Fame, Pretty Woman, Flashdance, Beverly Hills cop,The jewel of the Nile, Breakfast club, and my fav from Lethal weapon 2 ” Cheer down” Georges Harrison,…come to think about it , i spent a lot of money back then .

      • Wow, all the movies you mentioned are my favs. Not to mention Alien series, Terminator series, Back to the Future series, Ferris Buller, Stand By Me, Ghostbusters, Ghost, Indiana Jones, ET etc. Imo the soundtrack and OST are the best from the 80s.

      • @older timer, of course all the movies you mentioned are classics for me, all the John hughes’s movies with Molly Ringwald, Back to Future i watched it X times, i even bought back then the Lp of Death Poets Society ,Maurice jarre ‘s composition give me goosebumps, and the famous Starship’s song from Mannequin, or Joe Cocker and J Warnes “up where we belong” from An Officer and a gentleman, The Goonies, Queen for “Highlander” …the list is so long but “i have the best time of my life ” .

      • I have no idea how many times I watched some these old movies Fame, Pretty Woman, Flashdance, Dirty Dancing, Ghost, Back in the Future, Indiana Jones (The Last Crusade being my favourite)etc., their OST are really famous.

      • The last crusade is my Indiana’s favourite one too ! Connery/ Ford made a great “couple” and they were hilarious . For the others i used to like the 1st movie more because as for a book for me, the beginning is always the part that i like the best . But the Last Crusade was the Graal of the trilogy . I m a fan of Ghostbusters because the chemistry between them is just fantastic and Bill Murray’s lines are pure comedy gold . No need to mention the legendary Marty alias calvin Klein/ Clint Eastwood and Doc ! Nowadays we don’t have this kind of movies which can be seen by all the family . I remember that when i was a child we used to watch one night per week a VHS together . Now we are old and when we gather over a meal we still joking over some famous lines.

  6. From France , real time , SONG KANG HO won the prize of the best actor at CANNES . Bravo 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🎉🎉🎉

  7. SBS’s dramas for the second half of the year are: Today’s Webtoon (Kim Se-jung), Thousand-Won Lawyer (Namgoong Min), The Police Station Next to the Fire Station (Kim Rae-won, Son Ho-joon), and Taxi Driver 2 (Lee Je-hoon). Not a lot to choose from for awards season, but except for Webtoon, these are mostly led by solid male leads.

  8. If there is ever a k-movie/drama remake of Top Gun I love Junki playing Maverick. I would pick Seo In Guk to play Iceman coz he can be badass arrogant jerk. Plus he rocks aviator sunglasses and bomber jacket. Nam Goong Min as Goose coz he can be 100% namja yet goofy. I can see Honey Lee as a very sexy Charlotte.

      • Yes. I can just imagine her strutting in high heels & fishnet stockings. Speaking of iconic 80s songs, I melt into a puddle when a Cafe Minamdang fan vid started playing Play That Funky Music White Boy. Wish k-dramas are like j-ramas in terms of soundtracks. My fav j-drama Pride has lots of Queen songs.

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