Seo Ye Ji’s Comeback Drama Eve Gets Nearly Same 3.700% Ratings in Second Episode and Off to a Steady Ratings Run

So it’s off to the races for real with tvN Wed-Thurs Eve, starting with 3.644% ratings in the first episode and now the second episode has come out to 3.700%. That’s staying the same and may actually be a good thing because if the drama didn’t hook the viewers in the first episode to stick around for the second there would be a drop. I don’t think this drama has good ratings per se, that would require around 4%-5% premiere at least but it’s close enough to be okay good level. And compared to weekend Sat-Sun drama Shooting Star (Sh**ting Stars) which started at half that 1.632% and is down 1.163% as of the most recent episode so that’s a true disappointment. I’m not sure tvN has strong dramas in the pipeline for this year and in terms of potential ratings I would rank in this order: Adamas with Ji Sung, Alchemy of Souls with the Hong Sisters comeback, Little Women, Link: Eat Love Kill, Joseon Psychiatrist Yoo Se Poong, and Mental Coach Jegal Gil.


Seo Ye Ji’s Comeback Drama Eve Gets Nearly Same 3.700% Ratings in Second Episode and Off to a Steady Ratings Run — 14 Comments

  1. The rating battle will start next week with ‘Insider’ joining the race. Insider seems not to be receiving many buzz yet but Kang Ha neul is still beloved to Knetz, besides the plot seems like something will get good rating too.
    Eve on the other hand is a very messy revenge drama with everyone trying too hard to immerse into the role and plot, my guess 3-4% is not bad for them. Lee Sangyeob barely posting promos about this drama in his own ig, like how he usually do with his projects. Even his cameo in Sh**ting Stars got a special post. It’s quite interesting to see.

    • I agree with you about this being a messy revenge drama. It’s all over the place, the directing, acting, writing. The four leads are so one note, same expression all the time, it’s killing me. Haha. Lee sang Yeob’s role is the hero the audience would be rooting for, in hopes that he’ll bring SEJ out of the darkness. But he looks more like her younger brother than a dependable OLDER wiser friend she could lean on. SEJ’s face is flat out weird. Her expressions, smiles are so cringey. And the constipated guy, I laugh every time he’s onscreen. It’s like a plastic surgery job/ Botox filling gone wrong.

      • Lol. I only watched the first episode and cringed so hard over the bad acting all round. You mentioned constipated look of the ML which I pointed too in the previous post. I laughed so hard watching him pulling that expression all the time.

        And SYJ was over the top with that seductress vibe and gaze and movement. Come on, actual seductress is like Amber Heard who managed to wreak havoc to the life of a superstar (Thank god that Justice finally served. God bless JD) and dated the richest man on the planet.

      • God bless Johnny Depp?? Hahahaha I’m not an Amber Heard fan and I’m glad that freak circus (inside and outside the courtroom) of a trial is over but some of you really go to bat for the wrong ones that you really don’t know about. People never learn.

      • “…go to bat for the wrong ones you don’t really know about. People never learn.”

        So YOU know him then? Or her? Were you there in their marriage to know who is right or wrong? And if @Alexa wants to support whichever one of those two, what’s it to you? Is it taking anything out of your salary? Trying to shame someone and act like you don’t care about either of them when you clearly support one of them. The hypocrites on this site. Nonsense.

      • @Deb I agree. I mean the UK court ruled him guilty so yeah. Plus this was a defamation trial, and it was regarding the Op ed she wrote. Some of these comments are eering on the side of glee when its a serious case, aren’t helping either.

      • Well said @,Debb, Not an Amber fan either but Johnny himself is a very problematic man . Groomed Winona Ryder, defended roman polanski a child rapist,Harvey Weinstein too,man is racist, homophobic,assaulted a guard in the past ,now a crew member whose trials will happen in August and many more. Idk why these depp fangirls are dickriding so hard for a 60 year old man who clearly had more power and influence over his 20+ years younger ex wife. I really hope their husbands turn out to be just like Johnny

      • Being a Deppford Wife is disgraceful. Couldn’t be moi. I would rather signup to fangirl for Kim Sunho or Seo Yeji than Depp.

        @Alexa, @Egalitarian, and the emoji twit should do society a favor and take Depp and his buddy Marilyn Manson off the market. Heard they’re both single and looking.

    • @alexa I learn from PC (and in here too it’s seem) that kpop and kdrama fans kind like that (man haters? I don’t what it called) They will never budge on their own believe of woman can’t be wrong or if the victim of abuse is a man,the man must be bad too (as opposite of if woman is the victim, they will ask for man’s blood)
      As someone who watch the trial every days and every testimonies (yes, including all Amber and her witnesses) I will agree with you. God bless that Justice was served. Hope that man can get better life now that world finally see who is the real abuser in their relationship.

  2. I really can’t appreciate the male lead’s acting here… turns out I also watched him as a minor role in Kingdom S2, and even there he had a stone cold face.

  3. Those aren’t bad ratings for a tvN Wed-Thurs drama. It’s been a long time since they had a hit in that time slot. I wish Ji Sung’s Adamas was scheduled for Mon-Tues instead of Wed-Thurs. It’s kind of dumb to schedule two revenge dramas back to back.

    As for Eve, the story was typical revenge melo and the acting was pretty bad, especially from the ML. I’ve liked him in other roles, but he has one expression and it’s not attraction/lust.

    • EVE is not a hit drama. Wes-Thurs previous drama are Kill Heel and The Killer’s Shopping List, they also got 3-4 % rating.

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