Song Kang Delivers as Prada Spokesmodel in South Korea Continuing His Hot Star Streak

The announcement of the second and third seasons of horror thriller Sweet Home means Song Kang will continue his streak at Netflix‘s favorite South Korean son. It may seem inexplicable or anathema to the International viewers for why he’s so popular but so far he has many successes and even the less successful dramas the failure was not attributed to him. If he was a lottery ticket I would bet on him lol because he’s riding that wave of luck and hard work. He’s also been a spokesmodel for Italian couture brand Prada and I think it’s such a perfect match. Prada remains a top luxury brand but still affordable with the entry level options especially in fun nylon styles, and unlike Chanel and Louis Vuitton which is trying to catch up to Hermes I find Prada refreshing for sticking with its own playbook kinda like Song Kang being teflon to bad reviews for his acting but still just plowing ahead.


Song Kang Delivers as Prada Spokesmodel in South Korea Continuing His Hot Star Streak — 16 Comments

    • Netflix has damn good hyping machines. Look at swoon ig and yt. Various contents uploaded daily. Power of social media attracting new gen of i-fans.

    • MLN cast play play say hi swoonies a million view. Aouad 2nd season announcement 1.3 mil views. SOM teaser 1.8 mil. Views = interest/audience = $$$. Simple logic.

    • I know him from Love Alarm season 1. I started that drama out of boredom,but became so engrossed in his scenes & chemistry with Kim Soo Hyun that I ended up marathoning all episodes until morning. He was the second lead, but many people kept requesting for Netflix to make him end up with the girl.

      Well, attraction is subjective so what we like may not appeal the same way to others and vice versa.

      But despite his lacking in acting, i think he is charming and a good enough actor that I am always able to connect with his character. Of course, there are rooms for improvement.

      Part of his popularity i think is due to being Netflix’s favourite. Most of his dramas are on Netflix and are generally well-made with interesting stories. I dont know the reason behind his special connection with Netflix but he did not seem to take it for granted as he is versatile and seems hardworking in his work.

      If you know the dramas that he took since Love Alarm, you can see how versatile and unexpected he is in his choice of work.

      With his good look and popularity, he could take easy likable hot charming roles in mainstream rom com, but no, he followed up Love Alarm with a messy dude role in a horror drama, Sweet Home, and then a ballet guy role in Navillera. He practiced ballet for 6 months for Navillera. Not all actors will be willing to take a ballerino role like that and put that kind of effort just for one drama. Its not a common role, so he may no longer need the skills he learnt after that. He also did not mind acting an unlikable character such as in Love Alarm & Nevertheless.

      In addition, i think some actors like Song Kang who keeps getting jobs despite their lacking in acting must have their good quality & good attitude that make people like to work with them. The director of Love Alarm actually recommended him to the Sweet Home’s director.

  1. Song Kang is easily the biggest celebrity I’ve seen in recent years. His meteoric rise even outshines Lee Min Ho’s overnight came from Boys Over Flowers. Love Alarm was the best career move for him and following it up with a gritty drama like Sweet Home and heartfelt human drama like Navillera basically sealed his fame. Had he done Nevetheless after Love Alarm he might have been written off but his career progression was smartly thought out and brilliantly executed. Not to mention his top tier visuals. His hype might not be in proportion to his talents but people love a hard worker and he is exactly that and humble too. In 3 years he’s shown more diversity in his acting choices than most do their entire career.

    • I agree with a lot of what you said. He is one of the actors who have my respect because of that. I hope he continues picking good projects and improving his skills. I dont think I would be interested to watch dramas like Navillera if the leading actors are not those who attract me. Same goes to the actors taking the roles in Our Blues & My Liberation Notes. I dont think i would be interested to watch something that looks depressing if not because of the face of the actors representing the drama, who I normally like their works. These actors make people take notice of the project and started the first episode. By the end, I was glad to have watched them as there were things I could learn from the dramas.

      • Exactly but then again they’ve adopted Ahn Hyo Seop. Hes done solo promos for netflix after ABP ended and is anchoring their next romance drama. Looks like AHS will take over SK as Netflux’s new darling next. Being canadian, he doesn’t have mulitary to derail his progress also. Still not the best actor out there but since APB Ive grown a soft spot for him

      • My comment was a reply to @SIA. Not sure why it ended up in this space instead.

  2. From Netflix Son to Prada Boy. His career peak hasn’t even arrived yet. Wish my bias had his career streak. At least we know the 20s has a certified superstar finally.

  3. I don’t get the bad reviews for him. Any failures seem to be from the poor quality of some of the dramas he’s been in. I found him to be amazing in Navillera and he gave a very sexy and engaging performance in Nevertheless. I didn’t care for Love Alarm and I thought that his chemistry with the lead in Forecasting Love and Weather wasn’t there but I thought her acting was terrible and the whole drama was badly written. So I hope he gets some good roles in the future because I think he has great potential.

    • I love his acting in Nevertheless, one of the best portrayal sort of fboi role so far. However i cldnt digest his performance in FLaW with big eyes staring for almost whole run. How I wish i could erase that image from my mind. Finger cross for his Sweethome 2+3 coming up.

  4. I don’t understand the negative reviews everyone starts from somewhere. As people play roles they learn, improve and increase give people room to grow and learn how to encourage people.Its not good to knock down he probably feeling his way through what role is for him. To me he’s handsome,talented and a good actor. Everyone in life can improve in something. Lift your head up and live be confident and go forward.
    Don’t let/allow no one to take advantage of you in life if so go in another direction don’t change who you are for no one or for money.
    I’m fan be happy and bless.

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