Kim Nam Gil Receives From SBS on Behalf of Through the Darkness a Special First Half of 2022 Drama Award

I don’t know what this is since it’s brand spanking new and could be a precursor for what is already being deemed a complete shitshow that will be the year end 2022 SBS Drama Awards. There are FOUR top actor/actress that could get the Daesang and three have already aired dramas to rave reviews and ratings. There is Kim Nam Gil in Through the Darkness, then Lee Jun Ki in Again My Life, and now Seo Hyun Jin in Why Her. Then coming down the pipeline in the fall will be Namgoong Min in Thousand Won Lawyer. I mean, c’mon SBS, you really put yourself in this position. With that said, it may be already maneuvering to address it as this weekend Kim Nam Gil received from SBS a special First Half of 2022 Drama Award for Through the Darkness. That probably is the consolation prize for him and the drama and it also feels like bad timing that Through the Darkness aired at the very beginning of 2022 and is more easily forgotten by the time year end rolls around.


Kim Nam Gil Receives From SBS on Behalf of Through the Darkness a Special First Half of 2022 Drama Award — 10 Comments

  1. Excuse me, he also received it in 2019 for fiery Priest and he ended up with the Daesang from SBS. You really should do your homework, Koala.

    • Yeah. It’s embarrassing with this entry of hers.

      One can clearly see that there is heavy biasness in her writing and to make it worse, her writing clearly shows her lack of real information ^^;;;

  2. Nah, I think KNG is easily the front runner for Daesang for now. Both SHJ and LJK aren’t big enough names vs him, so unless SBS tries to get an actress to win this time, NGM is definitely his biggest competitor. It’ll be interesting!

    • Really? U have to disrespect LJK and SHJ to this level? SHJ is a Baeksang winner while KNG is not and LJK is a big name in his own right. He has the same amount of Baeksang nominations as KNG. You can elevate KNG while still remain respectful to these actors who are not mere rookies.

    • This is really low. They are all worthy of winning the award for SBS Year-End Award as these two practically carry the whole show on their shoulders, and they are not your idol/new actors. SHJ and LJK are literally award winners (even if they didn’t win any Baeksang prizes lately). I am speaking as a fan of KNG .

  3. I love SHJ in Why Her? but KNG’s role was way more interesting and the drama better. Sadly, HYI is not really good in this role and even SHJ can’t save their scenes together.

    For LJK, he didn’t do anything special for his last role, it was just the typical LJK for me.

    • LJK’s drama. It’s the first drama of his I’ve ever gotten through and not because of him. Again My Life is a notch higher in quality than his others, better script. I was glad to see that, but still the actor remains the same as always, not very interesting.

      • I dropped it. Time Between Dog And Wolf, Arang and the Magistrate, Two Weeks were better. His acting was different too.

    • Lee Joongi didn’t offer anything new in My Life Again and sorry I had to drop the drama. Time Between Dog & Wolf, Moon Lover & Flower of Evil were his best performances. But I didn’t mean he performed any lesser than Kim Namgil. Both are good actors but there’s nothing special in their performances in their respective dramas.

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