Dispatch Releases Interview with 18 Classmates and 2 Teachers of Nam Joo Hyuk Disputing Claims of Bullying and Describing Him as a Sunny Disposition Student

A week after news broke that first one accuser and days later a second accuser pointed fingers at K-actor Nam Joo Hyuk for bullying them during his school days, tabloid newspaper Dispatch has released an article that includes interviews with 18 classmates and 2 teachers that refute the bullying accusations. The interviews present the narrative that Nam Joo Hyuk did not bully classmates in high school and was in fact a sunshine boy personality. He was someone who tried to corral classmates to behave and the school had a strict code of conduct and if there was bullying the teachers would have known and reacted. Reportedly the police also cannot contact accuser A and accuser B anymore so that may end the investigation if the accusers are no longer available.


Dispatch Releases Interview with 18 Classmates and 2 Teachers of Nam Joo Hyuk Disputing Claims of Bullying and Describing Him as a Sunny Disposition Student — 51 Comments

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  2. I am on the fence on NJH scandal but why should i trust dispatch for his case, when ockolas did not trust other cases where dispatch not only have testimonials, black n white evidence as well. Because of ockoala, i choose not to believe in this dispatch report. Whether NJH is or is not a bully, i will not judge him but i judge ockoala for being bias.

      • Who are you to tell me not to read her blog. Non of youf business, it is my right.

    • Huh? She wasn’t even taking sides, literally reporting info she got from Korean sources. If she was taking sides, she’d be announcing her bias opinion but nothing in what she wrote describes she’s on anyone’s side. You hate what she writes and here you are commenting, makes total sense…easier to walk away.

      • LOL. @Seed is that same pathetic Kim Seon-Ho stan formerly known as @Ethics who’s still obviously mad that Koala saw through the bullsh!t whitewashing of her scoundrel oppa by Dispatch. Like the delulu fans of that other trash, they hate Koala but they still can’t stay away from her blog. What a bunch of aimless, jobless fools. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      • @Seed

        Your “cooments” make no sense. There’s quite literally no opinion posted by the blogger. It’s a literal what happened article 🤦🏻‍♀️

      • As a journalist, I appreciate you pointing out that the writer wasn’t taking sides, just reporting! When readers don’t agree with an article, they frequently accuse the writer of bias.

      • You guys don’t get it, OP is still bitter Koala didn’t do a post of Dispatch’s report on Kim Seon Ho.

      • @Seed…I’ll be the better person and walk away from people who are not logical here. LOL. Wow.

      • Omg hahaha! You can parrot as much as you want that your comment stands but it still makes no sense whatsoever. What a troll!

      • @visenten, my right to my opinion n i will say it again n non of your business. Even if dispatch is right about NJH case, i comment still maintain.

    • you kinda sound stupid for someone who accused ockoala of making you not believing in Dispatch.

      When someone asked you to stop reading her blog, you retaliated with the MYOB-esque statement

      • What you said applies to you. My right to read or not rewd is mine non of your business.

    • @seedis…Loud haha, wrong-not my oppa, jobless-are you sure, so rude to label people, learn some manners from your parents. Loud Loud Whitewash my foot, so many evidence other than dispatch tells the truth n logic. My comments then is logical n i will still stand by it, even if dispatch is correct for njh case. Will see, if njh will clear his name by court or not, as they already sue the media n 1st accuser.

  3. This is a matter that will be resolved by investigation and courts of justice. But in my opinion, I’m inclined to believe that he’s innocent. For what I have seen of him, he seems to be the introvert and shy type, I picture him more being a formal good boy than an bully in high school. He has this quiet and sweet aura that makes it difficult to imagine him being a bully.
    It is true that testimonies from classmates could be influenced. However, if the accusers are hiding and not willing to cooperate with the police, that suggests that the accusations could be false.

  4. I’m not saying NJH is guilty or innocent but I personally don’t think it means anything to have other classmates and 2 teachers speak on his behalf, regardless of whether he is innocent or guilty. No one really sees all sides to a person after all.

    • But 20 people coming forward do hold more weight compared to 2 anonymous posters who refused to talk with dispatch to give their side of the story…
      Especially since the teachers and some of the students volunteered to disclose their real names to the public. I don’t think any celeb has gotten this much support from their past friends before.
      This whole thing seems like a planned witch hunt against njh tbh. First the sudden bullying accusations years into his career, then spreading alleged “underage drinking” pictures of his to fan the flames. Someone’s out to get him. Hope him and his company are pursuing this through a proper police investigation behind the scenes.

      • You got a point…but NJH issue aside, some bullies can be good to many people but can be bad to few.

        I experienced it before, my classmate was a good student and been friendly to almost, but when we became seatmates…she always secretly hit me and whisper insults. I’m an introvert so I have no guts to complain and I felt that no one will believe me bc she always act good.

      • Bam
        I experienced same thing with a former classmate who bullied me. She was an angel to others and even in front of my mom. When I told my mom, she refused to believe me. Sometimes these bullies only pick on one person.

        I also experienced ex-friends who picked on me and spread false rumors about me. I don’t know why they do that but I think it’s largely due to jealousy. So I am particularly careful about who makes the allegations.

        In the case of Nam Joo Hyuk, the complainers need to speak up otherwise they could be just envious of him.

  5. Innocent or guilty ? Maybe we’ll never know as Dispatch isn’t the New York Times ! And the police aren’t able to contact the accusers because she has a lot in the plate already .

      • Just pointing that Dispatch is not a “serious” media . I would have said Le Monde, El pais, … Newspaper aren’t anymore what they used to be . great part of them are in the hands of big fortunes .

  6. I mean, it could totally be that NJH’s agency paid off the accuser. Or… that they blatantly lied and realized they can’t really get away with it. I’m inclined to believe the latter but we’ll never know for sure. Tho compared to other bullying cases, this seems to not have any steam and hardly anyone backing up the claims. I’ll stick with NJH being framed theory until the next “evidence” pops up.

    • Female accuser came out yesterday. Sexual harassment. Text messages confirmed real by Soop. They’re not suing her.

  7. “the teachers would have known” Yeah, that’s a bunch of bull but while I totally get that bullying in Korea is at a whole other level, the reality is no one is ever gonna know and I don’t personally care. I don’t buy into celebrities being some moral upstanding group of people in the first place. There seems to be much more of a buy in on personal character of celebrities in Korea that I just don’t get. This dude could just have jealous people coming for him or the company is paying people off in the background. Using media play in Dispatch is just way to lay the game.

  8. You don’t really know how one person can be two faced. Maybe he was a disciplined student to teachers and was a bully to others. I have heard that bullying cam be pretty crucial in S. Korea. So, if the accusers are indeed saying truth I do hope he get the consequences. Most of the time it is east to say to forgive the bully but only a bullied person can really decide that. Also, bullying can really affect you for a long time if it was indeed crucial. People commit suicide due to bullying.

  9. It is 2 anonymous accusers who have since disappeared vs 18 people? I know who you believe, I believe in facts and the accuser must prove his case failing which there’s no case. NAM shouldn’t fret about such baseless accusations.

  10. When we were 11 years old, my friend once made a classmate cry because she pointed out during lunchbreak that his clay project was store-bought. It was the truth, a lot of us saw that thing in the store. We were supposed to use our own hands for that clay project and most of us submitted ugly creations. I didn’t think she bullied him, she told the truth out of a sense of fairness and not malice. Now I wonder, if we lived in Korea and my friend somehow became a star, would that boy say that that one incident made my friend a bully because she made him cry….

  11. When you’re bullied, go and report to authorities right away. Don’t wait till the bully gets famous and plot to ruin his/her career. There’s always a chance the bully may not get famous at all. But jokes aside, I would encourage everyone to never accept ill-treatment from anyone, because whoever your are, whatever you are, you deserved to be loved, by others and especially by your own self.

    • Easier said than done tbh. South Korea is quite popular for the bullying cases. I have read news of a 15yr old committing suicide due to bullying. Even teachers knew about that but they did not take it seriously. So, it is not like saying it about it to the authorities can actually help the victim. Even if they said anything to their parents or teacher, I am sure those bully will bully them even more. So, instead of saying anything mindlessly just for the sake of saying please go and see the real world.

      • Then those parents should take a good look at themselves cause I can’t imagine my kid telling me about being bullied and I don’t take action. Even if the bullying continues, keep telling me and watch me take action.

  12. NJH has been famous for years already, so why now? Maybe the accusers are KSH’s fans lol. Those people who were crazy about him while crticizing NJH during Start Up. They might be so upset with what happened to their fav in contrast to NJH, so they wanted to bring him down as well. Just thinking..

    • Dunno about the og accusers, but a lot of the clowns hoping the accusations turn out to be true and spreading bs here and on twt are definitely that weirdos fans I never cared about that guy before and I don’t even like njh that much and never watched anything of his before 2521 but this whole thing definitely has made me dislike their ksh “”oppar””. Next time that guy has any scandal I’m gonna be in the front row with my popcorn ready lmao

    • Lol I don’t think there are NJH vs KSH fanwars that are going on in korea though. It’s literally just international fans fighting like crazy lol
      I don’t think most koreans even care about start up enough to really incite intense shipping wars lol

    • Yeah everything is KSH and his fans’ fault right? Even cases like this which has nothing to do whatsoever with him 🙃
      Lmao I can’t with the lack of braincells of NJH fans 😂
      And now a female accuser has come forward, and Soop isn’t denying anything. Seems like your oppar is shady and sus AF too, huh?
      Not that I’ll celebrate his possible downfall, I’m not going to stoop to y’all levels, lol y’all probably had parties and sh*t when KSH got cancelled because you all hate him like he killed your puppy or something.
      Touch some grass and stop dragging him to articles that has nothing to do with him. And accept the fact that your oppar is no saint and has probably committed sexual harassment. Stop deluding yourselves that KSH fans had anything to do with this. The accusers are koreans, they don’t give a sh*t about dosan vs jipyeong stupid shipping wars lmao
      Also, your oppar is best friends with Jisoo. He’s definitely side-eye worthy lmao

  13. idk if he bullied people in school, but i don’t think i buy him as a quiet, introverted, pure and serious dude his dramas and such seem to convey. Or at least I feel it’s only a sliver of what he is, or spends any time being. People are a lot of different things and while I don’t think he’s worse than a lot of people, just based on what he’s shown of himself, he doesn’t seem particularly smart, or good, or brave, or interesting to me.

    I think I’d like to see him in roles with characters that are truly flawed – just as people irl are – petty, immature, self-centered, and thoughtless. Not “villains”.

    btw this can apply to almost any celeb.

  14. A third accuser who is a female has come forward now. She provided KakaoTalk text messages which Soop admitted were true but only a fragment in a larger context scenario. Agency declined to reveal whole story at this point as it was intensely personal to people involved in the chat group saga. The messages were sexual harassment in nature towards the female. This is a whole new level of accusations.

  15. This is getting more SUS by the day. The Dispatch story now looks like a paid job to repair his damaged image. Sexual harassment is NO JOKE. I don’t condone it at all especially in a group bullying context. Soop didn’t deny messages were fake. NJH IS DONE.

  16. What got my attention is SOOP not suing the 3rd accuser. Big question mark. Train wreck drama of 2022.

  17. LMAO at the clowns above reducing this very serious thing to a mere ksh vs njh fanwar 🤡🤡🤡 (@wanne and @mery)
    Accept the fact that your oppa is not a saint, none of these “oppa” is, not KSH, not NJH, not anyone 😂
    Funny thing is that you’re doing exactly the same thing you claim to hate about KSH fans, you’re denying a serious allegation and reducing it to something KSH fans supposedly made up. You all are the same oppalogists, just to a different male actor lmao you all are no better than KSH fans’ “oppar” behavior you all claim to hate 🤡

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