Song Hye Kyo Lets Her Radiant Beauty and Exquisite Chaumet Jewelry Speak for Itself Attending July 2022 Fashion Show in Paris

The Paris fashion shows are back this year in full force rather than the reduced events of the past two years during the height of the Pandemic era, and with it I feel like even more stars are in attendance to make up for the lost years. Song Hye Kyo has been the face of Chaumet jewelry for many years and this summer she was in France for the brand’s fashion show and soiree. She donned an elegant and purposely simple black dress ensemble that was actually two pieces, a thin strap top cropped right at the waist followed below by a full black skirt. I know she’s a natural fit with haute couture and it’s a shame her last drama Now, We are Breaking Up did nothing more than gloss the surface of the industry in a superficial way whereas here she looks a much better fit.


Song Hye Kyo Lets Her Radiant Beauty and Exquisite Chaumet Jewelry Speak for Itself Attending July 2022 Fashion Show in Paris — 29 Comments

  1. That simple but elegant black dress highlights her beauty and jewelries. Those necklace and earrings are beyond gorgeous. The craftsmanship is incredible especially with a blend of colors. I bet those gems cost a fortune.

    As for Kyo, aside from beauty, she really has this classy, delicate and graceful aura which makes her a perfect fit for luxury brands. I’m glad she is aging gracefully but girl needs to put some weight.

    • Ehh.. Unpopular opinion maybe because everyone is too woke to admit it, but she doesn’t need to gain weight at all. If anything, it’s her slimness that makes her age well and maintain her youthful looks instead of looking matronly like every other 30+ and 40+ women. Literally look at all the before and after weight loss success stories, they all look like they’re 10 years younger in the after photo lol. Plus she doesn’t even look boney-skinny, just healthy slim, so I don’t see the need to gain weight at all lol
      Let’s be honest here, we associate thinness with 20-somethings and weight gain and looking matronly with older women, so gaining weight will definitely make her look older.
      Just my honest opinion, don’t really care if some woke HAES type of person come at me 🤷

  2. I don’t know if she attended Dior’s Haute Couture fashion show, because the collection has some dresses that are totally made for the ones who like simplicity . I can portray korean actresses wearing them at awards events . At Chanel’s show, Keira Knightley was just sublime . SHK is elegant as always but her stare seems so sad and the heavy make up doesn’t help .

  3. These photos are so heavily edited. The difference between these and the unedited Gettyimages photos are shocking. They were posted all over Xiaohongshu with a lot of netizen commentary.

    When it comes to Asian celebs I never trust their social media photos approved for release. They like to use filters to the level of a Kardashian facetune. People are better off paying money for a good photo app than skincare and makeup.

    • I saw a picture of her showing teeth smiling picture at same event. Her smile looks very weird, looks like she got a lot of Botox on her face.

    • If only we can share picture here. Her agency deleted the non edited picture that got release and it was shocking. Totally different from these heavily edited pictures

  4. Ok I thought y’all was exaggerating about the unedited photos cuz ppl like to rag on this chick so I went to look at Getty and uh…WOW. Y’all were not exaggerating about the difference. Kardashians who?

    Sis needs to drop the name of whatever photo app she’s using cuz it’s miles better than Facetune and I wanna use it. I’m properly shook.

  5. OMG Song Hye Kyo is drop dead gorgeous! No matter what outfit and makeup she has on, she’ll forever be elegant and beautiful.

  6. she lost a lot of weight makes her face look gaunt, i doubt if she has some botox because of the visible wrinkles around her eyes and mouth. the emerald jewelry looks great.

  7. Very model like. I mean look at those arms!!! It’s like half of her arms when she was in Autumn in my Heart. She is very stylish nowadays but I liked her simple but still goddess like vibes from way back when. I mean she’s got that WOW factor even if she’s just wearing blazers and long checkered skirts holding an umbrella.

  8. Too much filter, too heavy makeup, her hair is a mess it’s only covering her face for no reason, and who the hell put that “dress” on her with that beautiful collection it does not match at all that’s a dress for traveling around not for an event like this.

    She does not look sad, she looks bored.

  9. I saw the unedited ones. They were posted on social media, but her PR team had them taken down because they were going to post the “official” ones. And by official, yup, they were heavily edited. Took out all her wrinkles and flaws. It’s like they want to force her to look forever young.

      • I won’t be surprised if the press conference for her next drama will again be held weeks in advance and behind closed doors with only official photos released to media by her agency. Kind of sus that she’s been Chaumet ambassador for so long and now all her photos at their exclusive annual Paris event have been scrubbed off Getty Images.

      • If you read my comment, it was about her pictures at the Chaumet event suddenly erased from Getty Images and nothing to do with her impact on brand sales as the brand’s ambassador.

  10. SHK is so beautiful in this event, though she lost so much wait. I’m waiting to see her next drama and was hoping she’ll get to collaborate with So Ji Sub someday.

  11. Song Hye Kyo is beautiful with or without the heavy photo editing. It’s not only her that has tones of touch-up done in every photo shoot. Every celebrity has heavy and loads of touch-up done to their photos and people turned a blind eyes on them. If it’s SHK, people be acting like it’s a crime. SHK is stunning no matter how much people try to bring her down.

  12. SHK in her (unedited) photos looked tired, haggard, sad and remote. All the wrinkles were on display. Her skincare routine apparently doesn’t work. She looks the oldest among all of her contemporaries.

  13. SHY is and will be always beautiful. In these photos and some videos, I just don’t like her heavy make up. Wrinkles ? It’s normal, she is in her forties, everyone at this age has wrinkles LOL. I agree she looked tired and too skinny. And when you are too skinny, you look older.
    I saw her photos without makeup, she is beautiful and looks younger than 40 so what’s else ?

    • That’s why her management should realize that there is nothing wrong with looking her age. She is 40 and gorgeous. There is no need to smooth out the wrinkles and eyebags. Her management should take a page out of Kim Tae Hee who has no problem posting unedited (or at least minimally edited) pics or bts stills from her CFs in her IG.

    • How about instead of preaching to us about how ‘normal’ she looks for her age on those unedited pictures.. why don’t you go to suggest to her PR team the same thing that it is totally NORMAL for them to show her normal pictures without heavily edited them all the time. Since.. it’s normal, no? Just like what you wrote above 🙂

  14. She’s soooo beautiful….most beautiful of the korean actresses I know.. shines above those she was pictured with… a friend of mine saw her in person and said she’s more beautiful than the pictures… a true icon of beauty,,,, asia’s pride

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