Alchemy of Souls Part 1 Consists of 20 Episodes with Jung So Min’s Story as the Center, Part 2 with 10 Episodes Changes to Go Yoon Jung as Female Lead

Omo, come again? Like, way to harsh my buzz Hong Sisters! News broke today about the structure of Alchemy of Souls, which announced prior to airing that it would consist of Part 1 and Part 2. Part 1 is scheduled for 20-episodes and the subsequent Part 2 would have 10-episodes. Now the production is explaining that Jung So Min will not be returning for Part 2 as her character’s story is central to Part 1 and Part 2 will have Go Yoon Jung, who played OG Naksu, as the female lead. The filming has been done for Part 1 before it aired and now filming is about to start for Part 2 with all the rest of the cast from Lee Jae Wook, Minhyun, Yoo Joon Sang, et. al. returning for Part 2.

The production claims that Jung So Min was only ever signed on for Part 1 and this change in female leads was planned and center to the story being told. It has refused to explain why she was signed on for Part 1 only saying to explain that would spoil the drama story line. Man, it’s going to suck if Jung So Min generates all that chemistry with all three male leads only have a different actress continue the story after. I guess all I can do is hope the Hong Sisters know what they are doing, otherwise this is a Big in the making. My vote is to have the two girls swap souls permanently so Go Yoon Jung is playing Naksu’s body with OG Mu Duk’s soul, or worse case a prequel. Cuz my OTP better have a happy ending I CAN SEE ONSCREEN HONG SISTERS!


Alchemy of Souls Part 1 Consists of 20 Episodes with Jung So Min’s Story as the Center, Part 2 with 10 Episodes Changes to Go Yoon Jung as Female Lead — 71 Comments

  1. OMG. I can’t wrap my head around this! Why treat Somin like this. GOSH. Talk about murdering your own drama Hong sisters! Why drop this news on us now? I feel soooo angry and cheated. It’s like AC all over again. Man this sooo sheeety.

    • I this i should stop watching this show. I’m so attached to So min that if you going to kill her at the end then what the use of watching it. It only add miserability. Thanks for the show so far. I’ll going to discontinue this show. Hope writer’s next series has good sensibility. Bye bye alchemy of souls. Finally 1 show down from my watchlist.

    • Wow this is a Twist I never expected! But it’s quite interesting and different, so I’m looking forward to the outcome of it all! All in all, Alchemy of souls is a great kdrama series and I’m enjoying every moment of it! 👍🏻🤗💜

  2. I actually like Go Yoon Jung in first few episodes…..I rather they don’t listen to noise and focus on story telling.

    • I am ok if Mu Deok ends up happily with Jang Uk …
      and Naksu patches things up with Seo Yul…
      As for Crown Prince…hmmm anyone really deserving of him but not Cho Yeon coz Dang Gu loves her…

  3. The only way Mu Deok who is Naksu can happy ending is that she stays Naksu in MD’s body.

    What does Naksu in Naksu’s body in part 2 do? Since the body is gone. Burnt.

    • is she some kind of ummm phoenix?
      if part 2 is not a prequel i refuse to watch it
      because i really really love jaewook and somin chemistry
      idk anymore

  4. WHAAAAAAAAATTT!?!??!?!?!! OMGAH!!! Man, it’s been too long since I’ve been impressed with the Hong Sisters, my absolute fave writing duo! I could tell early on that they changed up their style and formula with this one, so though I *am* shocked, I’m also excited. Weirdly enough, I think the two leading ladies were casted perfectly. They are of similar caliber. I actually think Jung So-min has been strangely mediocre. I haven’t been the hugest fan of her line delivery. I haven’t seen much of Go Yoon-Jung’s work, since she’s newer on the scene, but can’t say I don’t like what I’ve seen. She’s good. Like Jung So-min. I like that they have similar voice timbre too. Lol. I feel like the two ladies have channeled each other well, and often get the sense that original Naksu has been in Mu-deok this entire time, so 🤷‍♂️. I guess we’ll see!

  5. I think people forgot the current soul in Mudeok (Jung So Min) body is Naksu. The person Jang Uk is in love with is also Naksu. Naksu is falling for Uk too.
    So why should Uk end up with Mudeok who is he barely knows.
    Uk + Naksu is my OTP. I’m okay with the original actress too.
    Don’t worry Lee Jae Wook is an ace when acting with female actresses who are older than him, he naturally come out great chemistry. He will do a good job with Go Yoon Jung too.

  6. I actually liked the original actress who played Noksu during her fight with in the first episode that I was sad they burned her body.
    I found it suspicious that they didn’t let us actually see the body burn because that would have been such an emotional moment for her to see. Instead they had the two leads leave the scene without watching the whole thing. So I am guessing her body was removed at the last minutes.

    I am too attached to Mudeokah now so I hope Noksu’s body now has the other soul and that’s the story they will tell.

    • I can accept naksu back in the season 2 coz she was pretty good in the first episode. As long as they make our two boys happy ok … seo yul (MinHyun) and jang Uk (lee Jae Wook)
      Both Mu Deok and Naksu must be back to make that happen…
      Maybe the ice stone will be able to reverse time or resurrect dead bodies. Afterall hunan body was created from dust… so nothing is absolutely gone for good 👍 🙏

    • I watch this cause of jung so min. Lee jae wook and Somin chemistry was so good. Why spoiler this while during this drama aired. Just let jung so min until the end. This is somin time. I will not watch part 2.

  7. the girl who play as Naksu is awsome though. really surprise about her ability as an acctress. I haven’t watched her in anything before. Really don’t mind the female lead change in the 2nd part. Then again, I’ve never invest for 0tp in the first place.

  8. NOOOO!!!! Team Jung So Min till the end! Why are they always changing their lead actress? Argggh!?!
    My guess is it’ll be a time travel drama ala Rooftop Prince(also a Hong Sisters drama) where the leads will be reincarnated into modern times.
    If Jung So Min won’t be on season 2 I won’t be tuning in. 😡😠

  9. The only way for me to accept and love the FL switch is if they can give Mu Duk (Jung So min) a happy ending with one of the ML (Jang Wook or the crown prince) in Part 1, and they have Naksu go back to her own body at the end of Part 1 and continue on to Part 2 where she deals with her problem and possibly get her happy ending with Seo Yul.

    But for this to work, they have to establish the fact that Mu Duk’s soul still exist inside her, similar to The Eternal Love with Tan’Er and XiaoTan. I think this might be what they are hinting when they show clips of Naksu/Mu Duk seeing her original blind self in her dreams/consciousness. But I hope they show more of Mu Duk’s character. Otherwise, all the guts and quirky personality is only c/o Naksu. Please don’t give us another Mr. Queen where we are left questioning if the original Queen’s character mixed with Bong Hwan.

    • I also had a nagging feeling that Mu Duk is the lost eldest daughter of the Jin family and probably the human form or vessel of the ice crystal. The relics gave the hint. Please Hong Sister don’t let Mu Duk sacrifice herself to give Jang Wook the power to vanquish the big boss or maybe sacrifice herself to seal off the ultimate power in Daeho.

  10. I actually really liked the original Naksu. It took a few episodes for Mu Deok to finally grow on me. And now whaaaat?!!

  11. Jung So Min has done a fantastic job here and I’ll be sad to see her go. Can’t they keep her appearing in season 2 as the real Mu Deok, even for a few scenes?
    But the original Naksu was also very charismatic and badass, she caught my eye with only a few scenes in episode 1, and I don’t mind if they swap bodies again. This way, there is no conflict in thinking whether Uk fell for Naksu’s soul or physical appearance. It’d be nice if he helps her to get her body back, and if they are going to kiss, I prefer they wait until Naksu is in her body again. I think it’ll be far more romantic.

    So, yeah, I love JSM but also waiting for GYJ with expectation. The most important thing is that the story is consistent and keeps delivering the thrill and the romance.
    On a side note, these things should not be revealed this way. I’d prefer to learn what happens while watching the show…

  12. The actress change is not the worst if you think because story wise, the main character is still ‘Naksu’ ,not ‘Mudeok’.

    But it will only be acceptable if ‘Go Yoon Jung’ can channel the expression of mannerism of ‘Jung Somin’ in Mudeok body and the plot makes sense for the shift.

  13. Not watching part 2 if there is no Somin, my loyalty towards my girl 1st, then to drama. It wouldn’t have bothered me if she was not there since beginning and I would have followed till the end but now can’t imagine AOS without her, best wishes to the drama and team but will sneak out with my girl.

  14. Illogical but selfishly we want NS to be in MD body forever so JSM continue to be w/ leading man but that just not fair or a good ending. It is purely selfish to think that MD don’t have a voice at all. Plus, NS is fighting hard to break free & banking on UK to help her.

    Fans of JSM are hitting it hard online but I hope the producers don’t neglect their original intent only to Tailor to fans demand. GYJ is NS & her journey would only be fulfilled if she can break free and finally live a life where she was meant to happily w/out the mindset of being control by others.

    • THIS. Logically, it’s been NS all along standing by JW, and if we, the audience cannot separate that, we’re the ones who fail the story. And also, empathetically, we should want NS and MD to be in their original bodies, moving towards their original destinies, whatever they may be. MD is (obviously) the Jin sister, right? I’m going to hope that the Hong sisters do right by MD because, since day one, I’ve always felt for the young blind girl being sold off and unable to live for herself.

    • Yes…I really2 like JSM. She’s the only one korean actress that I care about. But along when watching AoS, I have that feeling, because that’s Naksu who they love. Usually, mainly, people fell in love with the soul, with the character, not the body. Jang Wook loves Naksu, and knows nothing about original Mudeok. And so I dreaded the ending. I want Wook happy ending with Naksu, whether she in Mudeok body or her own body. I have a slight hope though maybe Mudeok can end up with Crown Prince, altough that seems hard to happen.
      All in all, altough I am JSM’s fan, but thinking logically it’s just alright if Naksu end up with her original body and happy ending with Wook, or continuing to S2. I just hope they give a complete satisfying ending for Mudeok (JSM).

  15. Personally, I find Jung So min so bland. Idk why but her roles are the same always except this one. In this drama she is doing great job but in the very first episode, for me, Go yun jung àlready overshadowed her. I fell in love with this actress in the actress. For me, she suits the best to be Naksu

  16. For a last minute replacement, she did her job- she gave them added viewership and she had chemistry with the leads.
    Say what you want but she still had that solid international fanbase around her, the fact that people are upset shows that.
    If I were them, I would just have her be in special appearance rather than not appearing at all.

  17. Here’s what the first episodes have been telling the viewers so far…that Naksu in Mudeok’s body is slowly falling for Jang Uk…but the other’s are right in saying that it’s not clear whether Uk is falling for Naksu’s personality which is dominating the body of Mudeok or to the visuals of Mudeok…part two should be able to show the clear development on this and not to confuse the viewers…both ladies are impressive though.

  18. Interesting, I wonder if this is part of the reason why a rookie actress was initially hired for the main role (then later got fired and replaced with Jung So Min).

    I just started it and think it’s pretty good so far but I will put it on hold for now. Firstly, I just don’t trust the writing to stay interesting for 30 episodes and this weird change in lead actresses and all the drama there seems to be behind it (hopefully just due to preventing spoilers but it doesn’t sound like it) are red flags to me. I’d rather just wait till it ends and see if it’s worth picking up.

    • OMG. I didn’t know that this was THAT show where Park Hye-eun was suppose to be the lead. Dang! Now it leaves a more bitter taste making it seem like they just used Jung So-min’s name to even out the new young cast. I wouldn’t have watched this if it wasn’t Jung So Min even if it was a Hong sister drama. I only watched Hotel de Luna for IU. I’m actually just tolerating waiting for each episode to drop just because I like the chemistry of JSM and the other leads. So I don’t know if GYJ will have the same chemistry.

      Also I find JSM Naksu to be a perfect mix of serious, loyal, but innately a softy and goofy to be the hook for all the MLs. GYJ Naksu was more on the serious, badass, and mopey type but I don’t see her being goofy and self depreciating like what JSM does in front of the crown prince. I’m hoping that goofy and softy side is actually the real MuDuk. So the Jangwok and the Crown prince are falling for the real MuDuk with a dash of Naksu instead of the other way around.

  19. tvN, JSM, & GYJ’s agencies denied these rumors. They are not making further comments because it would spoil Part 1.

    If true however, it’s either a prequel or Nakdu gets a new body with the same face. I don’t trust the rumors though. Let’s not jump into conclusions.

  20. Like what?? Wait?? How can they do this?? I’m soo obsessed with JSM and jang Uk chemistry, why are they ruining the darma, if there is no jsm so I’m done with this drama…. It’s so disappointing (ᗒᗩᗕ)

  21. Like what?? Wait?? How can they do this?? I’m soo obsessed with JSM and jang Uk chemistry, why are they ruining the darma, if there is no jsm so I’m done with this drama…. It’s so disappointing (ᗒᗩᗕ)

  22. What the hell..this is unfair for the viewers who watches every episodes and liking all the characters specially the chemistry mudeuk and uk. Please don’t take out JSM your rating is going up don’t get it wasted
    AT THE END BY TAKING OUT JSM in the story.

  23. Story-wise, it makes a lot of sense since it’s actually Naksu all along. The backlash from some viewers is merely due to the waste of chemistry between LJW and JSM and JSM with all other characters that have been built up since the beginning. It’s a sudden news so people have a hard time adjusting to see how the original Naksu actress might take up. She will have lots of pressure now since people are already used to JSM’s and her mannerisms/chemistry with others.

    This seems to be the problem with all dramas where souls are switched. People complain when it’s a different body/soul thing, but now when body/soul might be identical, they’re reluctant to the new changes to the appearance. Now this is not actually building more excitement for how part 1 concludes and part 2 begins, since this is a big spoiler already.

    • That’s good to hear that you give the original naksu a chance to lead the entire episode of part 2. That’s exciting.

  24. That’s good to hear that you give the original naksu a chance to lead the entire episode of part 2. That’s exciting.

  25. The original Korean article states clearly that Jung So Min’s agency will not confirm or deny whether she will appear in Season 2.

    Mistranslation by Koala? Or just flat-out lying?

  26. I think this is a matter of timing. We are just getting into the characters and story, so releasing that there will be a Season 2 with the current female lead not appearing, is a bit premature. The audience has over 10 episodes of the first season left and viewers are beginning to get invested in the current season so it does make you think why get invested in it when it will most likely go to help in a handbasket like most dramas over 16 episodes

  27. They want to spoil this nice movie now. I agree that the original naksu was good in the first episode, but is she going to have a nice chemistry with the other casts. Her story ended when her body got burnt, I don’t know what kind of magic the writer’s want to do,Unless they want to tell her story up before she swapped souls with so min.If they really like her so much write her a different story

  28. I actually think this could work and is actually a pretty brave thing for the Hong Sisters to do. Usually these body switching things end up being pretty weird so this makes a certain sense.

  29. Yikes, I’m hooked on this drama, but now I’m preparing to be either pleasantly surprised, or utterly disappointed. Why do they have to make things complicated? lol

  30. It’s totally unfair for the actress So Min she have done lots of effort to give justice to her role Mudeok. This will not be as good without So Min. I hope they let her be part of the season 2 together with Naksu. I hope the writer will include Mudeok for her character was well played by So Min.

  31. Please do not take Jung So Min away. Since she is the ice stone herself, you can create another good plot out of this. If you wish to revive Naksu, i think it is not right to eliminate the person of ice stone which is most powerful object of your story. Truthfully, i did watch Alchemy of Soul because of Jung So Min. Please do not take her away. Make her sign another contract for part 2 if that is the reason for obliterating her character. This is my first time writing a comment and i did so to express my thoughts. Please reconsider. Thank you.

    • I think it not gonna make sense if the main actress is swap, cos av already got attached to jung so min as the female main role

      Honestly, u won’t watch the movie if they change the female main role

      We would really appreciate if jung so min can appear as the female main role in the Alchemy of soul season 2

  32. I think it not gonna make sense if the main actress is swap, cos av already got attached to jung so min as the female main role

    Honestly, u won’t watch the movie if they change the female main role

    We would really appreciate if jung so min can appear as the female main role in the Alchemy of soul season 2

  33. I mean it doesn’t surprise me one bit, it’s the Hong sisters. I expected a weird twist… now I’m sad, I’ll wait till season 1 is finished and skip through the last episode to see what happens to Mu deok.
    One the flip side, the same thing is happening to Arthdal Chronicles season 2, bit I’ve read that they’re changing both of the main leads. Sigh.

  34. why did u do this to one of a viewers of this drama I am very upset and disappointed.please don’t do this and let Jung So-min still on part two..She is the who stole my heart to watch this Alchemy of Soul..
    You are very {CRUEL} You disappoint alot of viewers if Jung So-min not on the part two..

  35. I watched this drama just because I like Jung Min So. I like all the dramas that she acted in. I will discontinue to watch If Part 2, change for lead actress which I don’t know her at all.

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