ENA Drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo Tops Good Data Buzz Rankings in Second Week of Airing at 53.86% Domination

It’s only aired two weeks and four episodes but now I’m way curious to see how high this little drama that could will go. ENA drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo (Weird Lawyer Woo Young Woo) has already broken 5% ratings for a relatively unknown and little promoted drama on a tiny cable network by episode 4. Now it’s out that the drama also tops last week’s Good Data online buzz tracker rankings, and not just #1 most discussed by #1 at an astonishing percentage and dwarfing #2 which is tvN drama Alchemy of Souls. Extraordinary Attorney Woo got 53.86% of the chatter which is higher than the highest tracking drama buzz in the last two years which was Penthouse in its fifth week of airing in December 2020 which got 50.46%. Congrats also to Park Eun Bin who is really getting so much praise and centering this drama along with a great supporting cast and good story lines.


ENA Drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo Tops Good Data Buzz Rankings in Second Week of Airing at 53.86% Domination — 16 Comments

  1. looking at the achievements so far, she is the best contender to bag best actress in BAA. even kang tae oh also top the buzz just second to her. i went to read her naver articles yesterday, one of her articles even gained 1 thousands of likes, showing how successful this drama is. I’m not her fan, but I’m amazed with her performance. and i know she didn’t do media play to uplift her status which makes me respects her more. coz you will know if the agency media play their actresses, they will release dozens of articles abt her, for example, abt her title being goddes of this and that like what I’ve seen from another former child actress. no hate but it is cringed to be honest if the agency did this. but in her case, her agency didn’t media play her. hope her popularity will remain higher coz i don’t want to see another MGY.

    • You all just can’t praise an actress without shading another, huh? What’s with the commenters here? Lol you all just can’t resist doing that sh*t huh

    • And no, I’m not a stan of any popular former child actress, if you’re going to make a lame comeback about your comment “hitting a nerve” or whatever. It’s just sad seeing women bring down another woman just to uplift another. Like, literally where do you all get that weird urge to always do that? Just praise PEB and be done with it 🙄

      • oh.. thank you for giving me a suggestion on how to reply. i hit ur nerve right? well, I’m not playing a saint people like u here. i can’t resist myself to talk abt media play did by some people. and I’m amazed peb didn’t do media play but still do well so i can’t help to compare her with some actresses. so what? it’s ur problems if u can’t take negative opinion. perhaps, i shouldn’t be too specific to mention ‘former child actress’ coz it hit ur nerves. well, i can’t help to say it coz peb belong to the same category.

    • Media play is common in the industry, not just for actresses, not even just for former child actresses. Actors use media play too. Same like idols. That’s just how entertainment business works. We might find it cringeworthy, but that’s also how the agencies want to promote their artists.

      • I do understand how business entertainment works. many celebrities used media play to uplift their status and popularity. well, I’ve only followed actesses (many of them) in naver. it’s just that i noticed this certain actress’s agency always did media play excessively. i didn’t blame the actress but the agency. for me it’s cringed if the agency released too many news article (for instance: more than 20 articles) abt only 1 thing at a time. I’ll also cringe if it’s happened to my favourite actress.

  2. This is my drama crack at the moment, I love everything about it and am glad others are feeling the same way. I was never a die hard fan of PEB, I like her but she’s not someone I follow but I have to say she’s super talented and if this drama continues like this, then she’s heading to the top… wow, just wow.

    • Same sentiments! Really enjoying this drama. Checked it out because of the buzz but it’s well deserved. I binged watched all 4 eps. Can’t wait for episode 5 to come out tomorrow.

  3. I second The comment above. I have seen PEB’s work but I instantly fell in love with her character just like that. It shows that PEB has fully immersed into her Young Woo.

    I can’t remember when the last time my whole week of k-drama viewing hit the ultimate super duper golden jackpot filled with soooo much fun, joy, laughter, warmth, action, mystery, romance with the trio of CM, EAW and AOS.

    Thank you ENA for coming up with this little diamond. I cried when I saw Jun Ho put up that gigantic poster in the conference room.

    • PEB graduated from Sogang University with a degree in Psychology and Media Comm. One of my fav actresses Nam Ji Hyun who also graduated with a Psychology degree from Sogang. They gave me the same vibes when it comes to their acting. Both are former child actresses who are low-key, scandal free and prefer quiet private life. They were in Queen Seondeok playing Princess Deokman and Princess Boryang respectively.

  4. She has this pure aura about her that simply lights up the screen when shes in it. I like how diversified her role choices have been. Shes one actress that refuses to be typecast into one kind of role and thats why she is so very interesting. Quiet, unassuming, scandal free in real life… its not hard to find supporters in aplenty for such actresses. Human vitamins really – her and kim sejeong. Rooting for them both to be the new queens of kdrama.

  5. IT’S Really a good drama. Yoo In Shik is brilliant setting the mood. I think the real breaker for me is episode 3 which make the drama quite addictive… Full of heart. several legal drama just make the main character like a supporting cast and make character who innvolve each case be the main focus. But this is not the case in this drama.

  6. Strong contender for Baeksang for Kim Ji Won. PEB is really great at acting u know she can choose diverse roles. Not typecast. Now I am waiting for Lee Se Young. She will also comeback. Then we can see the real competition. Cauz she is also very capable

  7. I was hooked since episode 1 . And PEB ( an actress that i really like) is doing great . the second roles are well casted .

  8. EAW continued to aim for the stars! Extraordinary rise to 9.1% and 10.3% in Seoul for Ep 5. Can’t wait for tonight.

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