Kim Jung Hyun and Im Soo Hyang Confirmed for MBC Fantasy Romance Drama Season of Kkok Du

Man, I wish I had both Im Soo Hyang‘s work ethic and her ability to keep getting cast in drama after drama when it comes to my own work streak. She doubled up this past June with SBS drama Woori the Virgin and MBC drama Doctor, Lawyer and now she’s not even done with that drama yet and will be heading into the production of upcoming MBC drama Season of Kkok Du. The drama is about the Grim Reaper who must take a 49 day vacation every 99 years on Earth and he enters the body of an ordinary human. He meets the female lead who is a doctor and somehow she can order him around. I just hope this Meet Joe Black type romance with shades of Doom at Your Service isn’t as somnolent as both those in terms of energy and pacing. As for the pairing, eh it is what it is and I’m curious if Kim Jung Hyun’s first drama since his scandal last year will be received by netizens.


Kim Jung Hyun and Im Soo Hyang Confirmed for MBC Fantasy Romance Drama Season of Kkok Du — 25 Comments

  1. Im Soo Hyang – lack of charisma on screen, mediocre acting skill and her diction isn’t that good either. Sometimes she was pretty good in her roles, but most of the times she was lacking. In Woori she was the titular character but her performance was so boring to watch. It’s also the same in Doctor Lawyer. She is like Lee Hana, wondering what’s the reason these actresses easily get the lead roles? Maybe because they are noticeable since they are tall or low pay?

    • I read before that Lee Hana has an influential father. I would not be surprised at all if Im Soo Hyang has industry connections too.

    • Agree, she didn’t even ooze charisma onscreen. Also, her acting is no better than other idol-actresses, at least they still fandoms for mediaplay…meanwhile ISH didn’t offer any.

  2. I don’t understand why she keeps getting these lead roles. She is not a good actress and isn’t even charismatic like some other mediocre actresses. She’s such a downer to watch. No energy onscreen. There are plenty of decent actresses out there that are just waiting to be cast as lead.

  3. I think ISH has a limited acting range. Her go-to expressions are to open her eyes wide and slightly open her mouth. Or I’ve probably been spoiled by dramas with strong FL like Kim Tae Ri and Park Eun Bin.

  4. I don’t really like the both of them. I don’t find them bad but I don’t care about their characters.

    So I think I will pass this one.

  5. I don’t know why i can’t see the numbers in Ockoala posts, it always appears as something like this “__ __”

    About the post, Im Soo Hyang is doing pretty well on Doctor Lawyer but Woory the Virgin was a miss for me, hopefully this new one is good.
    The best way Kim Jung Hyun get over the criticism from the netizens is making a good drama, that worked with many actors before.

  6. I am really happy for Im Soo Hyang. I am huge fan of her not only because of her acting skills but also I am aware of how kindhearted she is.I am also fully aware that she still needs improvement but I could really say that she’s trying and she’s been doing her best. Does she need to be sorry for not meeting your expectations? Its true that she had a plastic surgery and with that many people criticize her but why do really people do that? Does it really make you feel good when trying to make someone feel bad? Reading your comments, I could not deny how disappointed I am. I don’t really do comments in any articles or whatsoever but this really makes me feel bad, not for Ms.Im Soo Hyang and by the way how you people in here criticize her, I feel bad for you. For how your mind works as well as your hearts. We are women, we should empower one another. If there is anything you find bad then try to look other way, try to find its beauty. There’s a quote I read once and its says, we should not find good things, but we should find good in things. What I want to say is that you’re probably saying these bad things about her because you don’t like her, and there’s nothing Ms. Im Soo Hyang can do about that neither do I or anyone. So technically you’re seeing what’s bad in her because your mind is close as well as your heart to her. You just technically don’t like her. But do you really have to voice it out? What’s the point of disliking or hate exactly? Why can’t we just be more compassionate? Is it so hard to be kind? Is it so hard to keep your voice when you know your words could cut deeper than any sword. Actresses and Actors are human. A fact that we all know, that we are aware. Your words could possibly reach them and by that possibility you could hurt them or worse discourage them. Is that what you aim for? You’re probably thinking that your comments are just voicing out your opinion and there’s nothing wrong with that because its normal and we’re democratic. Yes, you’re right. But imagine having those hateful comments about you when you are really trying so hard to be good. What would you feel. We as a Citizen, maybe we are given the freedom in voicing out ourselves but we are not entitled to criticize any artists. Just my perception. No hate. Take care you guyz.

    • LMAO. I can’t even begin to address all the idiotic points raised here. People who choose to be in the public spotlight should be prepared to have their PROFESSIONAL performance critiqued and no, women are NOT above criticism.

    • LMAO I knew it’s a filipino, so obvious with that very annoying “let’s just be positive, guys, stop the criticisms! pOsItIvE vIbEs OnLy” BS
      LOL I don’t know what it is with you filipinos and your toxic positivity and thinking that every criticism equals hate. You all too thin-skinned, no wonder your actors are super mediocre and you’re all content with “loveteams” with bad acting lmao

      I’m genuinely not trying to be racist/xenophobic, but as a foreigner living in the PH (that’s why I immediately recognized that “share ko lang” and that annoying overly positive/thin-skinned comment), that’s just something I’ve observed while living here. Most filipinos can’t take criticism and think everything is a personal attack lol
      Please stop thinking that other people all over the world should think like you all, super annoying

  7. Oh Good grace. Someone must understand the point to begin with. Artist are indeed open to whatever criticisms people are gonna give them. My apologies for not stressing that out,but the real point is not about the artist who gets criticize, its the people who criticize and how they are misleaded to what criticisms is. God, you’re just basically encouraging everyone to leave discouraging comments as long as they wish to.

    But thankyou, for sparing time reading it. It means a lot.I love writing,share ko lang hahhah. Since were both anonymous, I am thrilled and this really sounds fun. Idiotic points are too harsh by the way. But I love the statement. Soo cool. I should probably stop writing but I think writing long message is my disorder. Hahaha

    I don’t think you will spare again another time reading this but I’m really glad to had this mere chance of writing someone. I don’t even know. I’m thrilled and its marvelous. Don’t you find it exciting that this could be our only interaction in this lifetime and we would never really meet. A one time opportunity of talking someone whom you didn’t know and will never know.

  8. A script where the writer is still unknown and the PD is still up in the air sort of pairs well with an actress who is sort of the middle of the pack and an actor who has gone through a medium-sized scandal last year is sort of a sensible match. Investors still want known quantities to make their investments more secure. And auditions for leads don’t seem to be much of a thing in korea, compared to the US. I remember Yeon Yuh-jung feeling insulted to be asked to audition for Pachinko instead of being given the role based on her talent and experience.

  9. i think Both of them are good. They will have chemistry between them. Jung hyun had chemistry between with the female leads at his recent dramas. I hope they will be good pair on that drama. Jung Hyun always use his adlibs that are alos famous too. Im Soo Hyang is quiet one. That drama is not female main lead one just main lead is male. Kokdu is main of the drama . It will be good drama. If they change the female lead it sounds good but stil Lim soo hyang is also good.i don’t know how to explain She is also good at acting but she is quiet one that’s why people think they may not have chemistry watch out the trailer and teaser. Just watch soon .

  10. I like both actors. I feel the plot sounds interesting and, if it’s well executed, it may become a perfect comeback vehicle for KJH (a doctor and a God? Great way to showcase his range & charisma). I think ISH is at her best when playing badass characters, so this may be a better casting choice than it seems. We’ll see.

  11. Been rooting for Kim Jung Hyun, I think he’s a very good actor and not one of those who have to rely on their looks for popularity. Would’ve been excited over this if not for Im Soo Hyang. Don’t get me wrong, when she’s good, she’s good (Graceful family and in her other earlier dramas), but as others have said, she lacks charisma on screen and she’s not exactly a ratings magnet, so I’m worried she might drag down this drama. And she’s not good when the role doesn’t suit her.
    But who am I kidding, lmao it’s Kim Jung Hyun, so I’ll still check it out. Just wish he had a more charismatic/talented leading lady for his comeback. Hoping it’s a role that suits her acting style

  12. i do believe Jung Hyun. That drama will be good because of Jung Hyun. Soo Hyang will also good in that drama. This plot is unique. Let’s watch the tralier and teaser. it will be good i believe that drama will be on big hit.

  13. Some of you seem to forget that Im Soo Yang has had many successful projects (My ID is Gangnam Beauty, Tales of the Gisaeng, Graceful Family). All of those had very good ratings and buzz. If you read the article announcing her cast news the reporter calls her a “box office guarantee”. I think her latest role (Woori) has been the first time she’s failed to convince the audience. The jury’s still out on this one… She’s been very good and very underwhelming too. I’ll watch & find out how she does. I like Kim Jung Hyun & the plot sounds fun.

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