Mu Duk Takes Life Into Her Own Hands Once Again as Alchemy of Souls Episode 10 Rises to Nearly Breaking 7% Ratings

This really was a filler week for Alchemy of Souls but it ended up being much needed. The first 8 episodes were such fast paced action and plot progression its a breath of fresh air to see the youngsters being young and adorable with no life and death stakes. Mu Duk passes the servant test to enter Songrim thanks to cheating from her three dude BFFs behind the scenes along with her own perseverance. Wook sneaks out to see her and gets a love letter present for his hard work, but also gets a new girl admirer that I’m none too fond of. I’m all about Mu Duk and her trio of MEN WHO ADORE HER and honestly that’s the best filler there is. I think Wook’s wizarding powers will increase in due time but it would be nice to see a definitive breakthrough in wuri OTP love confession.


Mu Duk Takes Life Into Her Own Hands Once Again as Alchemy of Souls Episode 10 Rises to Nearly Breaking 7% Ratings — 26 Comments

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  2. I didn’t really find the last 2 episodes so good. They were too long and nothing happened. My favourite scene was the 3 trying to make the test and no main leads was in the scene…

    • Same it was disappointing….feel draggy and filler now on this building of their relationship arc…. They have great chemistry already… hope next week will be better

  3. maybe i’m the only one who love episode 10 lol

    my favorite are the bridge – boat scenes (LOVE LOVE LOVE) i really love the cinematography, background music, aching by kassy totally hits different, oh the longing
    the one with the test
    and lastly when jang uk reciting master’s seo love letter/poem

    • No, you’re not the only one. For me ep 10 is the best episode yet. It’s romantic, really funny but also wholesome. Before, I find interactions between Park Jin and Maidservant Kim were funny at first but later became tiring, so seeing Master Lee in awe seeing Maidservant Kim is multiple times better. I like there’s progress in Mudeok-Wook relationship, and there’s enough scenes with my fave Crown Prince, especially with Yul and Danggu becoming hilarious trio helping Mudeok
      I’m a Jung So Min fan, but honestly I prefer Naksu can go back to her own body, although I don’t know how. Because the one that Wook love is Naksu, not Mudeok. I’m happy enough with the fact that Mudeok is also special, she can sense energy, even finding the sealed ice stone. I just hope Mudeok also have a happy ending of her own. Maybe back to Jin family and living her life.

      • Same. Im happy for Naksu to go back to her body however way possible, hope we get an episode of who Mudeok is. For 10 eps, neither Jang Uk nor Naksu ever wondered who could be the owner of the body, its just weak and useless. So im really excited to her about Mudeok.

    • The last scene when our main couple sat together. And he said he missed her too. I love them. I dont wish anyone to break them up.

      Glad that no many scenes with the antagonists. Suddenly there are two new characters, duh, i dont like them already.

  4. I agree that I don´t mind leaving action aside for a couple of episodes and focus on romance and relationships. It was fun, and all the couples in the making were adorable. But mainly Uk and Naksu. So many heart fluttering scenes and they barely saw each other this week, haha! The bridge scene was beautiful and the final chat were Uk adressed their feelings, being super direct… all of this was pure gold. I was entertained and I think it is good for the enjoyment of the story that we get more insight in the feelings that the characters have for each other.
    Next week it will be more tense for sure, since Park Jin is already suspecting Mu Deok, and there is this new girl who could uncover that she’s not the real Mu Deok…Hope that there is some progress too in Naksu returning to her old self. I’m dying to see Uk really stepping up with his powers so he can help her, and also that more clues are found on how Naksu can recover her energy and even her body. Now that I think about it…I think I’d prefer they only kiss when Naksu is back to her body, haha!!

  5. I’m greatly impressed by ML,Lee Jae Wook. He is very charismatic on screen. He pulled off comedy, romance, action, everything well. His physical build is perfect too.
    He is a 98 liner, still have around 4 years before military service to make it big.

  6. I would like to see the real Mu Deok inside her own body coz I think she has a good story to tell. She is probably an incarnation of the original Jinyowon founder…

    At the same time I would like to see naksu back in her own body. That would be a bonus.

  7. People take filler Ep as a bad connotation, but in drama land especially in fantasy drama where we know nothing about, filler ep are the the soul to get to know this new world and the people who live there; hence, I enjoyed ep9-10. We get to spend some time w/ each of the characters, see more layout of their cities, and understand what a typical day is like for them. We get more attached to them and in the end of the ep, it sends us right back to the core of the drama and also create more drama.

  8. Filler eps were great. Honestly, not very K-drama like, or Hong sisters like, because they weren’t USELESS filler. They let us see ALL the characters as just humans with verrrrry minimal scheming/drama except for the little villains talking about stuff they’re going to do next. I liked it.

  9. Mu Duk has entered the body of the eldest daughter of Jinyowon Clan that’s why she opened the door of the Jin’s artifact storage, which Jang Uk saw during the Alchemy of Soul

  10. I’m a huge fan of the k drama as well as the action and adventure genre. Alchemy of Souls touches my heart. I love each and every one of the actors. They are outstanding. I can’t wait for Saturday and Sunday to come so I can watch the show.

  11. All the AOS epis are worth waiting for and watching. Jung So Min is so pretty, I love the faces she gives those guys, good and bad. I don’t want to not see JSM in part2!!! You know a drama is OTT good when you can’t wait to see the next epi, 2 for me right now, AOS and EAW. JSM and PEB are both killing it as leads.

  12. But what’s the point of view of having love and romance if so min who is main female lead won’t be shown in part 2. Then who the male gonna love? May be the new rookie who is gonna re-introduce after 20 eps. I think after 19 eps who drama going to be mess and a joke.

  13. Episode 11 and above will be a havoc, Mudeok is from Jin family, no wonder the door where artifacts and spells opened after she touched it, the problem now us where is Mudeok soul since naksu is a soul shifter in the body, will Jin family accept the condition having naksu on their daughter’s body.

  14. I am enjoying Alchemy of Souls as it is a fantasy and love story. We are all curious Who is Muduk? Naksu is borrowing her soul, but cannot execute or control Muduk’s body. And as her character is becoming more mellowIt, I wonder if it is Muduk adjusting to Naksu or Naksu is adjusting to Muduk? In the first episode, when Naksu ran to Muduk she rejected to shift soul with her, but she did it anyway. was it because Muduk rejected the soul shifting from Naksu and Naksu can only enter through the eyes. Because the blue marks imprinted in the eyes instead of the shoulder. The blue color of Muduk’s eyes is also fading: Hopefully we will get to know why that is in a future episode. I am looking forward to each new episode every week. Enjoy it everyone.

  15. I really appreciate the source of the movie.. The movie is interesting and please let’s know when episode 11 is coming out

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