K-netizens Discuss 4 Popular Male Leads in the ’94 Line Slated for Military Enlistment Next Year in 2023

I’m the type to get things done as early as possible especially things that are not fun but still need to get it over with. If I were a dude in South Korea I would enlist as early as possible but for entertainers it’s definitely a shot in the dark either way. Enlist early and start the arduous star road later or try and become a star as soon as possible and enlist after making it. There are four well known K-drama male leads slated to enlist next year in 2023, it’s from the ’94 line who are all turning 29 next year which is the cut off date for enlistment. It will be Song Kang, Nam Joo Hyuk, Kang Tae Oh, and Kim Min Kyu. The first two have made it and the second two just recently broke out, so it’s not the best time to take a break from a just become red hot career. Alas the best option is to squeeze a one or two more projects in, hope its hits too to help cement the momentum, and then enlist with a prayer that a return two years later the baton can be picked right back up. Song Kang is such a workaholic I wouldn’t be surprised if he did like 3-5 projects before he enlists and Nam Joo Hyuk may enlist sooner rather than later due to his recent bullying allegations and scandal. He’s denied it and his agency is taking legal action to clear his name but it may be a good time to get military service done with.


K-netizens Discuss 4 Popular Male Leads in the ’94 Line Slated for Military Enlistment Next Year in 2023 — 6 Comments

  1. i think njh will film vigilante before enlisting, and he has a movie already in post-production, so his time away may be like park bogum’s where we don’t feel his absence bc of carefully lined up projects. the bullying allegations did not pick up steam, and i really hope we’ve already heard the last of it.

    song kang has sweet home 2 coming up.

      • Oh, I didn’t know. I think it’s because it was on chosun channel and the female lead was Jin Se-Yun and I usually run away from her dramas. It’s weird he got only second leads after it.

  2. Yoo Seun Ho is like you @Koala, he did it as soon as possible . I’m on the same side , even when a problem arises i can’t relax until it’s resolved very quickly!

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