tvN Makjang Revenge Drama Eve Ends with Personal High 4.497% Ratings But Even the Loyal Fans that Stuck with the Drama Complain About the Lackluster Ending

It’s been a wild summer drama season so far chingus! Prestige dramas like jTBC Insider hasn’t resonated, scandal tinged dramas like Eve didn’t garner the love or hate watch viewership it could have, wildly ambitious and looked like a hot mess pre-airing drama Alchemy of Souls is the surprise hit, and an unknown drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo from nowhere has dominated South Korea. This week Eve wrapped up its run with a drama ratings high of 4.497% and averaged around 3.7% during its run. Not good and not bad but I thought there was a loyal fan following for the drama so I hoped it was at least satisfying for them. Unfortunately the ending was reportedly terrible all around and I just found it weird that Seo Ye Ji went from gorgeous makeup to this weird washed out look with minimal eyebrows by the end that made her look like a ghost. The one who made out like a bandit from this is second female lead Yoo Sun who took a crazy character and went full crazy and I respect that.


tvN Makjang Revenge Drama Eve Ends with Personal High 4.497% Ratings But Even the Loyal Fans that Stuck with the Drama Complain About the Lackluster Ending — 34 Comments

  1. Don’t know why syj didn’t seem as appealing in this show. Maybe iotnbo’s fashion game really was That strong. Even when they dressed her up in this one she didn’t come close to her role as kmy… and it wasn’t just the clothes, it was the make up too…or maybe something else.

    • IOTNBO’s fashion game was one of the best. I don’t know if they changed stylists for this show. I’ve seen all the Eve outfits featured heavily on Xiaohongshu and she’s wearing big brands, but the styling is off.

      The makeup and lighting are the worst offenders. Holy filters. I get that Asians love the pale, blurred look, but this is too much.

      • The IOTNBO stylist team really did wonders on her looks. It’s no wonder her dramas can’t generated hype before and after that show.

  2. The only good thing about Eve was two loveless ppl finally finding love ( but I’m the end the writers wouldn’t let them have it). With all the hate, violence and corruption in this world it would have been nice to have an ending that finished well for the main leads finding love and happiness together. I was hoping with everything in me that Kang Yoon would finally be happy.

    • They found love but they always looked like they were in pain, Even when together. Like I’ve never seen the chairman happy.

  3. OMG that was a horrible ending. I really loved Eve but the ending was the biggest disappointment. Why? Why? Why? The ending made no sense why would Kang kill himself when his wife would go to jail. Why would he leave Eve if he loved her so much and why would he leave his daughter an orphan. Ridiculous. Really big let down I would have gave this 10 now I give it a 3. Terrible writer. NEXT TIME THINK!!!!

  4. Yeah what a waste of Lee Sang Yeob’s character … the rest are so so … could have been better written. No chemistry between Eve and Chairman Kang.

      • @isaid
        Yes you are right. They just put him aside as if he is just a supporting lead… the only decent character in the show. Sigh….

    • The drama ended so-so. Throughout the show, the outstanding performance I felt was yoo sun who throughout the drama displayed the evilness. It is really a uphill task acting opposite to SYJ. Greating acting skill.

  5. I remember back when the drama was announced as her comeback and people predicted it would flop, one of the usual “experts” on here claimed the script was highly sought after/praised in the industry blah blah blah so it would do well. Yet the whole thing was a mess and the ratings couldn’t even touch 5%. SMH.

  6. Lol there was a moment in the 1st two episode where SYJ was walking, and she really looked like a ghost floating around, with her stick-like figure, unnatural make up and all. I dropped it soon after because too makjang, couldn’t buy into her revenge plans.

  7. 1st of all iotnbo and eve are entirely follows that the whole production would be diff. as well. make up is pale, lighting etc.. is diff. too. As expected this genre being a melodrama is something new for Yea Ji. One thing remains the same- Yea Ji’s insane acting. blame the writer for the storyline folks.

  8. I like the ending.i don’t see how it us lacklustre when it ended in a way I didn’t expect it to end. There are no true happy endings. But at least it was different.

    • Yeah…. I totally love this comment, I really loved the ending when Chairman Kang died though the revenge plot was shitty, overall the ending was satisfactory 💖

    • Because his wife even from jail will hire someone to make our heroines life miserable. She won’t stop until she’s dead. But we all know it takes being insane to stop her so he didn’t really have to die. But I guess it makes for dramatic TV.

    • I notice at the end after all the revenge, pirates heroine weaes lipstick and looks like she has some colour back. Maybe looking like alabaster white without colour lipstick for almost entire series is deliberate? Even her fashion changed at the end. Less bombastic.

  9. @Sirey the clown, where are you? Quiet as a mouse, huh? Looks like you’re the one whose mouth has been shut by your scandal queen’s flop drama where she was overshadowed and outshone by the second female lead. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • I know right, “This drama gonna shut a lot of mouths” my ass 😂😂😂
      Where’s that SYJ simp anyway lmao

  10. SYJ dressing was too much like going for ballroom or night club. Her make up was worse. Acting so unnatural. This show she likes not pretty. Very disappointed overall. Poor script.

  11. I personally loved the ending…ended in a painful way yes but I was shipping eve and the lawyer guy and at the ending he was traveling to be with her…a good ending for me

  12. I probably stayed with Eve for the moments Lee Sang Yeob’s character appeared and brooded, although his part never took on real dimension. He was never on my radar as an actor but his eyes are so emotional, captivating. I needed an over-the-top Makjang but sadly this didn’t do the trick.

  13. Lo que no me gustó, es que no se supo que pasó con la hija de Evel, ella se fue sola, de verdad que en toda la serie ambas niñas fueron usadas por sus padres, para conseguir sus objetivos.
    No se vio que pasó con las niñas, será que en una segunda parte, las niñas vendrán a vengarse de Evel

  14. Hated the ending chairman dies and his wife the real guilty one lived
    Wow makes no sense to me
    She went crazy yes but death should have been her punishment I think not the chairman’s

  15. You people know that there love was doomed from the beginning. I wanted her to be with the lawyer but because of her revenge turning on her she fell in love with the chairman. I enjoyed the ending. The chairman gave his life for her trying to undo the hurt his wife, in-laws, and also the pain he didn’t know he had caused on behalf of them. Also get off SEO ye ji case please. The woman is beautiful and that’s that. Have some respect!

  16. Episodes 1 thru 12 had some of the more enthralling scenes and script writing for a revenge show. SYJ was focussed and everything was planned for. Episode 13 saw breaks in her character that made absolutely no sense. My wife and I weren’t looking forward to Episode 16 after the debacle of 15. That Han So Ra somehow managed to carry a tied up Ra El out of the house (where was everybody else?!?!) was one of the worst writing gaffs I have ever seen.

    If anything, the finale showcased Yoo Sun as the best actor in the show. Her eventual fall into complete psychosis was masterfully acted out, with the mirror scene absolutely brilliant.

  17. Ngl Kang Yoon Kyum didn’t think it through when he decided to drive the car off and end up dying. Firstly he completely forgot about the fact that his daughter will end up losing both her parents and also Lee Ra-el, who has already lost many people will end up losing him too. His death just makes no sense.

  18. I was really intrigued from the start especially the middle as it was getting really interesting but the end disappointed me a lot. They left many things incomplete like what happens to Ra-el’s ex husband and daughter, what happens when Eun pyong follows Ra El to Buenos Aires etc.

    I also wanted So Ra to remember everything and get the punishment she deserved. Even Pan ro and the vice presidents deaths were not really how I wanted, they deserved to suffer their punishment and pay for their sins instead of dying.

  19. More than Yoon Kyum dying I’m sadder and more disappointed about the fact that Ra El and Eun pyong didn’t end up together. After everything they’ve been through together and everything he did for her, if she still can’t see that he is the one, I have no hope for her. Also I would have liked them to show what happens when he decides to go to Buenos Aires to see her. Honestly it’s also still sad that he’s kinda chasing for her love, he deserves better in that case I’ll say.

  20. I liked the way the movie ended thou
    From the beginning of the movie to the end twas superb
    But SYJ make up artist should Ave done better
    But dere is no one to blame cos she was to look like someone with no soul
    So kudos to all the cash of this movie

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