South Korean Fave Olympic Gold Medalist Figure Skater Kim Yuna Announces October 2022 Wedding to Singer Ko Woo Rim

Wedding bells are a-ringing! And wow in my mind she’s still so young but retired Olympic Gold Medalist figure skater Kim Yuna is already 31 years old (32 in Korean age) and this morning announced her upcoming marriage. She will be tying the knot with singer Ko Woo Rim of Forestella, a male vocal quartet. This official announcement came on the heels of tabloid Dispatch running a breaking news article that the two were dating, complete with the usual grainy pictures of them on various surreptitious dates. Apparently the wedding venue will be the luxury Shilla Hotel and if they have already set a date and booked a hotel then I’m sure this wedding announcement wasn’t sudden due to the Dispatch report but likely released earlier than the couple planned. Wishing all the best to this happy couple!


South Korean Fave Olympic Gold Medalist Figure Skater Kim Yuna Announces October 2022 Wedding to Singer Ko Woo Rim — 11 Comments

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  2. I love wedding announcements. I love all happy announcements. Wish them all the best. I still remember watching here win the gold medal. Figure skating is one of the few sports that I watch. And love.

  3. Omg! My Yuna-Bogum ❤️ is breaking but it is only me. Don’t mind me 🥺🥺🥺.

    OOhhhh, I love Kim Yuna and I am hoping for this couple to last forever. Congratulations to these two.🥳🥳🥳

    Again I’m crying. I still hope for another collaboration from Yuna-Bogum. 🤧😪🤧😪😭😭😁😁

  4. So I researched about Ko Woo Rim and he graduated from the prestigious SKY University (SNU) while Yuna completed her BS degree in Korea University. Concludingly, they r a match-made in heaven. One is a sports genius and one is musically gifted. Bravo!!! Btw, best wishes!

      • I get it’s weird to compare educational background but we all know if the dude was not a college graduate and was an average everyday dude, he would be seen as unworthy. Heck Rain gets grief for marrying the great beauty of Korea.

      • @??? seriously?

        So, in conclusion, if you’re not from a prestigious university and aren’t gifted in some area to be famous for it, you aren’t a “match-made in heaven”?

        Jumi had to research, if he was eligible to marry her. Her verdict, he is, because of two things: his degree and for happen to be lucky enough to got famous for singing.

        This is ridiculous.

        1st, who is Jumi or anyone else to judge them or give their approval.

        2nd, what insight does a degree and popularity give into someone’s character or compatibility?

        3rd, there are a lot of people, who are gifted (acting, singing, sports,…) but never get a chance to reach the top.
        For example, I would argue that at least the six best figure skaters have the ability to win a gold medal, but it depends on their day’s performance, nerves and the unfairness of the judging system.

        4th, it’s the same with the entry into a prestigious university. It’s not a fair system. And it does take just a few things into consideration. Not enough to base marriage on it.

        5th, every pair is different and nobody knows, if they are a “match-made in heaven”, but them and time.

        6th, as by jumi’s standards ordinary people are also not eligible to be a “match-made in heaven”. How, sad for most of us. Again, see point 5.

        Probably, it a culture thing to merit a person solely on achievement. Truly unfair.

  5. What a surprise. Kim is my favorite ladies figure skater. I’ve seen her live in competition twice, the last time at Sochi, which was a judging travesty. She should be a 2x OGM.

    Feels like just yesterday when she announced her retirement. Time flies.

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