Fri-Sat Dramas Premiere New Competition with MBC Legal Thriller Big Mouth and SBS Workplace Comedy Tomorrow’s Webtoon

I feel bad for these two dramas which actually both look good and create counter programming so something for different tastes. But with Wed-Thurs drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo dominating across the board in buzz it almost feels like these two new premieres aren’t getting as much attention as it would have normally. New MBC Fri-Sat drama is Big Mouth with Lee Jong Seok and Yoona as a third rate lawyer who ends up jailed and accused of being a criminal mastermind. The drama premiered to 6.2% ratings which is higher than where predecessor Doctor Lawyer debut with. Over on SBS, the new drama is Tomorrow’s Webtoon with Kim Se Jung, Daniel Choi, and Nam Yoon Soo adapted from a Japanese manga. It only launched with 4.1% ratings which is much lower than the premiere ratings of its previous time slot drama Why Her. This is an important time slot for both prime time networks and if the dramas are well made I do hope the ratings picks up.


Fri-Sat Dramas Premiere New Competition with MBC Legal Thriller Big Mouth and SBS Workplace Comedy Tomorrow’s Webtoon — 5 Comments

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  2. Watched Today’s Webtoon and true to my greatest fear about remakes especially Japanese ones, its not making it. I don’t understand why Korean producers keep choosing to remake Japanese dramas when their storylines are hopelessly thin, and the content is constantly touch and go shallow. Its ok going in and watching it as a jdrama cos expectations are always in line with historically how its always produced but kdramas are known for their intricacies, depth and character anaysis (at least the good ones) so its frustrating to watch this version still towing so close to the japanese one. I literally fell asleep watching ep 1 and while ep 2 picked up, its still got no meat. I feel so sorry for the cast who has promoted this drama relentlessly. Perhaps a mon/tues slot might give some hope to better ratings but against Alchemy of the Soul and the complex Big Mouth, its a bottomline offering with no hope for garnering betterratings. The upteenth lesson preached but still not learned. DO NOT REMAKE JAPANESE DRAMAS. PERIOD. Its a backstep for viewers who love kdramas to watch them because culturally its just not gonna work. Gambatte, fluff and cute works on jdramas for 11 whole eps, on kdramas, its just a no. KSJ has uncanny counter 2 to fall back on and that is a superb webtoon adaptation series that should kill the ratings dept again. But i feel super sorry for Choi Daniel who has chosen this for his return project in 4 years and Nam Yoon Su. Sigh.

    • well It’s depend on the writers and producer. For example The korean version Queen classroom far for being shallow. Heck they are good.

      Japanese also Has some letdown remake version from Korean original, like Their The Devil / Mawang remake is not as nuance as Korean version.

      So you can’t be generalize it. too

      • The ratings was tragic for that one too. And because Japanese dramas are touch and go, their remakes on korean dramas have failed as well. Its a culture divide. Both countries should just do what they do best and leave remakes alone. Viewers just have different standards and expectations watching kdramas and jdramas. Not quite forgiving when the lines are blurred

  3. BIG MOUTH has some promising start. I already hook and i have to endure my allergic to
    lee jong suk who obviously out of his depth with heavy project like this. the writers is from vagabond and Giant writers duo…. so
    i can already see the writing looks solid. so far. It might become arise in pupularity when EAW end. Today Webtoon really has heavy competition with BIG Mouth.

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