Extraordinary Attorney Woo Vaults Over 15% Ratings in Episodes 9-10 as Our Plucky Autistic Young Lawyer Makes New Emotional Breakthroughs

Next year’s 2023 the Best Actress Baeksang is definitely going through Park Eun Bin for Extraordinary Attorney Woo. She missed out last year after being nominated for The King’s Affection which makes her chance even better this year, plus she has delivered the biggest surprise hit in years that is dominating South Korean watercoolers. The drama took another high jump forward this week as episode 9 got 15.780% and episode 10 stayed there with 15.157%. The narrative reportedly is also chugging along, I’m only on episode 4 but heard that Young Woo is starting to blossom in her romantic life and continues to grow as an attorney with continued heartfelt legal cases.


Extraordinary Attorney Woo Vaults Over 15% Ratings in Episodes 9-10 as Our Plucky Autistic Young Lawyer Makes New Emotional Breakthroughs — 12 Comments

  1. EAW is truly phenomenal due to PEB wow factor. It steamrolls all Wed-Thu competitors. Not even Ji Sung’s Adamas can offer stiff resistance. I’m not surprised that the premiere ratings of Adamas were between 2.8 to 3.6 range. At this point in time, it seems whoever or whatever you throw at the Wed-Thu slot, they are no match opposite EAW.

  2. The drama has been nothing short of superb. We have witnessed Attorney Woo come so far and am so proud of her, I feel like a parent watching her grow into an awesome lawyer and person right before my eyes. I do feel a little unsure about the romance though majorly because I don’t think it was really needed in the story but the positives overshadow any negative in this show.

    As someone with disabilities myself ( I don’t really like saying this but anyways),I get a little bit sensitive when topics like these are being treated because they hit really hard for me but EAW has handled it well and I like how not much emphasis are placed on her disabilities and she’s just allowed to do her thing, If only it was a tiny bit possible in the real world?

    • I have the same issue. I also have very mild neurodivergent tendencies. ADHD, and very mild autism. However my experience has been that one finds many friends and love if one is a bit different. I also have a friend who is visually impaired and is doing very well in life. However corporate environment is extremely brutal with anyone who is not healthy or who is not NT. My visually impaired friend actually changed careers and he is now an adjunct professor. This is why I also had objections to attorney woo, since it glossed over some challenges people face in work environment. This was my criticism since I felt that this show has this reverse, attorney woo had it easier at work and harder in personal life, but usually with physically or mentally special people have it the other way around. Work is very toxic, but in personal lives people are able to enjoy healthy relationships. However I have started liking this drama since ep 10, since they are slowly starting to address these issues and it’s now becoming a very good and balanced show.

  3. I was a little meh on the legal stories this past week with the courtroom scenes being a bit much (witnesses talking away without being asked anything etc), but the show has done wonders with all the characters and that’s what is more important. I could actually do without the secret mom storyline.

  4. Really hope PEB will get a Baeksang for this. She is a thoughtful actress, you can tell she studies her roles well.

  5. This is one of the few dramas that keeps viewers interested after reaching the halfway mark. I’ve watched many dramas with a promising start only to drop it because of a lead doing something so out of character or the drama itself switching genre forgetting the story it was trying to sell in the first place. Congrats to the cast and crew for giving us quality episodes!!!
    Park Eun Bin is soo talented. Koo Kyo hwan’s cameo made me a fan of his because of how well he can convey his emotions when he was listening to Woo Young Woo defending his ideology. I hope they can work together again in the future. Both are character actors.

  6. Congratulation to Park Eun Bin for playing d role of Atty Woo so perfectly well. You nail this Series in bringing it to its height of excitement. Love all the other cast as well for delivering a wonderful drama Salute 🫡💪👏 to all responsible for giving us this good drama

  7. ??? What are you even talking about, Koala? Baeksang 2022 was done. It was held in May. If anything, it should be next year Baeksang but the timing is not good

  8. This drama is really great. I like the cases, they are very interesting. Young-Woo’s growth is nice to see. She’s a faster learner. The couple is super cute.

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