MBC Fri-Sat Drama Big Mouth with Lee Jong Seok and Yoona Gains Ratings and Review Traction in Second Week Airing

I’m less allergic to prison themed shows/movies as I am super avoiding of war themed ones but for Lee Jong Seok I’m going to check out Big Mouth for sure, especially now that my other weekend drama has deteriorated to spinning in circles. In the second week of airing, the MBC Fri-Sat drama rose in ratings to 7.6% and 8.6% from the premiere week of 6.2% and 6.1%, and even more promising is the buzz is gathering for this thriller. I’m seeing a lot of posts about Lee Jong Seok’s leveled up again acting as well as growing curiosity over who is the mastermind Big Mouse that Lee Jong Seok’s character is accused of being. Could it be him for real, or one of the many interesting supporting characters around him. It’s nice to have another drama start to take off and this one is in a time slot to shine on the strength of good directing, acting, and script.


MBC Fri-Sat Drama Big Mouth with Lee Jong Seok and Yoona Gains Ratings and Review Traction in Second Week Airing — 6 Comments

  1. for me a good drama is when they don’t depend on the main leads acting, fame and charisma, and Big Mouth does a good job on that – the story is well rounded, the characters are well developed backed up by good acting. One of the reasons I didn’t really enjoy Again My Life before was because it’s basically a Lee Joon Gi one man show, with everyone else just NPC-types for him to talk to. Whereas in Big Mouth, even the supporting characters are interesting especially the Warden who you love to hate and the still mysterious Room Leader.

  2. It’s so good! Granted it took 4 episodes to get me hooked, but I totally agree with the previous commenter that it’s more gripping than Again My Life with all the interesting side characters. Also Lee Jeong Suk’s acting is better than ever, I love him in this role! Glad he’s branching out 🙂

  3. Yeah yeah yeah here we go again. A new drama drops, y’all hype it to high heaven. And then halfway in, the ratings start to plummet and the negative reviews and complaints begin. Happened with Why Her, a bit with EAW and AOS. Not falling for it this time.

    • what’s there to “fall for”? it’s a fault of the industry itself that it focuses on the first half much more than the second to start off strong. the viewers themselves are just responding to what’s being served, and it’s not wrong to love a drama when it’s good, and criticize it when the quality drops.

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