SBS Fri-Sat Drama Today’s Webtoon with Kim Se Jung and Daniel Choi Stays in the 3% Ratings in Second Week

These days 3% ratings for cable networks may even be considered low if the drama is high profile but for a network drama it’s a total bust. That’s why I’m sad to see that SBS Fri-Sat new drama Today’s Webtoon looks like it’s donzo for ratings hope despite only the second week of airing. Episode 3 got 3.6% and episode 4 dropped down to 3.1% in the more competitive Saturday night. It feels like yet another victim to the J-dorama workplace quirky not suited for K-drama adaptation. Kim Se Jung is so bright and bubbly I thought she could make it work and K-viewers love her but from the early reviews its the story and execution that is not connecting with the local audiences.


SBS Fri-Sat Drama Today’s Webtoon with Kim Se Jung and Daniel Choi Stays in the 3% Ratings in Second Week — 21 Comments

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  2. Is it a remake of the jdrama? I watched the jdrama and liked very much but I don’t think I can watch a remake of the same story or even rewatch the original one again. I also wonder how will they handle the romance in this story. I remember the jdrama, there were no romance between her and her boss instead it was with her colleague.

    • also the jdrama had Odagiri Joe … which was the only reason why I started watching it on the first place. although I ended up liking the Kuroki Haru performance more.

  3. I think this is a charming show but I think these dramas generally only get rating love (Business Proposal) when it is primarily a romance. I do see why the actress is well liked. She has a Sandra Bullock type of warmth.

    • Yes she’s charming as heck but theres no meat to the story. I think I would rather her take the webtoon adaptation of a girl that turned into a piece of chicken nugget with stiffy cha eun woo as her love interest than this jdrama remake. They are all trying so hard but the adaptation is a dud and story is plain dated. Theres nothing in the content that warrants a dedicated watch or interesting developments with twists and turns along the way. Its so preachy and boring. Im reluctantly trudging on because of my big love for kim sejeong but truly the drama is not worth the effort for any of the actors. Its going to end up an unmemorable and embarrassing project for all involved. Hope choi daniel doesnt stay away another 5 years because of it. NO MORE REMAKES PLEASE. They are career killers

      • I mean I get it but Business Proposal was a huge hit and it was filled with sooo many tropes. It’s funny how some dramas get a lot of love, issues and all, and others just hang out there limping along.

      • Look at this kitty-kat going ‘huge hit’ as if that mediocrity was a CLOY-level hit. All this fuss over a measly 9% average ratings drama on a big public channel such as SBS of all things. Lol.

      • Rudemyrranna strikes again lol. Again your opinion does not matter. Go cry a river. 🤣

  4. Relaxing to watch , i will not say boring but rather simple . I like the actors but the ratings are understable .The weather is VERY hot and my “gray cells” vanished since i watched for some reason “EVE” . Still don’t understand where was my mind back then !!!

  5. Business Proposal was so so funny. It was THE drama that made me a huge fan of KSJ and erased the aversion I had of AHS. Like he was so terrible that I couldn’t even bring myself to rewatch dr romantic 2 because of him. Then he delivered magic in ABP. Not sure if the two really fell in love irl the 7 months they shot it but his expressions, his usual awkwardness in delivering his love scenes, his eyes turning so soft whenever they shared a scene, the crazy chemistry in the BTS – all of a sudden a new Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan type of coupling was born. Certified romcom gold… to me APB remains the best romcom drama Korea produced because while other faded in the middle this drama never did. Except for a lacklustre ep 12, the fun persisted almost till the end. For TW, I just dun care enough about the webtoon writers or their egos or their sufferings. Every job has its pitfalls and I would rather the drama have KSJ and NYS teleport into the webtoon themselves and become the protagonists in the scenes and needing to find fight each other to teleport back to reality again – that might make it a more interesting watch with anticipation for upcoming eps… funny meets fantasy.

      • Youre just a cancel mobster arent you? My way or the highway.. my thoughts or you’re mental. Fortunately i dun care 2 hoots about your rude opinion either. Full house is great overall but the middle was a drag, how many times did she move out on the smallest of misunderstandings. Ditto to Rain too. Those two had the worst communication. The two other titles you mentioned, guilty on same account at least to me. BP din drag. Misunderstandings were resolved within same ep, loved the chemistry, best of all they had healthy couple communication.

      • I don’t usually agree with you @myrrana but this @Jenna person is so delusional it’s not even funny. ABP was a mediocre overhyped forgettable drama. AHS was at his absolute worst and wooden-est in this terrible drama. But the guy showed his back muscles in an awkward sex scene and all of a sudden @Jenna’s hormones have convinced her that he’s a good actor? LOL. Seol Inah was the only reason to watch that mediocrity. And all that overhype they gave to that KSJ on here as a ratings queen blah blah blah (and even going so far to erroneously compare her to great Western actresses. As if! 🙄) yet her new drama is flopping so spectacularly like this. Keep blaming J-dramas for your flopping queen if it makes you feel better, @Jenna. 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      • @DelusionalJenna Exactly lol. It always happens when a rising actress gets a hit drama, they gain toxic stans like this jenna who think their fave is suddenly a-list superstar and start putting down other actresses. I remember KSJ stans here putting down random actresses, most notably the two Kims, to downgrade them and lift up KSJ. Like, literally mentioning their names out of nowhere just to bash them and call them irrelevant blah blah and that KSJ is the “true future of KDramas” LMAO when those actresses they’re bashing are way more award-winning than their KSJ 😂
        I have nothing against KSJ, but I hope these stans learn their lesson now, don’t start acting like your fave is Jun Ji Hyun just because she gets a hit drama, who knows maybe she’s actually a mere one-hit wonder LOL

      • BP was an excellent romcom but it’s second rate at everything, far from a classic.

    • AHS is as bad as he usually does in Business Proposal.

      I tried to give him a pass but he can’t even sell a cry scene. Sorry but ABP is comedy so AHS can look palatable but dude can’t act

  6. I just honestly don’t think this type of occupation/workplace drama with quirky characters that is a staple of Jdramas works for the general Kdrama watchers. As simple as that. I can see Korean producers trying to diversify their contents but the audience just isn’t buying it. On another hand, maybe webtoon artists aren’t as relevant as mangaka for the Japanese?

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