Actress Gong Hyo Jin and Singer Kevin Oh Announce Wedding in October 2022 Four Months After Going Public with Relationship

Daaaaaang, talk about a total surprise, and I probably shouldn’t be so taken aback since adults dating often lead to this haha. K-actress Gong Hyo Jin and her boyfriend singer Kevin Oh have announced their upcoming nuptials, a wedding to take place in October 2022 in the US. It will be a private event with just family and hopefully K-media doesn’t fly over there to telescope lens capture their ceremony. K-netizens are saying this is great mojos since Gong Hyo Jin caught Son Ye Jin‘s wedding bouquet at her March wedding to Hyun Bin, and I bet dollars to donuts the bouquet was aimed for Gong Hyo Jin and the other ladies graciously took a step aside so she could catch it for the right luck. Congrats to the engaged couple and wishing them a lifetime of happiness.


Actress Gong Hyo Jin and Singer Kevin Oh Announce Wedding in October 2022 Four Months After Going Public with Relationship — 15 Comments

  1. All the actresses of my first dramas are married or getting married , Park shin Hye, Son Ye Jin , Jang Na Ra, Lee Honey,… and now Gong Hyo Jin ! They took me by surprise . Are left Ha ji Won, Han Ji Min, Yoon Eun Hye , Choi Kang Hee, Moon Geun Young, Kim Sun Ah , Park Min Young ,Song Ji Hyo, yoo In Ah … not that they have to get married ( it’s not the only goal for a woman in life)

  2. Congrats Hyo Jin unni! The bouquet catcher is pre-planned in Korean weddings. The bride will ask her friends who is getting married next and the bouquet will go to that person.

  3. Best wishes GHJ & Kevin Oh. Hopefully another SOOP actress will get married soon. She has star moon tattoo on left elbow. SMI fans would be truly happy if this OTP come true.

    • Known that for years. Their SDUs are epic. 5min-2hr diff normal. He launched his new IG archive on April 1 and she archived her entire ig on April 2. Couldn’t be more couple coordinated than that. Lol.

    • Who are you referring to please? I tried to guess but I have no clue 😂.
      The only actress I really like under Soop is Seo Hyun Jin and I hope she’ll find her happiness soon. 🙂

      • Look for Marie Claire photoshoot last year where she wore a blue denim dress. Her tattoo is visible. Also at MBC Award Show last year, some pics posted by Soop showed her tattoo. She didn’t cover them in Soop video of her cooking teokbokki. JCW referred to NJH as “looking the moon” in 2017 ig post promoting Suspicious Partner where he gazed at her adoringly. He often uses the moon emoji while he’s the star/sun.

      • Wait, I thought Nam ji hyun is dating Seo In Guk according to the people on this site? Now it’s Ji Chang Wook? Lol I’m confused now be ause both sides have plenty of evidence 😂

      • Juicy gossip! NJH’s tattoo shown on SMI ig May 18 post is really clear. It’s a crescent moon encircling a sun with eight rays. Doesn’t look like star to me though. SMI should call itself Sun Moon International Fans. So the moon is NJH and Wookie the sun. JH’s Jul 14 ig post has her standing outside a shop with the quote “A woman living in sunshine, walking in the moonlight.”

        In that case we’ll be hearing wedding bells soon. SIG may be the best man, his latest song My Love has the lyrics “My love, you’ll be sunshine for me.” It’s a sad song about break up so he lost JH to Wookie, lol.

      • BINGO. Go to Star Moon International Fans IG. You will have plenty of evidence. We have been observing their pattern for 5 years.

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