Love Like the Galaxy Surprises Viewers with Finale on August 18th Dropping the Last 11 Episodes in a Row

Oh god, my little Stars and Moon heart may not be ready for this and definitely not ready to say goodbye so unexpectedly. On August 17th the production of C-drama Love Like the Galaxy (part 1: The Stars Are Brilliant, part 2: The Moon Rises Over the Ocean) did a mic drop and announced that the big finale of the drama will be the next day on August 18th. Right now it’s aired up to episode 46 and based on the 6-episode per week release I thought the finale week will be in two weeks with the total episode count of 57. But it appears the post-production has caught up and the finale batch of episodes will be released on Thursday the 18th for paying viewers of Tencent Video (Tengxun). The drama also released the newest poster above and just staring at Wu Lei and Zhao Lu Si makes me happily zoned out in bliss.

No drama in recent memory has combined angtsy youthful love with intelligently plotted palace intrigue plus a side of restrained cultural precision for the times. And let’s not forget all the LOL comedic moments, from Shao Shang’s fight with Wang Ling, her sending the capital city bitches breaking a bridge into the water, uncouth Cheng Grandma as the resident clown, Ling Bu Yi’s two right hand men and their myriad commentary, Wendy’s OTP shipping, and the most recent mandarin duck wing shoulder armor which is the gift that keeps on giving as a joke that goes from one person to another and will likely keep our General company as he avenges his entire Huo family slaying and hies off to the border for a 5 year brood fest before coming back and getting his girl yet again. Join me for the ending marathon and then let’s have a gab fest after!


Love Like the Galaxy Surprises Viewers with Finale on August 18th Dropping the Last 11 Episodes in a Row — 35 Comments

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    • And both of them get so offended by it, LOL! Not just LBY our SS also basically cut off nice uncle General Cue when he called it chicken wings (and made the chicken wing gesture) while telling her she needs more dowry (and he’ll add to it) because she doesn’t have any womanly skills commensurate with Princess Yu Chang.

  2. I am not ready to say goodbye either. This is what quality drama should be. If most of China’s script were this tight, their directing was this perfect and their leads were this amazing with acting and chemistry, their dramas would be unrivalled in Asia. Zhao Lusi went from rising star to STAR with this drama. her chemistry with Wu Lei gives me real love vibes. It is truly an amazing drama. Cudos to the Love like the Galaxy team.

    • I realized great dramas comes when all the stars align (casting, script, directing) and we can only hope to encounter it when it arrives. It’s rare but it happens is what gives me hope when most dramas in life are so mediocre to bad, to keep having faith and one day it’s rewarded.

      • You are right! I loved seeing the behind the scenes with the director. I loved it! I have been non-stop watching The Long Ballad waiting for Love like the Galaxy.

      • Watch the express episodes until 56 final. It would have beeb sweet if the final scene is their weddinh though

    • me too! After long day of work my go to stress reliever is this drama. I would say the best drama I’ve seen this year. Wulei and Lusi and the other cast did an awesome job.

  3. I will have a heart attack if I can’t get the fast track to work. Just give me all the CP cuteness after minimal angst!

    This is my drama of 2022. I don’t even remember how I fell down this rabbit hole but I loved all the slow burn, the initial awkwardness of the couple and them learning to be a couple. I love that our CP are both flawed characters but maybe thats just exactly what they both need.

    Please please please I hope the final few episodes do the whole series justice. Don’t let me down now!

  4. Definitely best cdrama ancient drama for 2022. Best scripts, great chemistry between WL and ZLS.
    Very sad this drama ending tonight, I’ve been looking forward every weeks to continue.
    Normally I can’t stand long drama but feel this drama not long enough. Let hope they can be in modern drama.
    Ms Koala, hopefully you can give us final thoughts tomorrow. Thank you

  5. Hoping for part 3 its gonna be a travel from ancient to modern like twilight they have 4 seasons and everybody are addicted it LBY and niao niao im addiceed to it and nobody can touch our TV for thier time slot ..

  6. Just a girl standing in front of a guy, saying I love you.
    Just a newebie Cdrama fan happening upon greatness.
    Happy to share this drama with those who love it as much as I do.

  7. I have so much work today and I want to watch it T.T

    Aaah I am so glad they released all the heartbreaking episode all at once. I thought I can handle separation but I can’t and I absolutely need the reassurance that I’ve got the episode ready

  8. This is the first Chinese drama that I watched from beginning to end. The casting, the script, and the chemistry is insane. For once the script was believable and not cliché with stupid reasons and bad cinematography. It made me fall in love with these characters and actors. Here hoping for them to act in another drama together cause their chemistry is intense.

    • Totally agree with your comment. I binged on the fast track episodes last night and loved it. Tons of tissues went to the trash, but the ending was truly rewarding and watched with smiles in my heart.

  9. Dropping the rest of the episodes today, yay! Best news ever. I will have the whole day Friday for it then. Indeed, this is is an epic. I read that the novel is a transmigration one, but the drama only a part of it. Hopefully, it’s success with the audience can spin a modern epilogue.

  10. OMG, I am not ready for the ending of this drama. I wnat more, even to 100th eps. This drama is more satisfying than ADoS with all its twists and turns and the adorable leads. How can I forget LBY who is so cold but very chivalrous and so handsommmeee (Wu Lei is just so amazing to nth degree) and CSS (Zhao Lusi makes me belived that this yound lady is so blessed with MLs) who is so witty and at the same time clumsy.I hope they will have more collaboration in the future.

  11. Atleast now i know i’m not the only crazily inlove with this drama. It will take sometime to move on with SS and LBY. The best chinese actress for me LusiZhao..and I love all her leading men. I don’t want to watch the long ballad bcoz it feels like i’m betraying LBY and SS crazy right? Haha

  12. This drama has kept me entertained for the past few weeks and i can’t bear to part ways with it now🥲. Writing,directing ,casting
    a perfect trifecta. Wasn’t much fond of Zhao lusi but she really got a new fan in me. Wulei was amazing too

    • me too! After long day of work my go to stress reliever is this drama. I would say the best drama I’ve seen this year. Wulei and Lusi and the other cast did an awesome job.

  13. This is a long costume drama Zi didbnot feel bored. Everything is perfect.I think why tencent offer an express episodes rom 46 to 56 due to tbey want to keep the momentum and high rate because so many fanatics in LLTG and instead spoiler they decide it to show it one time with the finale.The scene is becoming intense and focusing on war and LBY revenge if the sweet/romance encounter of CSS and LBY fans might lost interestbtonthe drama so this isvan intelligent decision to have an express viewing.Overall I enjoy this drama the best CDrama of 2022.. Congratulations to all particularly with the directo,ZL and WL .. this is the best drama of the 2 leads tjatbpeople will remember them.

  14. One the BEST Drama , a collection in you library. First drama where I have not forward a single scene. Watched it through all episodes. Waiting for next week. Can’t say good bye. As they say every beautiful thing come to and end.

  15. What makes LLTG different from most COSTUME DRAMA. 1. ML and FL are perfect in portrayingtheir characters. 2.The chemistry of Wl and ZL is really outstanding g they compliment each other. I never seen any drama that taken a serious scene but makes you laugh and feeling in love. 3. Wl though he was not speaking much or displaying typical courting the way he looks ZL as CSS you can feel a great sincere passion and love his facial expression, smile and most the eye contact with CSS will melt us down and giggle.4. THEY have an amazing support role particularly the emperor and 2 wives plus the 2 assistant of LBY. 4. THE script,line delivery,production and most the director he deserve a recognition and an award very hands-on and funny particularly if there is a kissing scene he is more excited. 5. Among all drama of ZL ihis is the best she acts naturally as well as Wu LEI I know he was an amazing sincere actor, but here he is very calm,gentle general. He looks so sweet despite he had a character of being cruel and fierce .I watch the long ballad it was good too,but his acting here is more simple,accurate and unforgettable.. however in the long ballad I notice his body is more masculine and very handsome with his long hair..In LLTG he looks skinny but sexy his standing position is commendable what makes him more sexy and masculine his eyes…looking…Zhao Lusi she is always funny and bad ass but here she bring it on All..innocence like when she was in I hear you, funny in Dating a kitchen and oh my emperor,sweetness in tiger and rose,Thousand years,BAD ASS IN FEMALE STUDENT .6. In teasers and BTS what makes the audience excited the 2 are just playing Wu LEI OFTEN LAUGH ON zhao LUSI FACIAL EXPRESSION INSTEAD HE WILL DEVELOP REAL LOVE I FOUND IT wu lei makes fun of her .You can see the Wu LEI still a child that found a playmate they see each other as friends .I THINK WHAT MAKES THE DRAMA EXCEL THEY REMOVE MALICE AND PERSONAL INTEREST WITH EACH OTHER THEY ARE JUST PROFESSIONAL ACTORS SO THEY DELIVER EVERY SCENE NATURALLY WITH OUT UNCOMFORTABLE AFTER THE DRÀMA…THESE 2 ACTORS AS WELL AS ALL THE SUPPORTING CAST most to the director DESERVE AN AWARD AND RECOGNITION.. It is worth to watch LLTG …THANK YOU FOR MAKING OUR DAY COMPLETE..I NEVER GET TIRED IN REWATCH8NG IT.

  16. I watched the drama all the way to epi 30. I am re watch the drama again form the start since My husband watch the 1st and 2nd and got hook on the 3rd episode and been watching the episode with me since. He told me not to watch the episode 32 onwards until he catch up. Now I have to literally hide from him watching the other episode because of course I cant wait. He watch 2 episodes a day and for me that’s too slow.

  17. I can’t get over until now. I’m still lost. Zisheng and Shaoshang captured my heart😂💔😭❤️😍. I can’t even watch other new or old cdrama or kdrama. I’m drawn with LLTG.

  18. I can’t get over until now. Zisheng and Shaoshang captured my heart😂💔😭❤️😍. I can’t even watch other new or old cdrama. I’m drawn with LLTG.

  19. I have waited so bad for their wedding!!!! Why have you skipped it????? Please make the ending more happier with their extravagant wedding…….

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