Extraordinary Attorney Woo Wraps Record Making Run for ENA with 17.534%

This Thursday was the finale of ENA the little drama that could and did Extraordinary Attorney Woo. The entire cast gathered at a theater to watch the final episode with lucky fans who scored an invite and that type of smart planning to ride on the hype is such a win-win. The final episode hit a series high 17.534% ratings, which is the highest ever for tiny cable channel ENA and for now the highest rated prime time K-drama of 2022, which means aside from daily and weekend family fare. There were some grumbling about the second half being not as good as the first mostly due to the episode cases being less interesting and also that out of left field cancer storyline. But the finale ratings show that viewers stuck with it and the reviews for the final episode is positive which bodes well for the discussions about a Season 2.


Extraordinary Attorney Woo Wraps Record Making Run for ENA with 17.534% — 7 Comments

  1. I’m okay with the cancer storyline because it humanizes the lawyers. The law profession is a stressful and toxic environment and while winning cases is the goal of every firm, the lawyers are humans too and are exposed to health hazards.

    Going back, I feel like Jun-Ho’s story arc is not complete. We haven’t learned much of his personal background aside from doing volunteer work for the disabled and that he has an overbearing sister in jeju.

    • the concern of the cancer storyline isn’t on the plot itself but rather how they paint it as a laughing stock. That’s what makes most viewers uncomfortable.

  2. I agree that the second half of the drama isn’t as gripping as the earlier episodes, but the finale is really great. It brings back all the emotions I felt during the first half of this show. Park eunbin’s acting really shines last night.

    As for the cancer thing, the writer could’ve made it better. Or at least not use it as a comedy. I mean, people keep scolding youngwoo not to talk about whale, but they can’t even prevent her to stop blurting out the survival rate for the stomach cancer.

    Still, there are more good sides in this drama. Last night, I feel what youngwoo feels, fullfillment 😂 gonna miss young woo and her bright eyes so much

  3. I love it from the beginning to the end. Each case was interesting and brought growth to Young-Woo.

    She was the center and heart of the drama. Park Eun-Bin did really great. She was so on point with her gesture and way to speak. I loved the whales!

    In the mean time, KTO was very lucky to get this role. Because honestly, he was super swoony but he didn’t bring anything special to this role, his character wasn’t really explored, even Min-Woo had a better arc. In the BTS the director and PEB really helped him a lot.

    The rest of the casting was good. Kang Ki-Young shined a lot in this role! I didn’t mind his cancer. It’s a common illness in Korea and forced Young-Woo to work with someone else.

  4. I’m going to miss this little gem of 2022. Park Eun Bin deserves all the acting awards she can win. Mr drama addict who has an autistic sister said that PEB’s portrayal was spot on in terms of mannerism, physical expressions and body movements like the way she walks and runs. The supporting cast did a great job too although there wasn’t much for KTO to do with his char development.

    I wouldn’t mind a season 2 although 2024 seems like a looooong wait. Goodbye for now WYW, I’ll miss you and your whales.

  5. It was a pleasantly surprise journey love all the casts they fit their characters so well…can’t wait for S2 in 2 years 😇…

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