Zhao Lu Si and Wu Lei Reunite at Star-studded Bulgari Event Looking Ridiculously Gorgeous in Black and White

I love Italian jewelry house Bulgari and now I have reason to enjoy their China pictorials even more as C-actor Wu Lei and C-actress Zhao Lu Si are both one of their brand ambassadors. It’s been a week since their Han dynasty C-drama Love Like the Galaxy wrapped and it’s great timing to see them reunited in real life at this Shanghai Event held to promote the brand’s new installation “Eden, The Garden of Wonders”. He went all black and she not only went with an all white gown her entire agency pictorial collection actually resembled a bridal shoot. I don’t ship these two in real life but appreciate seeing these new pics at the same event to help my continued weaning off the LLTG high.


Zhao Lu Si and Wu Lei Reunite at Star-studded Bulgari Event Looking Ridiculously Gorgeous in Black and White — 25 Comments

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  2. They ate and left no crumbs. Wu Lei is getting hotter by the second and discovering her feminine side and not just her cute side. Beautiful. And I ship. lol

  3. Stunning, absolutely gorgeous. Two of the most talented and versatile actors and actress of the new generation of post 95. Looking forward to more joint works by them.

  4. this event was a feast for the eyes, and wu lei and zhao lusi served us GOOD. their little interaction was very cute, but there were so many fan edits of them that so looked real i thought they’d spent the whole evening together 🤣

    i LOVE all the wu lei updates. please keep them coming, miss koala!

  5. OOf he looks so fine here, simple yet impeccablly sexy styling and more importantly, you can tell he feels comfortable and confident in it. She’s basically wearing a wedding dress but it’s such an eye catching silhouette so she doesn’t look bland at all.

    Korean celebrity stylists need to take serious note jfc. I’ve been trying for years to get into cdramas with little success and pretty much gave up. Maybe I’ll give theirs a try.

    • love like the galaxy is a great gateway to cdramas imo! the beginning is a little slow, so hang on until at least episode 12. it’s a very wild and very satisfying ride, and these two have fire chemistry.

      • Oh shah. Love Like the Galaxy is my gateway drama to the world of Cdrama. All the strokes: cinematography, writing, character selection, strong females who actually have brains. I’m on board.

  6. Still pressed that they didn’t do a lot of promos for LLTG. Didn’t realize how starved I was until I saw the amount of contents for love between fairy and devil (interviews, photoshoots, livestreams, variety shows) and i didn’t realize how starved i was. I need mooooooore.

    • wow i didn’t even know we could’ve had these things. we were robbed. probably bc they’re both filming, but still. robbed! at least their first livestream was super cute, but i haven’t been able to find english subs.

      • OMG the amount of behind the scenes content canglanjue has out! And the wang hedi is really riding the wave, boy is out and about doing so much stuff. The contents is endless. We could have had it all!!!!

      • I watched LLTG on Viki Rakuten. The English subtitles are excellent. Watching it again while waiting for the last two episodes on Viki.

    • apparently it was because LLTG was planning for a spring festival (lunar new year) airing – they even recorded all the new year greetings and stuff – and got pushed up to this summer’s scheduling. the director and team were editing as the drama was airing, it was that rushed. so speculation is that the promos couldn’t keep up and the actors weren’t scheduled to promote during this period either unfortunately.

      • which sucks. But i guess it all works out. The shipping is already so wild without it.

      • damn it’s impressive they still did so well without promotions. do you know why it was bumped up? wonder if the pacing could have been better in the last few episodes with more time for post-production.

    • they barely did any CP promotion but their cp fandom is big! the super topic page at weibo reached almost 350k followers and they are the only BG couple in top 10. the others are BL. can you imagine if tencent decided to pronote them with interview, mag photoshoot

    • word on the street is that tencent will hold a special celebration event for the drama next week, and both wu lei and zhao lusi will be in attendance! no confirmation, but fingers crossed this pans out.

  7. Yay! A post on this. Thank you! I love the fan edits of videos and photos with Lusi and Leo/Lusi and Yang Yang. It’s so great. There were little to basically that one interaction between these two but at least Leo’s sister and Lusi’s manager from photos had a bit more going on. Lusi was absolutely stunning. And the photo of her with a white shawl and a face mask, from her eyes and hair alone, you’d think she is IU!

  8. I am a new fans for both actor and actress , Wu Lei dan zhao Lu Si , and ‘Love like the galaxy ‘ bring me to a new gateway to C drama. Still unable to move on …

    • It’s definitely hard to move on as of yet. We could gobble on all the crumbs we could get and we’re still left starving.😁😋😜 These two have really brought many of us to the endless pit of imagination. You, Ms. Koala didn’t help at all because of this post.😭🤣 Thank you for satiating our hunger for more posts and news about the WuLu ship. Keep them coming!

  9. Thanks Koala for introducing this C drama to me. My first watching a 50+ episodes C drama and now I’m suffering a massive withdrawal. Can anyone introduce another option to watch to soften the blow?

    • If you like Wu Lei, The Long Ballad may worth watching, although this one is by far his best as an adult actor. His child acting is also very good.

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