Junho and Yoona Romance Drama King the Land Confirmed for jTBC Airing and Starts Filming in Fall 2022

It’s happening and I for one am super excited. The upcoming romance drama King the Land has landed a broadcast channel, it will be airing on jTBC sometime in 2023. It’s high profile thanks to casting two good looking idols with Junho pairing up with Yoona, not to mention both are currently in career highs. He had The Red Sleeve Cuff and she is currently in Big Mouth and has a new movie opening with Confidential Assignment 2. The drama sounds like a modernized homage to classic Hallyu drama Hotelier, in that Junho plays an hotel heir chaebol dealing with succession issues and Yoona is the bright and cheerful hotel employee he crosses paths with. There remains fewer romance dramas these days so despite the dorky sounding premise I really don’t care just give these two making out onscreen and pining for each other and I’ll be fine with that.


Junho and Yoona Romance Drama King the Land Confirmed for jTBC Airing and Starts Filming in Fall 2022 — 23 Comments

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  2. I don’t know about any of you all, but I’ve been missing old-school KDrama romances recently. I think because a lot of KDramas have been a bit westernized now?

    Now if they can make a drama with the heart-fluttering quality of the old-school ones but without all the problematic sh*t, then that would be perfect for me! Plus Junho! Been a fan of him since 2PM days and of his acting since Chief Kim. Not a fan of Yoona, but she’s watchable, so no complaints here.
    Excited for this! 😍

    • Yes me too! However i can’t seems to watch business proposal because it’s too cliché. Haha.
      I miss old rom com but with a good storyline.

      • Yes, JESSLYN. Give us more of those heart-stopping good old fashioned romance dramas. A lyrical OST will be most welcome as well.

    • Me too. Miss them like crazy. Personally for me, most K-romcoms after 2016 kind of fell flat for me. My all time favs include Secret Garden, Kim Sam Soon, Marriage Not Dating, Shopping King Louie, Weightlifting Fairy KBJ and SWDBS. They all have swoony OSTs to boot.

      I agree that post Netflix & other OTTS, the newer k-romcoms have kind lost its magic. Then again maybe I’m getting older and older. Lol.

  3. Wow rom-com from Lee Junho. I’m glad that he’s does not limit himself to serious roles. And I have a good feeling about his chemistry with Yoona. It’s going to be a fantastic drama. I never found a good quality rom-com in a long time.

    • JUNHO is a very versatile actor. I’ve seen almost all of his dramas and his roles vary in each one.
      Looking forward to this one.
      YOONA is another competent actor and they look good together.

  4. Times changes . I miss the heart fluttering feeling i had while watching old school dramas but i wouldn’t be able to rewatch most of them . A good rom com is rare nowadays so i tend to watch thrillers,legal,…dramas . Not a fan of Yoona but it’s okay .Love Junho . I’m in ! Hoping for a good one as a visual couple doesn’t guaranteed great chemistry which is a very important factor in a rom com .

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