Song Joong Ki Celebrates His Younger Sister Graduating From Prestigious Seoul National University School of Medicine

I remember when Song Joong Ki hit it big with Nice Guy and then even bigger after military service with Descendants of the Sun there was a lot of coverage about his background. He had one of the highest entrance test scores and graduated from Sungkyunkwan University before entering actor. Then people found out he comes from an academic family background and his older brother majored in Chinese at Beijing University. Now his younger sister adds to the family academic pedigree by graduating from Seoul National University School of Medicine and becoming a doctor. The siblings attended her graduation and took a picture and just at the two oppas beaming with pride!


Song Joong Ki Celebrates His Younger Sister Graduating From Prestigious Seoul National University School of Medicine — 15 Comments

  1. Man, SJK got all the looks in his family. If I were his siblings I would be annoyed. At least the IQ points got distributed more evenly.

    • I’m not going to lie, I kind of thought the same thing. I can see how they look like siblings, there are certain features that are similar. SJK definitely got the perfect combination. However, looks aren’t everything. They’re all amazing in their own right. To graduate from the school of medicine at SNU is no easy feat! Congrats to his sis!

    • I wouldn’t say… IQ has been distributed evenly either lol. SNU is a whole another level BUT to top it off she’s even doing Medicine. 😃

      • That’s hard to say. Sjk reportedly had 380/400 for korean entrance exam and he could totally go to SNU if he wanted to.

  2. wooaah… The sister gets the classic of what a pure Korean woman should look like, if you meet someone like her, 99% she must be a Korean. No need to ask.

  3. Congratulations to her. A medical degree in such a harsh environment and from a prestigious university.

    Look at the siblings heights. I also have to admire how all 3 have great complexions. With all the PS in S Korea I have to admire someone who stuck to her natural looks. She is tall, clever, a doctor and have a supportive family. That is a lot of pluses already in her life.

  4. Congratulations young lady your determination and support from a loving family has gotten you to this point. Much success in your future

  5. Whoa! Congrats to the young lady of Song family. This family has good academic skills; eldest brother grad from Being Univ, while SJK from SU and now, oh my, SNU. Surely, Appa and Eomma were all proud of the three siblings.

  6. Congratulations to the Song family!! What a wonderful family! It’s not about look and fame forgoodness sake,get real people!! You’re assessing the brother’s fame as a Star BUT there’s more to life then a Star or the Look…A person’s values morals and standards are more important then the look nor the Star so good on the Songs family for living their life as they do and NOT to live it to pease the fans.💯💯

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