Xianxia Romance Drama Immortal Samsara Ends Run Leaving Even Ardent Fans Disappointment with the Conclusion

I watched two episodes of Immortal Samsara and bounced, considering I couldn’t even get through Ashes of Love which is objectively a pretty good xianxia and a much better made drama that this. Jin Mi annoyed the shit out of me in AoL and I didn’t have the patience to get to the point she mentally grew up but here at least leads Cheng Yi and Yang Zi are not playing annoyingly written characters from the outset. I just found IS so dramatically pale as a narrative, the story and characters didn’t hook me and the struggles felt like facsimiles of prior xianxia dramas but not in any interesting fresh way. It remains one of the three hit dramas of the summer of 2022 along with Love Like the Galaxy and Love Between Fairy and Devil so I guess it is true that whatever Yang Zi is in will sell even if no one really loves the story all that much. I only heard that IS finished this past week from the howls of fury, frustration, and anger from the fans of the drama who took to social media en masse to complain. I hear you peeps, that was me last weekend from Alchemy of Souls. *solidarity fist bump of anger*


Xianxia Romance Drama Immortal Samsara Ends Run Leaving Even Ardent Fans Disappointment with the Conclusion — 42 Comments

  1. Oh yes! I just binge watched the last episodes and it’s terrible! Absolutely dumbfounded at this ending. I’m not even a fan of Yang Zi but I have a super soft spot for Chen Yi, my that man suffers so beautifully that I can’t take my eyes of that handsome face. I haven’t watched love like a galaxy but I’ve seen love between fairy and devil. That was a really good show with a short but satisfying ending, good story, great soundtrack and actors.

      • **spoiler**
        It’s more because people expect a happy ending after all the couple went though and that didn’t happen. However, there’ll be a surprise sept 7th.

        I quite enjoyed the drama, especially the mortal realm arc. Typical xianxia drama, dragged here and there, but what made it popular was probably the acting and Yangzi and Cheng yi’s awesome chemistry.

    • I should have known the ending would disappoint. But, definitely watch “Love like the Galaxy” it is great story & actors!

  2. Immortal samsara is not so good but the acting of the two main lead is undeniably great..yang zi and Cheng yi compliment each other there chemistry is very nice,sweet and hot…

  3. I have been following IS since day 1 n can’t wait to see final episodes. Wish got happy ending. I dont understand why dramas must end badly bec we watching as entertainment not reality. Some more it is a fantasy. Actually been watching Love like Galaxy, Love between Fairy & Devil too all 3 same nights. But my sequence is IS, LLG n LBFD…I eagerly await IS first bec the other 2 are more or less predictable. This one very interesting with so many characters

    • Firstly,sad ending is not bad ending . Ying yuan personality decided he going to use his life to save the world to mend the barrier(block devil from enter the heaven) that destroyed by the bad guys while Yan Dan hold her promise that while ying yuan protect the world , she protect ying yuan,hence yan dan need to die in order for her real body to protect his spirits after he kill himself. So that after thousand year, they able to turn into human form and together forever .

  4. I really want to continue watching it but I end up watching Love between fairy and devil

    Kind of bummer cause I enjoy the oath of love and love and redemption

  5. it is really a goud drama, and fabulous performance of the team. I wish to see the final episodes. I am waiting for each second to going. I think the love between ying yuan and yandan goes more intresting, i wish to see a hapoy ending.

  6. I love watching IS and always waiting for the new episode every week,thanks season 2 didnt have to wait for another year to watch T.T . This drama fill with lot of adventure and i really love the storyline. I love Yan Dan character, she is clever, beautiful and lovely person. This drama is worth to watch and you will fall in love with demon king compared to love between hero and heroin. Wahahahaha

  7. I watched 3 of the hit dramas of the summer and Immortal Samsara ranked last IMO. CY and YZ were carrying the whole drama by themselves while the director and script writer were smoking weed and getting high at the back of the van.

    LLTG is the best followed by LBFD. LBFD is a total surprised for me who never took Dylan seriously as an actor especially after certain dragon drama. But he really redeemed himself in LBFD.

      • I meant it by my personal ranking….haha. I love LBFD but it’s just a pretty feel good drama unlike LLTG where the story and everything are deeper and more complex.

    • LMAO!…hahaha….you just nailed the IS director and script writer smoking weed and getting high at the back of the van while CY and YZ were carrying the whole drama by themselves, so TRUE! love YZ and CY but damn they really wasted this two actors talents…tsk tsk..a shame really… Me watching IS is like watching AOL all over again when Yandan the heroine comes in and then the male lead makes an appearance and suddenly it’s like I’m watching LAR again…istg! had to pause sometimes just to clear my mind that this is IS I’m watching….even the other characters, drama atmosphere, the concept, the feels are so like AOL and LAR! *sighs*

      Agree with you! I really love LLTG best drama, it’s my top 1 next to LBFAD and then IS.

      Dylan in LBFAD was so good here I was impressed ,my only complain is Esther Yu.
      I don’t have anything against her it’s just that she’d gone bananas overboard with the CUTE act..I mean c’mon gal you’re cute already…. she doesn’t need to slap and forcefully convince us that she has an overload of her supposedly cuteness that borders on being cringey and ended up being fake ,artificial and just too much annoying to me…she should have tempered and should have known when to limit or stop being overly cute especially in certain scenes in LBFAD.

  8. So all of u don’t know that there is a scene left and they didn’t release it.If u are a person who always watch the series and watch the updated news about this series u will know that at the end they both meet again and kiss and that scene was leak on internet.I even found it on Instagram and there is also a rumour(I am not very sure but many pages who uploaded immortal samsara post it)the last scene will release in 7september.

    • So u are writing an article about a drama after only watch two episode. Am I correct?And then judge the whole thing.Well,for me as a person who watch from first to last esposide and not missing a single episode even know which episode is good and in which their acting needed and their acting was good and you only watch two episode and judging Wow.And then write about the fans go crazy and disappointed because of the ending.To be honest I feel sad and angry because I already see the scene where they both meet again and (yes this was not in their dream which show in the early eposide) they didn’t add the scene that what I angry about.But u not even watch the whole series and writing an article about that well I think that was not good.

      • He had to die for three reasons. The resurrected clansmen will also disappear at the same time if he died, and the Three Realms would be safe. He loves the common people, so he does not allow himself to be the possibility of harming the common people. He was worried that he would lose control and kill Yan Dan again

  9. For me the 1st to 20th episodes were amazing but when they were in mortal realm it became dull and lousy already and it dragging so it will just reached more episodes. I like Yang Zi just came from the oath of love she’s so amazing there and i love the story. Love like galaxy is sooo amazing Wu Lei and Zhao Lusi are the best and love their chemistry must watch 👌

    • me too I really really like LOVE LIKE THE GALAXY…Leo Wu and Zhao Lusi were so great in it even their “Ooohlala!”CHEMISTRY are LIT and heavenly LEGIT…love them two so much and this drama is the best for me!

      sadly for IMMORTAL SAMSARA for me it had so much an ASHES OF LOVE and LOVE AND REDEMPTION atmosphere and vibes to me…or is it me only thinking this? …or maybe because LOVE AND REDEMPTION and ASHES OF LOVE series were so dear to me that I can’t unsee CY and YZ characters…

      and If only LOVE BETWEEN FAIRY AND DEVIL didn’t broadcast same as IMMORTAL SAMSARA , ‘çause I can’t help but like and prefer LBFAD so much more so than IS.

  10. Everything Yang Zi is in sells? You sure? Ratings were awful, especially considering the amount of money invested. There were no hits this summer, as per Datawin so it’s useless to try and push this. It was a bad show from start to finish and Yang Zi was bad in it. CY was better but the poor guy sure suffered abuse for it. Smh

  11. I watched all 4 dramas…LLTG, LBFaD, AoS and IS (partial).
    I love LLTG and LBFaD. The actors were excellent and their chemistry astounding.
    On the other hand, AoS made me want to tear off my hair and run away screaming.
    IS became a bit erratic towards the end which made me stop watching …period.

  12. No, in fact many of the China fans was sad, but they don think is a bad ending, because mamy of us understands that some sacrifices are in exchange for a better future, just like our soldiers sacrificed their lives for the country in exchange for the country’s peace, this drama talk about big love came before small love, only when country peace then we able to stay with our love ones with any worry. In fact Yan Dan is not dead, she just used her real body to protect Ying Yuan’s primordial spirit and wait till thousand year turn into human form and they will be together forever

    • It’d suck for them to be humans, because their time together is super short. They need to be deities again so they can actually be together forever.

      • I heard YingYuan is gonna be a earth diety….. This feels weird calling YingYuan tudi gong Gong since I’ve only ever called those super old looking diety that….

  13. I enjoyed IS because of YZ and CY’s detailed acting, so I can look past some obvious shortcomings of the cdrama, even the repetitive scenes of xianxia stories. I liked the universal message of sacrifice for greater love to protect those under that umbrella that this story tells. I love everything that YZ is in and will always support her. I hope they do get better scripts together in another drama as CY is also a great actor and is very humble. IS and AOL will be my all time fave xianxia cdramas until YZ comes out with another one.

  14. Just because YOU don’t love the story, doesn’t mean other people doesn’t. For a drama where the leads doesn’t do CP activities and create drama nor go on shows to promote, it’s doing very well. Plus you can NOT create that result they did with just fans. Fans are powerful but we’re not omnipotent.

    Also from a Chinese fan poverty, that ending is perfect. Plus there’s fanwai

  15. I would like to share my comment after watching 37 episodes of Immortal samsara because am still watching in youku, but I felt few episodes in between were boring and their acting wasn’t live. Cheng YI’s expressions were same as well in ‘Love and Redemption’ so the acting and dialogue delivery were same in comparison. About Yang Zi, she is charming and active in expressions which makes the drama bit interesting.Rest of the supporting actors few did really well especially the head of magic pavilion brought anger and irritation and did get role better equal to main leads. On the whole Immortal samsara is good for ‘one time watch’ because their was nothing to learn from this drama according to me.

    Mean while I watched ‘ Love between Fairy and devil’s, a different story plot and all characters acting were perfect and never felt bored. I appreciate the team work. The main hero was really awesome and handsome. Behavior, appearance, forgiveness….. There is so much to learn and can be compared to our life struggles and happiness. Really a good drama to watch.

    • I agreed, too much fillers and shallow conversation in IS. It’s a real OG type of XianXia. Usually XianXia or costume drama in general has a complex poetic deep dialog but IS is just shallow like a HS play script. The director and script writer were smoking weed and get high at the back of the trailer and put all of the responsibility on the main leads’ shoulders.

      While CLJ despite the way lower budgeted drama, their production put their money on all the right places. Dialog was awesomely meaningful and touched hearts

  16. I waited this show for like what…. 1 year time…. buuutttttt….. how disappointing was the entire show was…. first was okay but after they start at immortal realm…. the show got really boring and story doesnt match up at all…. all i think was missing lot of story between episodes…. and the acting was horrible… main characters had no chemistry…. aaannnnddx boy the ending wasssss…. wwwwwwttttt…… ffff was that… worst drama

  17. IS didn’t live up to expectations!!! The chemistry was pale in comparison to both ml& fl previous roles. A complete flop for me. I’m glad I watched LBFAD. Too many stories woven in IS. Glad it’s over

  18. I stopped watching IS around episode 20. It never a good sign when the evil doers are in control for most of the drama. I don’t find it pleasing to watch the main characters struggle, be star crossed, hesitate, misunderstanding, and all those other tropes. The FL and ML spent more time apart than working together and building a relationship.

  19. I loved Immortal Samsara!!Especially the 2 main leads Cheng Yi & Yang Zi. Excellent in their acting n their chemistry was superb! So enjoyable to watch:p

  20. I truly enjoyed and love IS. While its broad storyline and framework is the usual xianxia style but can see they put in efforts to differentiate the process and it is in line with the character traits and their development of the characters to make them understand the perspectives of each other. While the editing has flaws and is not consistent, but the acting is solid by both leads and their chemistry is spilling or oozing like crazy. I saw reports by 3rd party including Datawin and it is clear that IS is leading among all 3 dramas mentioned here, after all completed aring. Hence, that speaks for itself.

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