Wu Lei and Zhou Yu Tong Do the Older Woman-Younger Man Romance for 2023 Modern C-drama Nothing But You

On the list of upcoming potentially disapproved/discouraged C-drama filming requirements does not mention the older woman-younger man (noona-dongsaeng) romance that is popular across many Asian countries drama tropes. Reportedly there are a few in the works currently filming or soon to film for 2023 including Nothing But You (爱情而已 Love Only) starring Zhou Yu Tong and Wu Lei. The drama started filming this past May and is centers around sports, but I can’t tell if it’s tennis or badminton lol since the teaser poster shows both. Wu Lei picking this drama sounds like his style, to keep changing up his roles and challenges in genre so hopefully the two leads generate plenty of chemistry to sell the romance.


Wu Lei and Zhou Yu Tong Do the Older Woman-Younger Man Romance for 2023 Modern C-drama Nothing But You — 10 Comments

  1. i believe he has badminton background but is a tennis player in drama’s timeline.

    there was a leaked clip that looked like a bed scene floating around on twitter a few weeks ago. i don’t think chemistry will be a problem for these two. 🥵

  2. Wu Lei is really challenging himself..If with Dilraba he was not allowed ( cibtract stipulation/ age ?) to kiss, he finally had some kissing scenes with Zhao Lusi ( slow burning romance) and now jumping in bed scene with Zhou Youtong! Good for him, learning chemistry from his noonas 😉

  3. In parallel love li hongyi was 10yr young than his leading lady . So 5yr is nothing and I must say she don’t look older than him she is a very beautiful young lady I am looking forward to watch this drama. Love c dramas 💖 so thank you for the best shows I have ever seen ❤

    • OMG, Holy Smokes!!!!!! He got games!!!!!!
      glad now I didn’t know about Wu Lei when he was a baby LOL, not envying those with conflicting emotions hahaha
      His future is so bright, he has all the global appeals, acting skills, physiques and great off screen personality. So exciting!!!

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