Song Joong Ki Cameos in Episode 2 of tvN Drama Little Women Opposite Kim Go Eun

This weekend is the premiere of new tvN Sat-Sun drama Little Women, a big change in genre from predecessor Alchemy of Souls with fantasy period setting to modern day family intrigue. It’s off to a good start with episode 1 ratings of 6.395% and episode 2 on Sunday had a high profile cameo with Song Joong Ki in a scene opposite female lead Kim Go Eun. I haven’t started the drama yet so I don’t know the context for the scene. Song Joong Ki’s cameo is to support PD Kim Hee Won who directed him in Vincenzo.


Song Joong Ki Cameos in Episode 2 of tvN Drama Little Women Opposite Kim Go Eun — 16 Comments

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  2. Oh my gosh the drama is good. The cast is amazing. Thereโ€™s comedy and thriller and suspense and heartwarming moments. KGE is really an amazing actress. She can do any genre. Her acting range is top. They should be in a drama her and song joong ki.

  3. Omg this drama Is absolutely amazing. Blows ANY kdrama from recent yrs out of the water imo. This is the sort of drama I’ve been waiting for. The cinematography is stunning, characters are super layered and complex, writing is top notch. It does have the eerie/slightly dark vibes very similar to the handmaiden which this screenwriter also wrote. This has everything – mystery, darkness, shady ppl, family relationships, everything. Every character brings something to the table and I’m never bored.

    Wow never felt like that for a kdrama in awhile, most if not all bore me within the first 4 to 6 eps. If only there were more dramas like this. This has only 12 eps so I hope the intrigue and suspense is kept up. Cant wait for weekends!

  4. This drama is damn good so far on all fronts. Even the intro is a step above other kdramas. It’s literally like watching a good quality korean movie and I’m glad to hear it’s only 12 episodes too.

  5. +1 to all the other rave reviews. Little Women is in a class of it’s own. I have not seen a more perfect first two kdrama episodes. You can’t nitpick anything. It’s like watching The Handmaiden / Decision to Leave transferred onto the small screen. This is the kind of work actors will take pay cuts to have on their resume.

    The cinematography is a piece of art. I’m going to religiously follow all of Kim Heewon’s works after this.

  6. I’m stunned by the first episode. The vibes are totally different from normal k-dramas. It looks and feels more like a noir film. The set design has Tim Burton vibes. I can immediately sense the writer wanted to pay homage to original LW yet this drama retains its own unique take on the poverty stricken sisters.

    All the characters even supporting ones are so layered and three dimensional. Awesome character development with unexpected twists and turns. Nam Ji Hyun’s In Kyung absolutely shocked me being outed as a ****SPOILER ALERT****** closet alcoholic.

    The Daesang next year will be packed with superb performances from LW actresses challenging Park Eun Bin for the Best Actress crown.

    • well, the best acctress in recent years has some fierce competitor to begin with, especially in 2022 with so many hits focus on women. So I won’t be surprise Park Eun Bin place as a winner is not secure yet in Daesang.

      How bless I am this is happen in my life time after so many years actress feels like a supporting character to the male lead in alot of drama.

      • Aye, agree @missjb. 2022 is the year of the women in k-dramas. I was truly hoping my other fav actress Jung So Min would be given a strong role to play in AOS but alas the HS threw her under the bus in the most disgusting manner.

        Never mind, I pray and hope that So Min will blow audiences in movieland via Project Wolf Hunting as a gritty female detective amongst a sea of male characters. Here’s to many more strong female roles directed by female directors and written by excellent female writers.

  7. This drama is so excellent, the plot is intense and cat, writing and directing are amazing. I have no words. This not like usual dramas, we are watching a long Korean movie. Each detail is perfect. Looking forward to be on Saturday.

  8. Like the first 2 episodes. No boring moments. Anticipating more episodes to come. Would love to see Song Jung Ki & Kim Go Eun pair in a Kdrama or movie too.

  9. Wow here he comes Song Joong Ki and Kim Go Eun two of my favourites. I love them both, their acting and lines comes naturally.
    I have seen all their K dramas and films and still following. Enthusiastic to watch upcoming Son of the Conglomerate and Yumis cells. When can they be aired on Netflix?

    • I’m dissapoint Song Joong Ki role in this drama is so unsignificant. I though he would have pivotal roles, since they say They said he has special appearance. But I guess He is too busy filming his new drama.

  10. Love both episodes . If it continues like that it will be a great drama . But i don’t understand why they had to mention “based upon “Little women” novel ” . Aside the fact that they are sisters and poor …

    • I think there are more than that : the father missing, the rich great aunt who takes one sister under her wing, the rich neigbour, etc. So if they didn’t tell, everybody would have said that they copied Little Women.

      • But many dramas have a lot of more significative similitaries with existent works and don’t mention it . If they produce a drama about an orphan adopted by an old couple, do they have to mention Anne of GG, E Gaskell ‘s novel North and south when a self made man falls in love with a woman of a higher social rank . What i mean is that many fictions are just another version of many classics .

  11. Better than most k-dramas airing today. KGE is a great actress, easily shifts from one emotion to another. I like the house where the 3 girls live, very different from normal houses in the West, those Korean touches make it more interesting to international audiences. I find that when kdramas are set in the city and the vibes aspire to be more like the West than local Korean, I find it less interesting to watch.

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