K-netizens Disagree for Why Today’s Webtoon Has Low Ratings, Not Due to K-audience not Liking J-dorama Style But Because This Version Isn’t as Good as the Original

The currently airing SBS Fri-Sat drama Today’s Webtoon is now officially the lowest rated drama in the network time slot for 2022, with the low of 1.5% and the high of 4.1% when it premiered. It’s averaging in the 2% range and K-ent is saying that even Kim Se Jung can’t bring in ratings for this drama despite her streak of hits. A recent K-ent article claims that the drama isn’t what the K-audiences want claiming that exaggerated comedic style doesn’t resonate with the local audience that likes more realistic fare. That made the K-netizens LOL since K-dramas is the queen of makjang which has zero resemblance to realism in any way. WORD. K-netizens who have watched the J-dorama adaptation of this manga Juhan Shuttai! say it’s great and even C-netizens agree as the dorama has a 9.2 on Douban ratings. So once again it’s the K-drama has not been adapted well and that happens so much especially with J-ent fare. At least we know it’s not a problem with the cast who seem very game and trying their best.


K-netizens Disagree for Why Today’s Webtoon Has Low Ratings, Not Due to K-audience not Liking J-dorama Style But Because This Version Isn’t as Good as the Original — 33 Comments

  1. It is soooo boring. The characters are beyond one dimensional. The biggest problem with jdramas. Villians never get depth reveal and main characters don’t go deep. Throw in so many irritating side characters and a very dated storyline of overcoming difficulties simply with sheer determination and predictable outcomes makes this the dullest of productions. The webtoon creators are a bunch of uncharming irritants. The team at neon dishes out uninspiring dialogue. On Ma-Eums family overacts and sejeong cruises on the cutes to lift a hopeless and preachy script. I mentioned from day 1 when the casting news came out that I am very iffy on remakes especially jdramas because its always bad. I super DISAGREE with K-netizens because viewers tend to watch jdramas with a different set of expectations than watching their kdrama. Hence I agree with the journalist fully that exaggerated comedic styles is cringe on a kdrama and does not resonates. Comparing it to Makjangs is totally off as makjang dramas like Penthouse is sheer guilty pleasure. Lesson to be learnt yet again. DO NOT REMAKE JAPANESE DRAMAS. There has not been a successful one in years. Sejeong will be fine as Uncanny Counters will definitely hit No.1 again but she or Jellyfish really needs to be better at picking dramas. Her track record now stands at 1 avg. 2 fails. 2 successes. Girl is v talented but imo she needs to leave that company.

    • You disagree with KOREAN viewers on their own KOREAN tastes??? LOL. Girl, the drama and your idol KSJ are flops. Accept it and move on. Stop blaming J-dramas and her agency for the flop drama. KSJ doesn’t know or care about you for you to be whining in all her posts on this blog like this. Dummy.

  2. I haven’t watched today’s webtoon beyond ep 1. But it’s unfortunate they go against big mouth and the writers of big mouth has better track record to gain audience. This drama might be better fare in monday tuesday slot.

  3. I can’t imagine Korean PDs trying and remake “Nagi No Oitama” or “Bokura Wa Kiseki de dekite”. I wish J-ent will be more agressive in promoting their stuffs on the international market.

  4. Today’s Webtoon isn’t the best drama in the world but I like it well enough. The biggest mistake was putting it on Friday-Saturday. Also, exaggerated comedic style? Obviously, that writer has not only never watched a makjang drama but also never watched Today’s Webtoon, at least beyond the first 10 minutes of Episode 1. It’s not even a comedy, it’s a workplace slice-of-life.

  5. But I am loving this drama.. it’s different from others.so it’s unfair if you only include k-netz reviews.. what about international viewers…

  6. Since when KSJ bring high ratings. As far as I know she is not a rating draw. She is just lucky that she starred in a well-written and directed dramas.

    • Exactly! That girl is a mediocre actress and no ratings magnet. All the hit dramas she’s been in were carried by her co-stars. Yet look at how her agent Jenna has been having heart attacks over her on this site. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      • Nice to see you have a new handle (AKA MommasBear). At least sejeong is normal. Unlike your psycho idol Seo Yeji.

  7. I’m watching it and even if it has many flaws , it’s an easy watch , good for a friday night . The actors are doing their job . A contrario, i don’t understand all the fuss about Big Mouse, i may be wrong but it’s going to end as The mentalist and Red John . A big SERIOUSLY??? WTF ! Do Knetizens find LJS realistic as the boss feared by the prisoners ? He doesn’t convey either the enigmatic feeling needed for this kind of role . No offence, just my opinion .

      • Perhaps ! but your english is perfect not mine . English from my high school days, a long long long time ago . It wasn’t my university curriculum either( a long time ago too). I don’t convey always what i really mean wich may be misinterpreted . 😉

      • Oh, my English is far from perfect! Sometimes I wrote words like in French or the order of the words u_u

        My English lessons are old too, it’s US show with English subtitles that help me. I’m often frustrated because I can’t express my feelings or opinion too.

      • Hollywood classic movies for me as i don’t like the french audio version . Capra, Wider, Hitchcock, …” hush hush sweet Charlotte” great movie with Bette Davis Olivia De Havilland and Joseph Cotten .

  8. Her character is suffocating cheerful 😅 I can’t stand people like her IRL why I must watch them in drama in my leisure time? ha ha

    • But if you actually had watched the show past the first 10 minutes of episode 1, you’d know that your statement doesn’t make sense. She is an optimist but her cheerfum demeanor is just a coping mechanism she developed. Take your jealously elsewhere and don’t take it out on a fictional character. Some people just do their best to be positive, even when it is extremely tough.

  9. The drama is quite boring and KSJ jumps into another drama which is same same type as her previous. Wish she would do something else quite tired of her in this type of role. I hope her co-stars of A Business Proposal next roles are different.

    • She accepted this dud before business proposal. In all fairness the investor (Naver), the star director (Still 17, I can hear your voice, pinnochio), the production company are all Alist (Queen Cheorin). After Uncanny Counters it was definitely a refreshing change of character for her. Unfortunately the production kept getting delayed and she ended up stepping into Business Proposal as Jo Bo Ah rejected and so did the original male lead they had in mind (the investor deck was rumoured to Park Bo Gum in the role). And a hit drama was born. Then she filfilled her obligation to this project with SBS rallying behind it. Not sure who bought the rights and insisted on this. Brought on newbie writers and the result is bomb all around. I wish SBS had just cut it to 12 eps to end the productions misery unfortunately it trudges on. 3 more weeks – may everyone get better projects after…

      • Yawn. Look at this self-appointed agent of KSJ. Girl, she doesn’t know you exist. Get a life, kiddo.

      • The way you stalk me… arent you the one thats deranged. I still remember your SYJ posts. Same tone, same grammatical errors, same sentence structuring. Looking forward to your idol play another psycho soon. Sadly she cant even afford or expect range lol

  10. THANK YOU Koala! I had no idea this was a remake of one of my top fave Dramas EVAH. Juhan Shuttai is awesome, and should never have ben remade. Probably the biggest and most obvious problem with K remakes of J doramas is the length. The total run time on this one would be close to 175% of the original. It’s not possible to add that much bloat without negative consequences.

  11. I, personally, love this show. I don’t care if others have problems with it. It makes me happy to watch, I like the plot and the characters, and it is a good distraction show. I don’t know why the response is so bitter and negative. Grow up and let people enjoy their favorite genres! If it isn’t your taste, move on and don’t watch it o.o crazy idea!

  12. I love this drama so far…..I must admit I was looking for it to be more like Business Proposal (never go in with expectations) after getting over that shock I was drawn into it wanting to know what happened to the characters will they overcome those setbacks and heal with they become popular…. especially the young man with the horrible past…..worth watching. I only hate the Friday Saturday time slot it’s not convenient for me personally. Will continue to watch…😃😃😃💜💜💜🤗👍

  13. i loathe to drop dramas especially after watching at least 6 episodes – but with Today’s Webtoon, after 8 episodes i just cannot waste any more time on this. It’s not that it’s horrible – it’s just that there’s nothing especially good about this drama worth spending time on. It probably would do better on the Monday-Tuesday slot where people don’t really expect much quality acting or writing as long as it’s somewhat entertaining to fill time. I equate this drama with tap water – still drinkable, but just plain and uninteresting.

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