Beijing Police Confirm Li Yi Feng has Been Detained for Solicitation, His Name Erased From All Drama and Movie Pages, and Over a Dozen Brands End Endorsements

There is a Chinese saying “If you know/knew what will happen, why act like that back then?” (早知如此 何必当初), and it tells people that one should know the consequences will come of actions and yet people still misbehave. With the cancellations of so many Chinese actors (Kris Wu, Deng Lun, Zhang Zhe Han, Li Yun Di) and actresses (Fan Bing Bing, Zheng Shuang, Yuan Bing Yan) for a variety of either legal misconduct and/or personal ethical failings, it continues to amaze me when a new cancellation hits for legit bad stuff and I wonder why that person just didn’t stop doing it. C-actor Li Yi Feng is donzo with his career after the Central Bureau of the Beijing Police posted on its official SNS page that actor Li Yi Feng had been detained for multiple instances of solicitation of prostitution and has admitted to it under questioning. When news broke yesterday, first his name was scrubbed from the CCTV Moon Festival programming, then removed from prestigious award shows he won int the past.

But his agency issued a formal legal threat claiming false rumors and Li Yi Feng himself posted personally that he is being defamed. But within the hour both the agency letter and Li Yi Feng’s personal message could no longer be found in search engines within major Chinese SNS sites like Weibo. Then came the announcement from the Beijing Police and that’s that. All Li Yi Feng’s brand partners have publicly ended its endorsement deals including Prada, Panerai, and around a dozen total so he was definitely a top star with a lot of deals. Some of the more salacious (still unsubstantiated) rumors now spreading is that he was arrested three times this year already and the most recent time it was 1 guy with 7 girls and that prior times it was with an underage girl who was 14 years old. Alrighty, Li Yi Feng’s list of major dramas include his breakout Swords of Legends, Legend of Fragrance, The Lost Tomb, Noble Aspirations, Sparrow, and Day Breaker and he’s worked with all the top C-actresses of his generation so this is a big fall and cancellation but since it’s true then buh bye dude.


Beijing Police Confirm Li Yi Feng has Been Detained for Solicitation, His Name Erased From All Drama and Movie Pages, and Over a Dozen Brands End Endorsements — 16 Comments

  1. These guys want no strings attached sex, should just learn from leo dicaprio. I feel bad for all the other actors involved in his tv series that got all taken down.

    • leo dicaprio doesn’t rely on a female audience lol he hasn’t been hot in ages. these actors don’t date openly because they’re scared of losing female fans.

  2. If I was a Chinese actor/actress/director/producer nowadays, before signing onto a show I would hire a private investigator to look into the stars and make sure they have no skeletons in their closet that would put the show at risk later on.

  3. Li Yi Feng and his agency are just so brazen, him doing a live attributing his absence to covid protocols; and then his agency just releasing a strong legal statement to the “rumours”…. And then, bam!!!!!

      • It seem the rumour of multiple arrests this year alone, and due to powers that be as he has a drama to be aired, so they were able to contained it the news leaking out. I read that Beijing police were not planning on releasing a public statement on this case, but got pissed coz of his and studio’s denials.

  4. I only watched 2 of his drama : sparrow (kinda meh in that) n day breaker (awesome!). I was kind of warming up for him, so this out of the blue scandal is a bit dissapointing, but the way he n his agency brazenly lie is worse tbh.
    Well, it how it is in china, you gotta play acc to the rules so.. bye2 li yi feng.

  5. Wow – I’ve watched a few of his dramas/movies when I used to be a fan (he’s kinda meh). Have never really warmed up to his on-cam persona – comes across blunt/humourous but sometimes his jokes can be a little offensive. Nevertheless. I never expected this of him. But you just never know celebs these days and what they are truly hiding. He always portrayed himself as single/kinda lonely. The worst bit of this if true is, sleeping with a 14 year old girl, just wtf?? Also, he had been arrested multiple times it seems? Yet him/his agency is so brazenly putting out statements like this threatening to sue people and preaching about morals and all that. goodness. this is why you never ever trust a celeb’s/their agencies’ PR statements. they can commit a crime, threaten to sue people who expose it seeming like an aggrieved party and walk away scot free.

  6. Good chinese saying . But they think that they are so high that nothing can happen . Hello , guys, you are living in China . So if another actors are acting the same without being caught yet , wake up ! Dont’be like Icarus .

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if more actors are caught for this. there are far too many “single” 30/40+ year old male actors in China. they don’t want to be caught dating openly because they don’t want to lose fans so they probably turn to prostitutes since they can give these stars what they want with no strings attached.

    Speaking of Li Yifeng, he isn’t nearly as popular now as he was back in 2015. I also can’t remember the last time he had a hit.. I think you’d have to go back to Sparrow which was a while ago. I feel like Denglun getting blacklisted was a bigger thing because he was still in his prime.

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