K-drama Actor Lee Sang Bo Revealed to be the Star Arrested for Public Misconduct But Denies He was on Drugs Claims it was Depression Medication

If y’all like “Who dat?” when you heard the name revealed to be linked to the earlier story about a male K-actor arrested in Gangnam for acting weird in public then join the club. No clue who this dude is but his name is Lee Sang Bo and his most recent drama was the daily drama Miss Monte-Cristo where he played the second male lead. Lee Moo Saeng and Park Hae Jin got their names bandied about for this incident but both strong denied it and now we know it’s kinda rando Lee Sang Bo. He claims that he was NOT on drugs and was just out of it from the after effects of his depression medication prescribed by his doctor. M’kay, I’m sure the police will clear up if he was on illegal drugs or on prescribed medication, though either way public misconduct doesn’t care about that distinction though the latter may be easier to resolve through probation. He has vowed to sue anyone who is spreading this unfounded allegation and said that he has been suffering since his parents and sister died in a car accident. I hope he gets the help he needs and if he’s already getting it then I hope he finds the strength to keep getting stronger. Alrighty then, on to other stories.


K-drama Actor Lee Sang Bo Revealed to be the Star Arrested for Public Misconduct But Denies He was on Drugs Claims it was Depression Medication — 11 Comments

  1. What a mean article. Dude’s father, mother and sister died in the past year. He is suffering from severe depression and on some serious antidepressants. “Mmm okay, let’s move on to bigger story” – it’s someone’s life. Show some respect.

  2. on to Bigger stories indeed. Zhao Lusi and her non denial denial that the rumors about her dating life are untrue.lol The past two days have been so entertainining. Chinese entertainers need to stop putting out statements about stuff that are not criminally related. They just keep twisting themselves in webs of their own making.lol

    • It’s likely this rumour is spread around by her crew to temporarily increase her liuliang traffic so that she can use the data to clinch some endorsement deals or new projects. Note how she deliberately link her name with Xiao Zhan on weibo hot search?

  3. Aren’t you being a bit rude? The actor lost his whole family in a car accident and has been on meds for that reason, but you treat this situation as an afterthought just because you don’t think he’s famous enough? I get it. You don’t care. He’s a human being though. Try to sound more sympathetic. I didn’t even know who he was, but reading the hell he’s been through I feel genuinely sad for him.

    • In the news report, he actor says his father died and not long his mother and his sister died in car accident and he was on depression medication, in the same report, he said he will sue reporters for not verifying. Koala article is misleding, only write about suing. That guy, famous or not, is having a hard time, must you koala makes it even worse for him. Koala you are callous.

      • Shame on you koala whatever you called yourself, this is not the 1st time you write to misled people.

  4. it’s not just callous; it’s total lack of sympathy. but like i mentioned in my post above, Karma is lingering around the corner and might hit some koalas along the way… and then no one would care cause it’s just a small-time blogger.

  5. Wow, he lost most of his family within a year? Yeah, I can’t blame a person who is going through this much sorrow in their life. May he find his path again. Most of the drugs prescribed by your medical doctor are probably as dangerous as any drug you find on the street, just depends on how a person reacts to it. So who knows what really happened.

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