MBC Confirms Fantasy Romance Drama The Season of Kkokdu with Kim Jung Hyun and Im Soo Hyang

It looks like bygones for Kim Jung Hyun and MBC, years after the debacle that was Time and he’s already made in roads when he guest starred in Dinner Mate two years ago. He’s confirmed opposite female lead Im Soo Hyang for the fantasy thriller romance drama The Season of Kkokdu, which follows a grim reaper (death himself) who is fully committed to his job except every 99 years has has to take a mandatory 49 day holiday which he sees as cruel punishment. This time he inhabits the body of an ordinary man and encounters Im Soo Hyang’s doctor character and changes start to occur with their unique connection. The drama is from the PD of The Girl Who Sees Smells and Alice with the screenwriter of Less than Evil.


MBC Confirms Fantasy Romance Drama The Season of Kkokdu with Kim Jung Hyun and Im Soo Hyang — 12 Comments

  1. Love him, I think he’s a great actor and I’m rooting for him to get back on the wagon (and no, I’m not interested to have arguments with fans of you-know-who, I’m literally just here to post a positive comment because I like him, so please leave my comment alone lol)

    But Im Soo Hyang is a hit or miss for me. She’s good in certain roles, not so in others. Hopefully this one will suit her. Will check out this one

  2. I like him, I do but Im Soo Hyang worries me a lot. I don’t have enjoy I have liked her in any drama she’s in and I sadly don’t think this will be any different but as always I will never rule out a pleasant surprise.

      • I comment a lot of news, but I guess you read only the ones about him. But yeah, I’m pretty consistent in my opinions.

        But according to your logic, there are a lot of fans of ISH on this website.

  3. This actress must have some great relationship and easy to work with because she not that great of an actress or is she very popular but continues to get great projects when there’s so many upcoming actress or better actress that’s not doing anything.

    The story line sounds interesting though.

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