C-netizens Spot Disgraced Actor Li Yi Feng Back in Home Province of Sichuan After Multiple Arrests for Prostitution Ends Career

Former high flying actor-singer Li Yi Feng is one of the 2022 casualties of the high standards of C-ent in terms of violating moral, ethical, and actual crimes. He did all three and while there hasn’t been news post his last arrest for prostitution in September last month it’s clear his career is over for good. It was revealed that he was arrested THREE times in 2022 alone for soliciting prostitution, each time serving the two week detention and paying a fine. Since then further sexual escapades have come out and overall his image is the pits unless one likes a good looking actor onscreen and doesn’t mind his dirty personal preferences. This week a C-netizen posted a picture of buzz cut Li Yi Feng taken in Sichuan which is his hometown province, and if he went home then it’s probably to lay low. C-ent insiders are saying he’s liquidated or selling his assets includes homes and cars right now as he faces steep penalties for breach of contract of his multiple endorsements. It never pays to be shady.


C-netizens Spot Disgraced Actor Li Yi Feng Back in Home Province of Sichuan After Multiple Arrests for Prostitution Ends Career — 7 Comments

  1. That’s really sad. I used to like him and I don’t understand why these people just throw away their future like that. He is so stupid. “It was revealed that he was arrested three times in 2022 alone”. Hopefully he is LEARNING his lessons and will be a better man.

  2. I believe that if one wants to satisfy one’s own need through means of consensual agreement between the parties then we shouldn’t judge them. Its a quick in/out with no attachment from both parties and getting what they want. It is an unfortunate situation for him (although I’m not sure what other crimes he committed). When we look back in the far further, this will be a silly thing.

    • Wow! what kind of moral standard do you have? A quick in & out without cash involvement is called a one-night stand. A quick in & out with cash or reward is called prostitution. It is really silly to get caught 3 times and still repeating the same act. LOL.

  3. We shouldn’t consider his misconduct silly now or in the far future, it should never be okay. These type of people don’t deserve to be role models for younger kids or those trying to break into the profession. I am glad he got caught, I am glad anyone like this gets caught because the law is the law.

  4. Is it true that he was married to woman from an influential family, hence the non-leakage of his 1st 2 arrests? But the girl and her family dropped him, hence release of this 3rd one.

  5. I do not think sex work is inherently immoral so long as it does not involve human trafficking. But, man, it’s really dumb to repeatedly do something you know is illegal under your country’s right-wing conservative laws multiple times, especially when you have been lightly punished already.

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