K-viewers Surprised and Disappointed SBS Fri-Sat Drama One Dollar Lawyer to End with 12-episodes and Will Slow Down Release with One Episode for Two Weekends

I know how to feels to love a drama and just want moooooar of that crack but more often than not knowing when to stop creates a better product. SBS Fri-Sat hit legal drama One Dollar Lawyer with Namgoong Min hit that coveted 15% ratings last week thanks to good writing for a flashback and a chemistry-laden cameo by Lee Chung Ah but this week comes the hammer. Turns out the drama will end at a brisk 12-episodes and this week’s episode 9 will be the sole episode airing. Next weekend there will be one episode as well aired and then the subsequent weekend comes the finale two episodes. K-viewers are sad to hear this drama isn’t running for the standard 16-episodes and are now clamoring for a season 2. If that happens then it’ll be interesting to see SBS perhaps really develop the seasonal muscle as it’s doing with the medical drama Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim now headed into season 3.

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One Dollar Lawyer Breaks 15% Ratings with Episode 8 as Lee Chung Ah Guest Stars and Fans Clamor for a Future Third Time Pairing with Namgoong Min

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Three Best Actor Winners Namgoong Min, Lee Jung Jae, and Kim Nam Gil All Get COVID-19 the Same Week Due to Busy Schedules with Awards, Festivals, and Premieres

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Namgoong Min Appears Stylish and Snazzy in BTS Pics for SBS Drama Thousand Won Lawyer and Awaken Costar Lee Chung Ah to Guest Star for Reunion

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