Wu Lei and Zhao Lu Si Win Best Acting Prizes at the 2022 Golden Angel Awards Held by the Chinese American TV Festival

This isn’t quite a notable award but it is an award lol and definitely confirms the popularity of C-drama Love Like the Galaxy overseas. This weekend the Chinese American TV Festival, an off shoot of the more established Chinese American Film Festival, handed out Golden Angel Awards in the major Chinese television show categories. Winning Best Web Drama was Love Like the Galaxy and the two leads Wu Lei and Zhao Lu Si took home Outstanding Actor and Outstanding Actress respectively. They didn’t attend in person but did record a video acceptance speech so that was nice to see.


Wu Lei and Zhao Lu Si Win Best Acting Prizes at the 2022 Golden Angel Awards Held by the Chinese American TV Festival — 12 Comments

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  2. Congratulations to both of them and LLTG. One of my 2 fave this year. So happy that they got what they deserved.

    Hope to see this team to work together again in the near future.

  3. I know it’s not a reputable award, but I’m still happy for them. This was definitely one of my favorite dramas this year. Some of my friends complained it was too slow, but I really enjoyed the character development as well as the side characters. Congrats to both and the LLTG team!

  4. Happy for them. this is indeed the best c drama in 2022. It has all the flavour that I want romance, angst, family. Tencent also announced LLTG as king of drama this year along with a dream of splendor. Im so glad it was popular locally and internationally. Well deserved !

  5. Congragulations ..! It was definitely the best romance drama I’ve watched.The emotions of characters were expressed perfectly .The main leads had the very best acting and their combination was splendid.And the scenes were very emotional.Even the costumes of the main leads matched perfectly.The bg music of the drama made it even more emotional.
    The drama definitely deserved the award as well as the main leads.

  6. “best cdrama of 2022”
    “Tencent announced LLTG as the king of drama”

    I don’t know why LLTG fans have a need to crown it as the best 2022 drama or king of drama just because they like it. In 2022 alone the best webdrama is Under the Skin, and online other dramas like Reset, Sword Snow Stride, Lifelong Journey, LBFAD, all got better ratings than LLTG. You can type “Under the Skin” on the cdrama reddit to find the data.

    Not only that, the Golden Eagle Awards were just held in Hunan, 2022 is the first year they allow webdrama nominations and Reset got nominated for Best Drama, not LLTG even though it was eligible. Lifelong Journey which steamrolled both TV and online rating charts saw Lei Jiayin & Yin Tao win the best actor & actress awards. Age of Awakening won the best drama and scriptwriter. My point is, if LLTG was regarded as the best webdrama of 2022, it would get a nomination like Reset.

    Even based on Douban scores, LLTG scored worse than LBFAD (these 2 are idol dramas that aired at the same time, it’s fair to compare them and say LBFAD outperformed LLTG despite Koala and other biased fans trying hard to snipe at LBFAD) and the main draw of the drama is the “CP frying” of the leads whose acting skills arent even very good.

    I know Koala and other users here love Lusi and disagree but there are famous Chinese vloggers on like 一只吐槽圆 (top vlogger on both YouTube and station B) who posted extremely funny videos criticising actresses like Zhao Lusi,Allen Ren, Ju Jingyi, Esther Yu for excessive reliance on filters. In 一只吐槽园’s latest video she discusses how a video editor complained on Weibo in early 2022 about having to work overnight for days because “lazy” or “unattractive” actresses like Zhao Lusi and Esther Yu demand that their wrinkles, pimples, excessive facial fat, dyed hair be Photoshopped away frame by frame in dramas, this process is painstaking and video editors are paid 200rmb per hour or something. While the video editor didnt specify the drama they were editing, eagle eyed netizens spotted LLTG’s Chinese title was the name the file that was opened and figured it was Zhao Lusi…. In LLTG itself there are many scenes where her face suddenly gains an extra double chin or is photoshopped to be unnaturally sharp, and in previous dramas Lusi was criticised for having dyed hair in historical dramas because it requires video editors to Photoshop 20,000 frame by frame images to correct her hair color or double chin. Please realise this whole story trended on Weibo in early 2022 and again after LLTG aired so nobody in China thinks particularly highly of Lusi’s acting skills or thinks of LLTG as anything other than an idol drama where everyone has filters to look unnaturally perfect and clean. Age of Awakening, Lifelong Journey, Minning Town and other lauded dramas have actors who stayed in the desert for months and gained a natural tan to look more farmer-like, none of them use video editors like LLTG to Photoshop away Lusi’s fats.

    And it’s not a Lusi thing, many top lead actresses these days stipulate contractually that the drama producers must video edit their wrinkles or flaws (e.g. Yang Mi, Dilreba, Victoria Song) away, but because other actors in the drama don’t have the clout to demand special Photoshop treatment, everyone looks wrinkly except the lead actors who look unnaturally blurry. Please go see the vlogger I mentioned, it’s frightening how they Photoshop eyebags and make the actors look like robots. Cdramas should stop this ridiculous trend and actors like Lusi or Esther who want to look pretty onscreen should lose weight instead of making video editors cry.

  7. Wow surprised to see the comment about video editors having to Photoshop Zhao Lusi’s fast face🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️. I guess they did the same Who Rules The World cuz she looks the same size in that drama!

    Anyways I don’t care how they look cuz they more than make up for it with their acting skills. And yes you have a very large American fan base for CDramas. Congratulations to the entire production team on LLTG❤️❤️❤️👏🏿👏🏾👏. Wu Lei and Zhao Lusi killed it 🔥🔥🔥!

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