C-actress Yang Zi Celebrates Milestone 30th Birthday with All Three Decades of Her Life Spent in the Industry

A big happy birthday to C-actress Yang Zi who is undoubtedly the most popular and famous former child actress turned into an adult career in China. I’ve seen so many talented child actors and actresses in C-ent but most don’t actually transition well into adulthood much less get to the top of the crop. Yang Zi debuted in 1999 when she was just wee 7 years old and this weekend on November 6th she celebrated her 30th milestone birthday. The twenties were perfect for those xianxia dramas and sweet romance yarns but in this decade she will need to demonstrate more range and take bigger risks in projects which I’m sure she will do. She reminds me of Yang Mi in being very focused on her career and that always bodes well for staying on top of the game.


C-actress Yang Zi Celebrates Milestone 30th Birthday with All Three Decades of Her Life Spent in the Industry — 11 Comments

  1. She is not the prettiest, the most connected, no family wealth but she uses her own strength to climb to her current status. She had been thru ups and downs like any child actress and had to adapt to changes in the industry… I am aware she may not please many people but I am one fan who is very proud of her achievements. She is well liked by many in the industry due to her personalities. She is humble, easy going, hardworking and loyal to her friends. No matter how far she climbs, she still remembers those may fall behind. Happy Birthday Yang Zi… Hope you have a great life ahead…

  2. I’m not sure if this post is accurate. She just turned 30 this year so there is no way she has been in showbiz for 30 years unless she started acting since she was a baby! If her debut was in 1999 at the age of 7, this is her 23rd year.

    Did a quick search and found nothing on any 30th anniversary celebration this year. What DID happen was that she celebrated her parents’ 30th wedding anniversary last year, so I’m guessing that bit of information popped up into a recent report somehow by mistake

  3. What koala probably meant by “decades” is that Yang Zi acted in 2000s, 2010s…and now 2020s…
    It’s not exactly as in one decade = 12 years
    Anyway I think it’s okay for Yang Zi to act in xianxia and Wuxia as long as she wants to. It’s all about the casting, production and script….

  4. Ah yes. She had such a “fun” birthday. Her fans had an absolute blast. I must thank them for the performance, I laughed all day!

  5. A decade is 10 years not 12. You can spend 3 decades because you just need to be in one o the decade for even a month to be in that decade. Since she started at 7 and have 23 years spent it is indeed 3 decades. Koala is right in the way she expressed it.

  6. Happy birthday to yang Zi she has a beautiful soul we age mate.
    I love all her works and roles she played.
    Kepp it up am your die hard fan.

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