First Stills of Kim Dong Wook and Jin Ki Joo in Time-travel Mystery Romance KBS Drama Run into You

I’m so excited that there is not just one but two Kim Dong Wook dramas scheduled for this year. The first one to arrive is KBS Mon-Tues romance drama with a time-travel and mystery twist called Run into You (Korean title Met You By Chance). KBS released a big batch of leads stills with Kim Dong Wook playing a report/anchor and Jin Ki Joo as an aspiring writer working at a publishing company. The twist is that both travel back to 1987 with him to prevent a murder and her to prevent her parents from getting married, and their differing goals converge. Of course this type of drama can aim high but fail on execution but I love the leads so fervently hope this is good.

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2020 KBS Drama Awards Gives Veteran Actor Chun Ho Jin the Daesang for Weekend Hit Once Again

The 2020 KBS Drama Awards was a free for all as well, and a mix of face masks, social distancing, and still walking the red carpet. The bulk of the awards went to the various cast members of weekend drama … Continue reading

Seohyun Leads the K-Bu Bu Jing Xin Release of Additional Supporting Cast Character Posters

Lest we forgot it’s just OTP romance and/or princes in the upcoming K-drama adaptation of Bu Bu Jing Xin, the production is officially introducing the last piece of the cast pie in the supporting female cast and one funny man … Continue reading