tvN Wed-Thurs Drama Love in Contract with park Min Young and Go Kyung Pyo Wraps Perplexingly Plotted Run

I can throw reality to the wind with a lot of K-dramas but for some reason Love in Contract just didn’t work for me on set up and then never delivered anything beyond the distasteful premise to make it a worthwhile watch. I was intrigued into to watch through episode 8 and then off-and-on to see how the plot unfolded but it’s legit just……weird. That Park Min Young‘s character with her child raised as a bride turned into a perpetual wife as a job just doesn’t work. If she pretended to date and pretended to marry her clients that’s fine but she legally married each one and then divorced them, it’s as unrealistic and Song Hye Kyo’s friends selling her house from under her in Full House. And when the central premise doesn’t work it needs more than just pretty faces and good chemistry and this one didn’t have enough of either. Park Min Young is concerningly thin with half her lower jaw just shrunken I am worried legit but she once again brought a wonderfully warm and charismatic performance but its hard to not be distracted by her wan visuals. She and Go Kyung Pyo had good mature and sexy chemistry but the wonky plot and supremely annoying second male lead was too much to overcome in the end.


tvN Wed-Thurs Drama Love in Contract with park Min Young and Go Kyung Pyo Wraps Perplexingly Plotted Run — 21 Comments

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  2. This wasn’t a good drama for me. It really came apart in the second half. I have loved quite a few dramas with her but while this was airing I was thinking about that and I realized that each time it was also a very strong male lead. So who actually carried those dramas. She or her co-stars? And the answer was not her in each drama I loved.

    I don’t like commenting on plastic surgery but in her case, I just hope she has someone to tell her, hey, enough. This is not healthy.

  3. Im with you Ms. Koala. And i cant stop laughing at SHK’s friends selling her house, so weird and absurd.

    I was on ep 10 and couldnt pass through it. I dont even remember how i could endure watching it until ep 10. I skipped forward many scenes actually. I heard it’s a happy ending sooo, there’s no reason to continue watching it.

  4. I agree 100% with your points. I slso watched this till around the 8th episode or so. The acting was good, and the chemistry was delightful. The standout was the gay friend/roommate. I guess I did not watch until the SL became annoying. Just the storyline was so unbelievable and as much as I loved the character, I could not help but be concerned about Park Min Young the actress. I am in no way body shaming here, but I sincerely hope that she gets healthier or maybe I am just hang on to her Sungkyunkwan Scandal days.

    • She’s like a decade older now and is trying to combat the march of aging in a youth-obsessed industry.

      Yeah I was with this drama despite the weird writing and directing choices until it went off the deep end in the second half. It should have been a movie. Not a drama. I hope PMY can do something like seven day queen again even if viewership ends up being low. But not sure if such offers are coming in again. It seems like once you get to a certain age and are not a list celebs, the number and variety of roles diminishes. This drama may have showed off her makjang chops for a few minutes but it limited her.

  5. I dropped it after 4 episodes. The plot was completely nonsense and the love triangle was badly written, the SML never had a chance in the first place…

  6. I wish PMY would challenge herself more. She plays the same beautiful woman in every role. Her image feels so controlled that almost all the characters she plays lack warmth and personality and variation. I wish she would let go a bit more.

  7. Dropped after 2 episodes, nothing worked for me , She could have chemistry with Go Kyung Pyo if it was another drama . The second lead looks like a little boy . The fact that she is so thin didn’t help either . It was like all her energy and bubbly side vanished . She should gain some weight as Yoona who looked healthy in Big Mouse or UEE that i’m happy to see in Kilimandjaro as she used to be in her After school days .

      • @KOPIKO, using youtube translator .But i’m waiting for the official subtitles . I came for Yoon Eun Hye and i fell in love with all the cast . I used to watch UEE in dramas and was sad when she lost so much weight . But in this programm she looks healthy and radiant, the same for Yoon Eun Hye who is the older one but impressive . Son Ho Joon and the cutie are great too . Not to mention the breathtaking land .

  8. I agree with your analysis. It lost its way and became rather nonsensical. I actually didn’t mind the 2nd ML, I felt sorry for his character. The whole background story of the 2 chaebol families I found annoying and distracting. The drama should have just focused on the relationship development.

  9. Drama was soooo bad and I definitely agree that the plot was terrible and the second male lead beyond annoying . Also the script is written in such a way that made her out to be so God sent and so pure and innocent that when the scandal broke during the airing, the whole real life vs reel life was simply jarring. Another scriptwriter added to my shitlist of they who must be avoided at all costs. So much more to say about the repulsive dandy second male lead but dun wanna descend into a non stop rant realm. For PMY, I don’t think its necessarily plastic surgery as the last 2 eps she did gain some weight and her face looks almost normal again. Go Kyung Pyo on the other hand gained a ton of weight and the last 2 eps he was looking so bloated. All in all the drama was an absolute waste of time. Her worst drama imo… please avoid romcoms again. PMY really needs to diversify and stop being a one trick pony.

  10. I think GKP and PMY has a good chemistry but they stripped GKP in a lot of scene, like give him some monologue or something so we can understand him. The substitute mother plot doesn’t work, the actor feels weird and the drama just feels like it will work much better as a webtoon or a novel.

  11. Cannot understand comments who actually say they’re going to RE-watch this very forgettable drama. I went in because of PMY (though not a fan, she sparks up many enjoyable dramas since SKKS), and was quite dissapointed.

    1) Watching her hollowed cheeks were very distracting. How could this be an enhanced better version of her SKKS Days?

    2) Not to mention the bizarre plot which was initially weird but still semi ok, original – this is Kdrama afterall, anything goes. Peppered with some hilarious moments. It was more FML was the one who carried the dead pan humourous punches though.

    3) But the entertaining bit which kept it going for a while was very short-lived. The house of cards just got more unbelievably shaky. Esp in staid conservative Law – she was just accepted as the one who got divorced for like only 12? 16? times?!! Married to one neighbour, while also dating another?!

    Especially once irritating SML came in; the already bizarre plot got incrediby unbelievable. The evil 2 plotting families, whose charaters ****** SPOILER***** all got tied up neatly. With a complete 180 degrees’ character arc change : “oh this all doesn’t really matter” … in Ep 16.

    Complete whiplash for conniving plotting scheming doucehbags Dads and biatchy insecure Mothers. WTWhat?

    The plot was all over the place and became cringe stoopid. (even an incredible plot could be made so much more credibly convincing). To top it all … Ep 16 was just super stooopid.

    FL was super controlling – she asks, but she bulldozes ahead to do whatever is more her preference and taste.
    FL decided to do a noble-idiot moment wallowing in depression but all the while donning different outfits while blowing her nose and eating ice-cream in bed. And also while knowing full well ML was ghosted by his Ex Wife.

    Whatever. I am glad it’s over.


    • So triggered for someone who claimed she doesn’t ‘care’. And what’s more.. typed on caps. You aren’t fooling anyone LOL

  13. People who said she get ps should eat their own words now. She’s not getting ps for LIC, she just lost her weight. You can look at her recent pictures in Jestina. She did aerial ballet in this drama. Of course she had to lost her weight

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