Zhao Lu Si Promoted to Brand Spokesperson for Bulgari After Being Brand Ambassador

The Bulgari event in August was the first event I saw Zhao Lu Si at after the airing of Love Like the Galaxy and I thought she looked perfectly styled there, elegant and sleek with an updo and a low cut strapless white column gown with a tucked waist. She’s been brand ambassador for some time and last week it was announced she’s formally been chosen as the brand spokesperson in China for the jewelry house. Bulgari is one of my favorite all time brands, their designs are both time less and dramatic, very different even if some don’t appeal to me personally but the ones that do I wear all the time. To celebrate her selection she was at a Bulgari event this week and I love the sleek long black dress look to help accentuate the brand items she’s wearing.


Zhao Lu Si Promoted to Brand Spokesperson for Bulgari After Being Brand Ambassador — 11 Comments

  1. She looks really pretty here! I have to say she has those looks that grow on you… similar to Liu Shishi. I always felt both of them were quite plain and average looking in the first few dramas I saw them in, but a few years after their debut I find them quite lovely (not sure if it’s them finally getting good styling/makeup etc to flatter their looks). Well I just mean “average” for celebrities…Just as in opposed to other actresses (like Liu Yifei and Yang Mi etc) whose stunning looks made me pause immediately when they debuted.

  2. i love her acting very casual and you can feel her sencerity especially a boyish acting in who rule the world and love in galaxy, etc. shes really cute ad lovely, no hypocrisy. keep it up lusi we love you and bebsafe always.😘❤️🙏🏼

    • Lusi? She doesn’t, Rose is very skinny irl and Lusi’s photos are heavily edited to make her look thin. Didnt want to call it out but the raw photos get posted online where her face neck arms are bigger , it’s not a secret that she 活在精修图 or “lives in filtered edited photos and videos” even in her dramas. Koala is her fan so she will post the edited shots but the raw videos gifs photos are widely available and unfortunately Lusi has a double chin that does need editing. That said she looks very natural and unsurgeried.

      Chinese netizens say she looks like a short chubby Jang Wonyoung and I agree, Lusi also has the same Korean makeup style. Wonyoung is ethnically Chinese and very popular as a Kpop idol, Lusi has a lot of Korean and intl fans too because their features are soft, their eyes arent big, thus they look very friendly and amiable. Rose looks fiercer.

      • My gosh! found hater and keyboard warrior here. If you never meet Zhaolusi please don’t judge she is heavily edited her photo. 在这个年代哪位是不P图,别来杠,来杠就是你妒忌。

    • @anon Okay? I’m aware of that lol no need to educate me. I actually find that she looks even more like Rosè in unfiltered pics. I don’t find either of them that pretty, by the way, I think both are overhyped for their visuals.
      On the other hand, I find Wonyoung to be absolutely gorgeous, and I don’t think they look alike. Just my opinion tho lol

      • Lol please dont be offended, theres nothing wrong in saying its ridiculous how Lusi gets edited to look thin like Rose. Shes 24 she shouldnt need so much editing. Other than Wonyoung shes also called the female Zhang Dada.

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