Ratings Stay at 14.88% for Reborn Rich Episode 6 as the Action Ratchets Up Another Notch with a Doozy of an Episode Ender

Those of you who haven’t started jTBC weekend drama Reborn Rich you have to START NOW! Like, don’t miss this one in a blue moon epic, a dram with sky rocketing ratings and phenomenal acting with a solidly written story. This Sunday’s episode 6 rose a teeny bit in ratings to 14.880% but the story for me went back on track with so much development I was like what tha what?!?! That Hyun Woo as Do Joon knows broad historical events but not the nuances makes the game less rigged for him, especially when we see that his real mom still dies but this time not of a heart attack but of suicide from the IMF crisis and stock manipulation orchestrated by Soonyang family patriarch Yang Cheol Grandpa as part of his normal every day rich get richer money making. That it’s doubly personal for Do Joon makes the game even more fun, and better yet is that Grandpa is an equal adversary with smarts to match but saddled with a family each out for their own interests so it’s easy for Do Joon to use/leverage/manipulate in his own orchestration. This will be the drama to beat for Best Drama of the year awards come awards season and Daesang will have to go to Lee Sung Min even if Song Joong Ki is the male lead. That man is giving a virtuoso performance as a 70-plus year old chaebol king that makes you shiver to the core from his radiating intensity from head to toe.


Ratings Stay at 14.88% for Reborn Rich Episode 6 as the Action Ratchets Up Another Notch with a Doozy of an Episode Ender — 17 Comments

  1. I Think Both Male Lead are the main lead, IMO. There is no female lead here. But I hope they flash some character and using their character wisely to support the narrative, and it will be more fun imo. There is so many good actor they have casted.

  2. Standing ovation for Lee Sung Min , hypnotic performance . 2 other actors delivered this year great performances : Park Eun Bin and Kim Nam Gil .

  3. I love this show so much. I’ve been yearning for years for an old fashioned revenge drama done right! It’s up here with Innocent Man (and other kdrama classics of the genre).

    My only gripe is the random love line. Honestly, every time they try to insert the romance between Song Joong Ki and Shin Hyun Been, I cringe. Nothing against her but it destroys the flow of the drama. I also find the Jin Do Joon / Mo Hyun Min duo more interesting. Hopefully her character gets some depth once we’re in the present.

  4. I guess they’ll submit both LSM and SJK for Best Actor? Or they might have to choose one, in which case it should be LSM.

    I hope to see each family member get their spotlight. The daughter and her politician husband are so funny.

      • How interesting. I initially wondered if LSM was going to submit as Best Supporting but his performance erased any possibility of that.

        You sure you can’t have two leads from same show submit for Best Actor?

      • I’m not sure. But Yeo Jin Goo’s performances is really awsome in Beyond evil, exceeding Song Joong Ki and Kim SOo Hyun back then, IMHO.. Both Shin Ha Kyun and Yeo Jin Go has excelent acting. But might be the buzz is not as great as Reborn rich, it’s just Shin Ha Kyun who really get nominated. so we might see 2 nomination because Baeksang after all also depending on BIG HITS first.

    • Same. Though it’s kinda like hitting on your elder sister in law? Lol it’s kinda twisted but I love it. Also made me curious what changed her mind on her husband in first timeline

    • No. That’s what everyone has been saying. Idk if it’s the the FL or her acting, but the sis-in-law is way more interesting to watch. There’s gonna be shipping wars if the show keeps this up.

      • This is like in the latest drama featuring Lee Joon Ki and with the same concept of going back to the past. His character had much more chemistry the then-punk-turned-Journalist second female lead rather than the chaebol female lead. Or in K2 when Ji Chang Wook and Song Yonha chemistry surprised everyone

    • The two dimensional goodie-two-shoes female lead with “the cute” factor and bad hairstyle that has been dominating cdramas those last 7 years and that is still alive in kdramaland, has become way tired and boring now. Even in real life “good girls” can have funny and edgy moments that make them layered and interesting. Unfornately in Asian dramaland they write them with zero spice. Imagine Seo Ya Ji was playing the female lead here with SJK.

  5. I actually kind surprise Shin Hyun Bin actually has good chemistry with Song Joong Ki here. Their banter is the light on this quite complex plot, but not dominated enough to ruin the flow of the drama . And I disagree if she is the type of cute girl. She is actually quite fierce and bold especially to the male lead. She is basically hits on him more eventhough SJK’s char is the one who approach her first. And bold enough to predict he has crush on her instead of acting dumb not knowing a guy who approach you is interested in you.

    She is actually quite sinister to the male lead

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