Yang Mi and Xu Kai’s Frothy Modern Romance Drama She and Her Perfect Husband Ring in Douban Ratings of 5.8 Which is Pretty Spot On

I remember when auteurs in the cuisine world starts gastronomy and one of the inventions was culinary foams. So cool to look at and seemingly made dish]ed fun(ner) to eat but after you get past the superficial surface it’s just a bunch of nothing, even the flavor evaporates as quickly as it lands on the tongue. That’s what watching She and Her Perfect Husband feels like, so sleekly and artificially manufactured that it doesn’t seem real in ANY WAY. That’s a problem, viewers want pretty people in dramas doing sometimes outlandish stuff but there has to be nuggets of connectively reality, which is usually in the emotional aspects. That’s not here, not a single character feels real and acts normal, I can’t take it seriously. I keep watching because Yang Mi is quite alluring as lawyer Qin Shi, sure she’s not a fresh flower rookie anymore but she’s still gorgeous and for once her own voice doesn’t annoy me, mostly because in a decade I’m now more used to it and also because she’s a phenomenal dialogue reader. Crisp and sharp and great timing with her role.

Xu Kai got saddled as the useless boy toy and if his character is stripped of him looking like Xu Kai (tall and handsome) with a soft spoken and sexy voice I guarantee all women would look at him and run because he’s a manchild of the worst sort. He thinks he’s smarter/better than the professional world around him and god that’s a recipe for a lifetime of disaster for any woman he marries. In terms of acting he kind of just “is there” it’s so hard to connect as he doesn’t project much of anytime but the slighty better stuff is when he’s in scenes with Yang Mi because then he comes alive more and she gets to be super smart and charming which makes it even more silly why she’s with him even for contract marriage purposes. Anyhoo, this drama has just 5.8 on Douban and that’s a shade on the generous side. The legal stuff is also so bizarrely present I have never seen a bunch of lawyers or a law firm operate like that haha. Overall this is an non-offensive watch but mostly a time waster, and I must also point out all the skinship promised in the previews is barely there so either it was cut or it’s saved for the final episodes.


Yang Mi and Xu Kai’s Frothy Modern Romance Drama She and Her Perfect Husband Ring in Douban Ratings of 5.8 Which is Pretty Spot On — 17 Comments

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  2. I dropped it. How they could make the ML being so bland and boring? Xu Kai was so fun to watch in Arsenal Military Academy!

    The plot is very weird. How a lawyer can’t lie about a marriage and a kid without people asking? Just to a job in a big law firm? Does she have no pride as a person and as a lawyer? I have no idea why they fell in love with each other, it was pretty abrupt.

    The ends of the episode are weird, they cut in the middle of scene…

  3. No way. This drama deserves a 6.0-6.5. Did you even watch each episode released so far? It actually explores real feminism and gender equality, you don’t see any Asian dramas daring to do this. And this is a rom-com drama, of course bizarre things will happen and it wouldn’t be so down-to-earth.

  4. It is such a boring drama for real. I think maybe, just maybe they were depending on the chemistry and the skinships between the leads but even that is gone, the law cases are so boring and the male lead is so bland. I have never been a fan of Xu kai, he can’t act for me and he’s not helping this character at all.

  5. I actually like it. It’s kind of slow though so the wait between each episodes to see not a lot of progress in plot can be frustrating for many. I stopped watching at episode 11 and will resume it when all the episodes are out. I like it, but I can understand why some are frustrated with how slow it is

  6. Good drama with thought provoking script like this is called bland while so many brainless love fool drama with stupid script is being hailed as good drama, it really cemented to me that cdrama attracted audience with low IQ who likes to watch stupid drama only.

  7. I like this drama so far and look forward to the next episodes.
    Has it plotholes? Yes. Especially her lies about being married and having a kid. But until now on a level my brain is open minded enough to let it slide.
    Am I sold on Xu Kais acting skills? No. But interestingly enough his – let’s call it – poker face works for me in this drama. One has no idea what will come out of his mouth when he opens it. Makes his parts unpredictable and interesting to watch.
    And I like their chemistry. Their couple dynamics is working in my opinion.

  8. I absolutely love each episode of this show. I’m so ready to keep watching it fully and with Eng Sub please. I’m so hooked on it and waiting to watch more. l love the characters especially the husband.

  9. everyone, I enjoy reading all your comments. My opinion on this is the writer was trying to portray a relationship between two people who are completely different, from opposites spectrum of the world and different ideas and how they get together and the middle of all their differences and how love develops into a relationship. They are at the point where they understand each other and it’s the idea that it just takes one person to understand you that makes a huge difference and brings out the best but also I think the drama wants to highlight gender equality in the workplace that sometimes individuals have to go through so many challenges for them to reach their potential and for others to notice how good they are. I think the drama is not meant to be taken seriously in that sense, but it’s meant to enjoy the chemistry and the development of the usual relationship between two different people. on the usual relationship between two different people. also, create a lack of awareness lacks equal opportunity within the workplace.

    I’m enjoying it so far and I will continue watching it. I do believe the rating is slightly low. I hope that those of you who have dropped it will give it another chance and those of you who are watching it. Enjoy it for what it is, it’s not a perfect script but an enjoyable script. I am a fan of both the Leads and they are doing a good job.

  10. The leads are passable. FL is charismatic at work and YM acting is satisfying to my liking. Her voice surprisingly is quite entertaining. My only complaint is her clothes, purses a d shoes which should improve with more tasteful sponsors. ML character is bland at the beginning but when he starts revealing his past work experience XK acting becomes more on point. Worst is the supporting cast… the jealous girlfriend is unbearable with the worst acting ever, the ex-boyfriend acts like a doorknob with no expression, the female coworker’s plastic face, the loser brother’s 80’s hairstyle… I am staying only to watch the two leads developing story.

  11. I loved the series. People complaining about it really don’t deserve anything good other than there usual boring lovey dovey happy to go lucky random Chinese series. They tend to criticize when the a series does something unusual than the norm. This story is so beautiful and describes the various emotions that main character goes through, be it professionally or personally. Half of these so called “fans” didn’t even bother to complete the series to understand the narration. As for Xu Kai, he wasn’t bland, he portrays a serious type, minimalist, who isn’t interested in the societal norms or pressure and wants to incorporate a zen life. Now what do you want him to do? Keep playing chirpy boy next door roles? SMH.. yang mi was amazing in this series. To play the role of a 34 years old who is stuck between the career against personal life dilemma. And her character beautifully blossoms by the end of the story. It was also shameful to know that the Chinese audience was criticising her for doing intimate scenes now that she is married, are you for real? She is an actress. Well as for me, a non Chinese viewer, i think the drama was amazing and it deserves atleast 8.5/10.

  12. I like this story, we never get loke this kind of story.. and yamg mi and xu kaindid great job.. its kind of obvious in early episode but after the second kiss their chemistry change to be more comfortable to watch.. and the haters is from jealousy fan.. i hope this drama have special episode.. i want to see their child.. hope yangmi and xukai have another project in ancient project… 8.5/10 rate

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