She and Her Perfect Husband with Yang Mi and Xu Kai Drops 12-episodes and Wraps Up Middling Run with Dumbass Arc and Ending

There is a saying that “marriage is not child’s play” and after two contract marriage dramas in a row I feel burnt out by this ridiculous but seemingly ripe for drama mining trope. There was K-drama Love in Contract and now C-drama She and Her Perfect Husband also had the contract marriage that was legally married fakeness taken to a real, legal degree. If the chemistry was there and perhaps the groundwork laid then it could be palatable but in She and Her Perfect Husband it always felt like an older sister playing with her cute little boy neighbor next door in a babysitting setting. I wasn’t offended by the drama but it was a big nothingburger made all the more pointless with the release of the last 12-episodes this week in a row to introduce a final arc that also included an last minute ex-girlfriend for the male lead. What this drama taught me was that I am no longer allergic to Yang Mi‘s real voice, she still has the special charm I spotted from her debut says as the best cutest Guo Xiang ever in Return of the Condor Heroes, and that I see Xu Kai‘s visual and soft smexy voice as Koala-nip and can watch him like watching paint dry and still find it worth it. But this drama? It’s really dumb and now also comes with an unsatisfying ending to boot. Watch at her own election.

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Chen Fei Yu in Lighter and Princess Tops the Maoyan Entertainment November 2022 Hot Character Chart Followed by Xu Kai in She and Her Perfect Husband

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Yang Mi and Xu Kai’s Frothy Modern Romance Drama She and Her Perfect Husband Ring in Douban Ratings of 5.8 Which is Pretty Spot On

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Tencent Announces Immediate Release of She and Her Perfect Husband with Yang Mi and Xu Kai on November 14th

Okay, Chinese broadcasting authorities, you drunk and need to calm the heck down. Because randomly pulling a drama a day before premiere and a month later only allowing it to preview out of the blue just gives audiences whiplash. I’ve … Continue reading

C-netizens Discuss Possible Reasons Behind the Abrupt Postponement of Yang Mi and Xu Kai’s Drama She and Her Perfect Husband

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Tencent Abruptly Delays She and Her Perfect Husband with Yang Mi and Xu Kai Two Days Prior to October 13th Premiere

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Modern C-romance She and Her Perfect Husband with Yang Mi and Xu Kai Reportedly to Premiere This Week on October 12th

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Xu Kai Shares First Filming Snaps From Set of Chinese Paladin 6 Drama Sword and Fairy and BTS Pictures Show Female Lead Yu Shu Xin’s Character Visuals

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C-netizens Think Yang Mi and Xu Kai’s Modern Romance Drama She and Her Perfect Husband is About to Air in Late September on Tencent Streaming

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Two Upcoming C-dramas with Xu Kai Release New Stills for Moon Festival – Modern Romance She and Her Perfect Husband with Yang Mi and Period Drama Wonderland of Love with Jing Tian

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Popular C-actor Xu Kai and Rising Actress Yu Shu Xin Cast in the Highly Anticipated C-drama Adaptation of Chinese Paladin 6 Titled Sword and Fairy

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